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Find the world-class online integrated math tutor your child deserves

When you’re looking for an online tutor to help your child with integrated math, you want to choose the best option. With Learner, that’s easy. Our private tutors are exceptional instructors who take a personal approach with kids education. They’re experts in all integrated math skills and topics, from pre-algebra and trigonometric functions to quadratic equations and relationships data analysis.



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Does your child need help with their integrated math curriculum?

Integrated math teachers take a different approach to mathematics education than previous generations. Instead of traditional sequential classes like algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, an integrated math course incorporates several different areas of math in a cohesive way. Unfortunately, this type of math class is confusing for many students.

If your child is struggling with integrated math, we can help. Learner offers online math tutoring from highly educated professionals who utilize the latest teaching methods to boost their students’ understanding of mathematical concepts. With customized instruction, your child can dramatically improve their integrated math skills and test scores.

Learner offers unique benefits to students and families

Personalized instruction

We match every student with an expert tutor with a compatible teaching style. Your child’s instructor will tailor tutoring sessions based on grade level and progress. Whether your child is just starting out in elementary school or is finding integrated math 3 too challenging, you can be sure they will get exactly what they need.

Improved academic performance

For some students, the challenge of integrated math isn’t the theoretical concepts but the homework and test problems. Our tutors take the time to explain reliable problem-solving strategies and demonstrate them using our virtual whiteboard and a graphing calculator. This type of practical instruction gives your child the tools to improve their grades and test scores.

Preparation for future math success

The key concepts presented in integrated math are foundational to upper-level math courses like AP calculus and college algebra. There are also plenty of real-life applications, so it’s essential for young adult students to have a strong understanding of the material. Our tutors take the time to answer questions and dive deep into key areas to help students prepare for future success.

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Choosing the right online integrated math tutor for your child

If your child is having trouble with integrated math, you need to make sure the tutor you choose is familiar with the material and can explain it in a way that makes sense to your child. At Learner, we’ll get information about your child’s unique needs and learning style before matching them with the right tutor.

Our professional tutors are familiar with the latest teaching methods and problem-solving strategies. They can offer personalized help to address the specific concepts that are giving your child trouble.


Why students love Learner.

Chelsea from Learner helped me to get a full ride to Duke University.

“Chelsea from Learner was the perfect match for me. She customized the training so that it would push me hard - but not too hard where I would get frustrated. I worked with Chelsea for years because she took a genuine interest in me and my future.”

"Stephanie taught me how to be more organized. I was getting Bs and Cs before I started working with her. I used to get overwhelmed before studying for a test. Stephanie taught me how to create “study guides” so I’d have all the big ideas in one place. I am now getting As and Bs and my parents are much happier."

"When I first started working with Alan, I told him I would never be good at math. I barely passed my first two years of high school math and I needed one more hard math class to graduate. Alan believed in me and worked with me on the basics. Little by little, he built up my confidence to the point where I realized I am good at math and I did well in the class."

How does Learner integrated math tutoring work?

Answer questions about your child's background and unique needs.

Schedule a call with our Academic Advisor to identify learning goals and objectives.

We will custom match the right tutor for your child. Your initial session is commitment-free.

Why work with Learner for online integrated math tutoring?

At Learner, we don’t just recreate the problematic educational environment of a traditional math class. That type of teaching isn’t helping your child, so we take a different approach. Our online platform makes it easy for your child to work one-on-one with their tutor, discussing math skills, common core concepts, and practice problems.

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Customized instruction

A good teacher can have life-long implications for your child’s success. Our proprietary matching system ensures your child gets a patient math tutor with a compatible teaching style. Every session is tailored to your child’s pace and skill levels.

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Interactive online classroom

We have a cutting-edge virtual platform that creates a positive learning environment. Tutors can demonstrate probability, linear algebra, and other math concepts and solutions on the interactive whiteboard. Students can strengthen their math skills by uploading homework problems to work through together with their tutor.

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Actionable feedback

Our online math tutors offer feedback after every session. You and your child will get details about their progress in integrated math and a list of areas that are still being improved.

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Our team is made up of the best tutors online, and we stand by that with our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. The first session with us is always FREE – no commitments or obligations.

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Why choose Learner for integrated math tutoring?

Academic improvement

At Learner, we only hire tutors who can prove they have the skills to improve their students’ performance in math class in a timely manner.

Interactive lessons

In our online platform, your student can meet each math challenge at their own pace without the distractions and pressure of classmates.

Individualized instruction

Your child’s tutor will customize every lesson, providing a personal approach that is far more effective than a traditional textbook.

Math experts

Our tutors are highly educated senior math experts. They can help your child with math skills like recognizing algebra-geometry-trigonometry patterns.

How to find an integrated math tutor near me

Finding a tutor near you that specializes in math, English language arts, history, or science is already a challenge. But when it comes to finding a tutor with a more niche specialty, like integrated math, it can be nearly impossible. Save yourself the headache, and the commute, and opt for a virtual tutor instead. 

One of the greatest advantages of online tutoring is the personalized learning environment. These one-on-one sessions are entirely curated to the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Whether the student is studying for an integrated math exam or is simply looking to build upon their current knowledge and foundation in the subject, the tutor is there to focus on any area they feel less confident about.

There aren’t too many differences between in-person and virtual tutoring. The biggest difference is that virtual tutoring allows students to schedule lessons anytime and anywhere. The flexibility of virtual tutoring saves both time and money for students and their families. Most students who opt for in-person tutoring sessions commit to regular lessons at the same time every week. While this structure can be beneficial for some students, it can be less advantageous to students who are balancing busy schedules. For the most part, a student only needs occasional help with a subject, like when a difficult project gets assigned or an important exam is looming. With an online tutor, you can schedule help as you need it and get the most out of every session.

Frequently Asked Integrated Math Tutoring Questions

How is online tutoring different from in-person tutoring?

Both types of tutoring offer students the chance to work at their own pace with an expert senior math teacher. With an online service, however, you’re not limited to choosing a private tutor who lives in your area. You get access to experts across the country, so it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your child.

What are the qualifications of your integrated math tutors?

Each Learner tutor has years of experience helping students learn mathematics. Whether your child has high college aspirations or just wants to pass integrated math 2, our expert tutors can help.

Who chooses my child’s integrated math tutor?

You have control over who teaches your child. We will use our proprietary system to match your child with a compatible tutor, but you can request a replacement if you aren’t satisfied.

What does an integrated math tutor do?

Our instructors teach integral math concepts in engaging and easy-to-understand ways to help students improve their comprehension. Tutoring services also include practical help with problem-solving to prepare your child for tests and homework.

What happens if my child’s integrated math tutor isn’t a good fit?

At Learner, we guarantee your satisfaction with our service. If your child’s tutor isn’t a good fit, you can switch to a different one at no extra charge.

How soon can I schedule a session with my child’s integrated math tutor?

Your child’s first session (which is completely free) can happen within a few days after you reach out to us. Once you fill out the online questionnaire, our Academic Advisor will hold a consultation and match your child with the best tutor. Then, you can use our flexible schedule service to arrange a session at a time that works for you.

How does online integrated math tutoring work?

We have an online platform that your child can access from anywhere on a range of devices. During each tutoring session, your child will get to learn about integral math concepts, ask questions, and practice solving integrated math problems.

Will my child’s grade improve from working with a dedicated integrated math tutor?

Yes! Our tutors are effective instructors who teach integral math concepts and practical skills, like reading comprehension, that lead to better grades and standardized test scores.

How much does an integrated math tutor cost?

What you’ll pay for a good integrated math tutor will depend on where you live and what kind of senior math help your child needs. Most tutors cost between $60 and $80 per hour.

How do you become an online integrated math tutor?

While anyone can call themselves a math tutor, we only hire the best of the best. If you want to be a Learner tutor, you’ll need to have at least a bachelor’s degree and several years of math tutoring experience (including online work). We choose math tutors who can prove they are successful at improving their students’ test scores and grades.

Is integrated math tutoring tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no. Hiring a private tutor is considered a nondeductible personal expense in most cases, although there may be some exceptions for students with special needs.

What is your refund policy?

Our satisfaction guarantee means that if you aren’t happy with our service, you can switch to a different tutor at no extra charge.