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Trusted by over 10,000 Families


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Who needs Math tutoring?

Trusted by 10,000+ families
We have a team of top-rated math tutors for your student, matched exclusively for your child’s unique needs and learning style. Our math tutors are more than subject matter experts – they also are the best in the business when it comes to tutoring in an online format to motivate students of all backgrounds.

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Absolutely changed my daughter’s anxiety around math. She now feels confident and capable and does not go into every week feeling lost or behind anymore. Her tutor explains things in a way that makes sense to her and is so patient and engaged. World of difference.
Tahnee B.
January 30, 2024
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Finding Learner and our tutors was the best thing! The people who worked with us to find a tutor appropriate for our kids were great, helpful, and thorough. Very very impressed and helpful. Thanks to Learner team and our tutor
Rose S.
January 26, 2024
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We’re seeing a definite shift in attitude not only towards school but his demeanor at home as well. Not only has his grade gone from 68 to 100, but he is doing significantly better in all of his classes. Thanks again Learner
Juanyta J.
January 9, 2024

How to find the ideal math tutor online

Navigating the world of mathematics can be a challenge for students of all ages, from young learners to those pursuing advanced studies. As a parent seeking the best math tutoring for your child, or as a student looking for personal academic support, finding the right tutor is crucial. Learner is here to simplify this search.

We specialize in connecting students with math tutors who are not just experts in their field, but also match the student's unique learning style. Our approach is tailored to ensure that each student, regardless of age or level, develops a robust understanding of math, enhancing their problem-solving skills and paving the way for academic and personal achievements in the world of mathematics.


Are you looking for help with math?

Math can be a complex and challenging subject at any age. It builds upon a foundation that starts with basic arithmetic and algebra, which are crucial for understanding more advanced topics like calculus and trigonometry. If you find these foundational areas difficult, or if you're a parent looking to support your child in their math journey, tackling higher-level math can seem daunting.

At Learner, we provide expert tutors who are adept at addressing the distinct needs of both adult learners and younger students. Our goal is to help you or your child develop the necessary math skills for success, whether it's for professional advancement, a degree program, or academic excellence in school.

What math subject does your child need help with?

With advanced degrees in mathematics from top schools around the country including the Ivy League, our team of accomplished tutors is ready to help your child today with any of these subjects.

Math tutoring for every age group & grade level

It is our belief at that everyone can learn. We offer world-class online tutoring services for students from 2nd grade through adulthood.

Why students love Learner.

Chelsea from Learner helped me to get a full ride to Duke University.

“Chelsea from Learner was the perfect match for me. She customized the training so that it would push me hard - but not too hard where I would get frustrated. I worked with Chelsea for years because she took a genuine interest in me and my future.”

"Stephanie taught me how to be more organized. I was getting Bs and Cs before I started working with her. I used to get overwhelmed before studying for a test. Stephanie taught me how to create “study guides” so I’d have all the big ideas in one place. I am now getting As and Bs and my parents are much happier."

"When I first started working with Alan, I told him I would never be good at math. I barely passed my first two years of high school math and I needed one more hard math class to graduate. Alan believed in me and worked with me on the basics. Little by little, he built up my confidence to the point where I realized I am good at math and I did well in the class."

The benefits of working with Learner

Better grades

It’s no secret that tutoring pretty much always helps improve grades in the long term. We also focus on short-term improvements to show quick improvement if college applications are around the corner.

Improved retention

We focus on understanding the principles behind the math, so the actual algebra, factorization, you name it, becomes the easy part. This helps promote a much more lasting understanding that underpins all future math subjects.

Foundation for success

When a child gets the bigger picture, it’s easier to see how it all fits together. That means that they perform better in the near term and are set up for future success since they’re starting farther along than their peers.

How does Learner tutoring work?

Answer questions about your child's background and unique needs.

Schedule a call with our Academic Advisor to identify learning goals and objectives.

We will custom match the right tutor for your child. Your initial session is commitment-free.

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The right match

When you can balance a student’s goals, motivation, and learning style with a tutor who makes the subject matter come to life, that’s magic. We work hard to make sure your child has the best opportunity for success by matching them with the best tutor for them specifically.

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Innovative learning environment

Students rave about the Learner platform thanks to its compatibility across devices, collaboration tools for easy engagement during sessions, continuous feedback tools to show improvement, and automatic session recording to watch again later.

An image of a student learning test prep
An image of a student learning

Consistent feedback

After each tutoring session, your child receives feedback from the tutor highlighting where they’re excelling as well as where they still need improvement. There are never any surprises when you work with us, and your child knows where to focus next.

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Our team is made up of the best tutors online, and we stand by that with our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. Your initial session is commitment-free with NO subscription obligation.

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Why work with Learner for online math tutoring?

Unparalleled expertise

Our tutors don’t just teach math – many have advanced degrees in unique and hard-to-find topics. We cover all areas of elementary through advanced math, including some of the subjects that not even every university teaches.

Go beyond memorization

Learning the multiplication tables in 3rd grade was a good exercise at the time. But for higher math, it’s essential to understand the approach and perspective behind how to go about solving the problem at hand. Memorizing Pi to 36 digits is a fun party trick. But knowing when and why to apply factorization to a complex polynomial? That’s priceless.

Get to the “root” of the problem

If you know how to do all the algebra in the world but can’t break down a complex equation into smaller, solvable pieces - that’s not going to be much help. We help understand the big picture so you can tackle the smaller pieces too.

Set the stage for long-term math success

Math builds on itself. When you miss a crucial area early on, it makes learning the rest of it that much more difficult. We ensure your child has a solid foundation for now, so future learning is that much more impactful, resulting in better grades and starting to connect the skills in math to other areas down the road.

How to find the right online math tutor?

Finding the best online math tutors is challenging. There are so many options available that it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to ensure you choose the right online math tutor for your needs.

1. Ask for References

Before hiring a tutor, we recommend that you ask for references. These references can provide insight into the quality of the tutor's services and information regarding the tutor's teaching methods and style.

2. Check Out Reviews

Look for feedback from parents and students who have worked with the tutor to understand the tutor's teaching style better.

3. Consider the Cost

There is a wide range of tutoring costs depending on the lesson plan type, the level of math skill, and the curriculum chosen.

4. Choose a Tutor Who Specializes in the Skills You Want

It is crucial to choose a tutor who specializes in teaching mathematics. Many math tutors teach multiple subjects, but they specialize in the particular math skills you require the most help with.

5. Be Flexible

Refrain from hiring a tutor just because they were recommended by a relative or friend. Instead, choose a tutor who matches your learning needs and budget.

Top benefits of working with a private Math tutor

1. Learn Math at Any Level

Tutors are available in numerous forms, but not all of them are equal. In addition to having experience teaching students of all ages and levels, an excellent private math tutor should also be able to adapt lessons to meet the student's learning styles. They should also know how to teach effectively and efficiently.

2. World-Class Mathematics Instruction

When you hire a private tutor, you will have access to a teacher who is experienced in the area. This means you will not have to spend time figuring things out for yourself. Instead, you will receive straight answers to your questions about concepts you might need to become more familiar with.

3. Better Grades

To become proficient in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and other mathematics, you need a strong foundation in math. If fundamental mathematics is difficult for you, you need a tutor who can help build that foundation with you so that you can succeed with more advanced topics.

4. Improved Study Skills

When you receive private tutoring, you learn how to study effectively. Studying isn't always fun, but if you want to reach your academic goals, it's important to make studying enjoyable. You must organize information, break down complex problems, and remain motivated throughout the process. Private online math tutors can help you with all of these tasks.

5. Simplify Learning

It is easier to learn math when you have a private tutor to assist you. When you struggle to memorize formulas, you may feel overwhelmed. However, when you have a private tutor to help you, you can break down each problem, skill, and concept in a way that makes sense to you.

6. Personal Attention

In contrast to group math lessons, private math tutors will work directly with you. They will answer all your questions and respond to any issues that may arise. This ensures that you receive the best possible instruction.

7. Gain Confidence

It is common for students to feel intimidated by math. However, when a private tutor guides you through tough subjects in a way that resonates with you, you will gain confidence and realize that you can learn more than expected.

8. Build a Foundation for Success

The key to success is a balanced education. It takes practice to learn to master basic and advanced math skills. Acquiring these skills can allow you to manage more complex situations in real life. A private tutor will provide you with just the right type of guidance to enable you to succeed.

Things to look for in a Math tutor


Some students require repetition and explanation of processes. When students find math challenging, math tutors must always be patient. When students cannot grasp a concept, it is very easy for them to become frustrated and discouraged. Therefore, the student may give up before even attempting to learn something new. A good math tutor should encourage a struggling student to persevere until he or she has mastered the concept.


It is critical that our tutors are in it for the right reasons and are dedicated to the long-term success of Learner students. Math tutors who are not motivated tend to teach students how to do things rather than teaching them how to think about problems. Motivation is essential for tutors to succeed in this field so that students can become long-term learners. A motivated tutor also ensures that each lesson stays focused and interesting.


Every student learns differently and our tutors must be able to adjust their approach based on the student’s needs and as they progress. The tutor should always be flexible in their teaching methods in order to accommodate the needs and desires of the student. Tutors who are unwilling to consider new ideas may find themselves struggling to teach effectively. Learners encourage tutors to change teaching methods when students are not receptive to the current method.


Tutors must have the enthusiasm to inspire students and help them develop a love of learning. Tutors should be passionate about teaching mathematics. They should enjoy their work and wish to share their enthusiasm with students who may find math challenging. It is unlikely that a student will develop a love for math if they don't see any enthusiasm for the subject. So a tutor who is enthusiastic about math will make learning math a fun experience.


A good tutor will demonstrate strong communication skills including active listening, speaking clearly, engaging students, and visualization. When math tutors communicate effectively with their students, they are able to assist them in understanding concepts and ideas more effectively. Students who understand what the tutor is trying to explain learn faster and retain information longer. Visual aids such as diagrams and animations should be used by tutors to increase student engagement in lessons. Tutors should also ask questions to determine how students are understanding the material. If a student needs help understanding something, a tutor should attempt to determine why. It is also important for a tutor to encourage students to think critically about problems and possible solutions.


Understanding the student’s needs, challenges and uniqueness. Build rapport and ensure the student feels comfortable and valued. Math tutors should be empathic in order to connect with students who struggle with mathematics. By demonstrating empathy, math tutors can understand what makes a student anxious or frustrated about learning mathematics. Math tutors are able to provide effective strategies that address the specific needs of individual students as a result of this understanding.


Sometimes the tutor will have to acknowledge they don’t know the answer and work with the student to help them understand the concept(s) better. As cut and dry as math is, math tutors should never assume that they have all the answers to mathematics or that there is only one way to solve a problem. A tutor that’s constantly learning and sharpening their skills will be more empathetic to a student.  Having a math tutor who believes he knows everything about mathematics will likely make students feel inadequate. The student may begin to think that he or she does not deserve to study mathematics if they feel bad about themselves.


Possess a passion for learning, supporting, and teaching students. Math tutors who are not ambitious enough may not be able to motivate their students to learn math, and they might teach less challenging topics that do not assist students in succeeding in math. Therefore, a math tutor should be enthusiastic about teaching math. He or she should strive to make math exciting and enjoyable for students. If students enjoy their learning, they will be more motivated to study math.

How to find a Math tutor near me

Even though many towns and cities offer tutoring in math, finding tutors who specialize in this area can take time and effort. If you or your children require assistance with this subject, can help. The best part of this online tutoring service is that they utilize a sophisticated matching algorithm to match you with an expert within 24 hours. Simply complete a simple profile and you're ready to get started right away.

Imagine not having to browse through hundreds of tutor profiles before finding the best match. The only requirement is that you fill out a brief questionnaire and then speak with a member of the staff. Based on the contextual information provided in both cases, they will be able to match you with a suitable instructor.

In order for tutors to be as efficient and effective as possible, Learner utilizes a number of online resources like an interactive whiteboard. In addition to helping students learn a wide range of math skills, the platform also allows them to record all tutor sessions, one of its most noteworthy features.

Learner also allows a student and teacher to work simultaneously on a project. With this feature, learners can review the lessons whenever they are preparing for any math subject or working on challenging math concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Math Tutoring

How is online math tutoring different from in-person tutoring?

Online math tutoring has a lot of the same benefits as in-person tutoring. With both, the math tutor and student cover various subjects and have back-and-forth interaction to ensure retention of the material. The benefit of online is that you have access to a much wider, often more accomplished, net of people to choose from. The best online math tutors can also pick up on non-verbal communication (eye contact, fidgeting in the seat) to gauge how the material is sinking in and make adjustments accordingly.

What are the qualifications of your math tutors?

At Learner, we don’t hire college students or math hobbyists. Each one of our tutors has at least a bachelor’s degree and several years of teaching experience. We have a rigorous hiring process and only choose tutors who can show that their students make real, measurable progress in math.

Do we get to choose our math tutor?

Yes! While our Academic Advisor will make a recommendation after consulting on your child’s unique needs and learning style, it’s ultimately up to you and your child whether to work with that tutor or another from our network. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your first session ensuring student/tutor compatibility and long-term success.

What does a math tutor do?

Our math tutors get to know each student’s learning style and specific math struggles. With that information, they customize their lesson plans, math problems, and teaching style to create an encouraging learning environment to help students improve their understanding and practical problem-solving skills.

What if the math tutor we are matched with is not a good fit for our family?

We believe that student/tutor compatibility is essential for effective learning. If your child doesn’t mesh with the tutor they’re matched with, you can request to switch to a new instructor for free.

How soon can my child start working with a dedicated math tutor?

We take the time to pair your child with the best math tutor for their grade level and learning style. Once the match occurs, you can schedule your first tutoring session within as little as 48 hours. To get your child matched with a tutor, simply fill out our online questionnaire and then schedule a call with our Academic Advisor.

How does online math tutoring work?

We use an innovative online classroom to give students a positive environment to work with their tutor. With features like an interactive whiteboard and the ability to upload homework problems or sample tests, students get hands-on practice along with customized lessons from their tutor. Tutoring sessions are recorded so students can refer to them for math homework or test prep.

Can working with a math tutor improve my child’s grades?

Yes! We can show countless examples of how Learner’s expert tutors can help students significantly improve their grades and test scores. Most students find that one-on-one instruction at their own pace gives them the freedom to ask questions and engage with the material without the pressures of a crowded classroom.

How much does a math tutor cost?

In most cases, you should expect to spend between $60 and $80 for one-on-one math tutoring from a qualified expert. Sometimes the price is lower if you purchase several hours or sessions at once.

Is math tutoring tax deductible?

No. The IRS doesn’t allow you to deduct the cost of tutoring on federal taxes because it’s considered a personal expense. Some types of tutoring may be counted as deductible medical expenses for special needs students.

What is your refund policy?

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our service. If you aren’t happy with your child’s experience, you can request a different tutor at no extra charge.

How to become an online math tutor?

If you want to be a math tutor online with Learner, you must meet our minimum requirements: a four-year degree and several years of tutoring math (online and in person). You must show that your teaching methods are effective and help students learn to improve their math skills and their test scores and grades.

Which common college majors have the highest earning potential?

Written by: Wade Zhou

More Americans than ever are earning diplomas, which boosts earnings and decreases their risk of unemployment. However, as tuition costs continue to rise, higher education is coming at a greater cost to many Americans.

Learner analyzed data from the Census Bureau via the University of Minnesota IPUMS to determine the most common college majors for American workers.

In 2022, among adults 25 and up, 37.5% had at least a bachelor's degree, up from around 28% in 2009. The rise, in part, may be due to a shift in job requirements: Roles that once required just a high school education now call for a college degree. Americans holding bachelor's degrees had an unemployment rate of just 2.2% last year, compared to 3.9% for those with only high school degrees, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

New York Federal Reserve research published in 2019 found that college graduates had a substantial premium over workers with only high school degrees, earning about $30,000 a year more on average. They estimate that for students who complete their degrees, the return on investment for a college degree is around 14%.

What are the most common degrees?

Business is by far the most common undergraduate major. As of 2022, around 8.5 million adults working full-time had a bachelor's degree in a business-related field, while 2.9 million of them also earned some kind of postgraduate degree in the field, such as a master's degree in business or accounting.

Common jobs for business majors include accountants, who make a median income of $80,000 yearly; financial analysts, who make around $100,000; and market researchers, who take home about $75,000, per BLS data.

Engineering and education were the next most common fields for full-time workers, with around 4.5 million graduates each.

In most fields, bachelor's degrees tend to be more common than postgraduate degrees, but life science is an exception to that rule.

In 2022, there were 1.7 million full-time American workers with both a life science undergraduate degree and at least some kind of postgraduate degree, but only 1.1 million workers with just a bachelor's degree in the field.

Many research jobs require a postgraduate degree, and biology is a common major for doctors. Biochemists and biophysicists, who earn a median salary of $107,460 annually, can get entry-level jobs with a bachelor's degree but tend to need an advanced degree as well.

Who earns the most?

Not surprisingly, workers with postgraduate degrees typically earn more than those with only bachelor's degrees. The highest earners with a bachelor's degree tend to be engineering and computer science majors, with median annual salaries of $96,000 and $91,000, respectively. By comparison, a postgraduate degree boosts their annual earnings to $127,000 and $120,000, respectively.

In some fields, there's a significant difference in earnings between workers holding undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Communications majors with an advanced degree earn a median salary of $107,000 a year, nearly double that of their peers holding just a bachelor's degree.

In recent years, increased awareness about the burden of high-interest student loan debt has challenged the value of a college education. The average U.S. household with bachelor's degree debt owes $29,100, while households with graduate school debt owe over double that amount, with an average of $77,300, according to a 2023 Nerdwallet study.

The New York Fed found that the return on investment for college graduates has fallen slightly in recent years due to increasing costs. The College Board found that four-year college costs amount to around $20,000 yearly at public schools with in-state tuition and $35,000 a year at private schools after accounting for financial aid.

For many prospective students, college can be an expensive proposition. In a shift from the last decade, some employers that once considered a four-year degree a vital requirement no longer do. And, in recent years, wages for many lower-paid jobs are catching up to office jobs that require a college education. However, for some, especially those with an academic aptitude, earning a degree can still make financial sense.

Story editing by Alizah Salario. Copy editing by Kristen Wegrzyn.

Learner Math Lover Scholarship

Scholarship Award: $500

The Learner Math Lover Scholarship is an annual $500 scholarship that’s open to all students that love math. The next deadline to apply is June 30, 2024, and winners will be announced on July 30, 2024.


Math is one of the most important subjects to learn—it serves as the basis of other fields, including prominent fields like technology, business, and economics. It also teaches skills such as problem solving and logic, which we use on a daily basis.

We want to highlight the importance of math and all that it’s brought us. Advancements in technology, computers, and predicting economic trends are only a few of the things math has helped us achieve. To celebrate the importance of this essential subject and the students that use it, we’re awarding a $500 scholarship to all those that love math!

Previous Scholarship Winners

Marissa Furhmeister

Awarded: $500

On: August 2023

Jesse Heisler

Awarded: $500

On: December 2022

Scholarship Details:

Amount: $500
Application deadline: June 30, 2024

Learner Scholarship Contributions

Scholarships Awarded
Total Awards

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Loves math

  • High school senior, undergraduate student, or graduate student

  • Current U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident

How to Apply:

You can apply for this scholarship on the scholarship platform. Simply set up a free account and submit your application for the Learner Math Lover Scholarship, along with a short essay answering the following prompts:

Why do you love math?

Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

When is the scholarship deadline?

The application will be open through June 30, 2024.

What is the scholarship prize? 

The scholarship award is $500.

When will the winner be chosen and notified?

Prior to the announcement date, we may contact finalists with additional questions about their application. Recipients will be chosen based on the merit of their application. 

How will the scholarship be paid?

We will send the $500 award check to the recipient in their name.

How will my application information be used?

Learner manages this scholarship with the support of the scholarship platform. takes student confidentiality and privacy incredibly seriously. Please refer to the application page on for full details.