The ACT section offers a curated collection of articles that aim to demystify this pivotal standardized test. While the selection is concise, it spans essential topics, from exam performance metrics across the U.S. to expert advice for tackling the writing portion. Whether you're a first-time test-taker seeking foundational knowledge or a returning student looking to refine your strategies, this section provides targeted guidance and context that can enhance your ACT preparation journey.

States with the Highest and Lowest ACT Scores in 2023

The ACT is a pivotal test taken by millions of high school students as part of the college admissions process, and states with the highest ACT scores help convey where everyone stands.

Top ACT Writing Tips

Top ACT Writing Tips for Success. Master grammar, boost retention, and ace the test with proven strategies for higher scores.

What is the ACT® Test?

The ACT® test is an aptitude test geared toward measuring high school student's education level and likelihood of successfully handling college courses. Originally designed to compete with the SAT® test administered by the college board, the ACT® test is now accepted by many colleges and universities as an acceptable substitute