Women in mathematics scholarship.

Are you currently pursuing a degree in Mathematics? Are you unapologetically ambitious about what you will accomplish in your career? We want to meet you!

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Scholarship Award: $1,000

Women in mathematics scholarshipWomen in mathematics scholarship

“I would like to be remembered as someone who was not afraid to do what she wanted to do, and as someone who took risks along the way in order to achieve her goals.”

Sally Ride


The Women in Mathematics Scholarship is a recurring scholarship whose next deadline is January 1, 2023. Winners will be announced on August 26, 2023.


To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate mathematics or related fields degree program at a 4-year, 2-year, vocational, or technical institution in the United States OR a graduating high school senior who has plans to study mathematics or related fields.

Applicants must also be a US citizen or a permanent legal resident.

  • Be a current high school senior.

  • Plan to study mathematics or related fields.

  • Are an undergraduate currently studying in these fields.

How to apply:

  • Click the Apply Now button below.

  • You will be redirected to Bold.org. Create a profile to start the application process.

  • Write about what draws you to math and how certain principles in math have shaped your understanding of the world around you.

  • Submit your application!

How to applyHow to apply
Technology is booming

Technology is booming

We live in the information era, where technology underpins so much of our daily lives. Technology influences the way we communicate, learn, entertain. And it has an increasing influence on key issues like the economy, foreign policy, privacy, healthcare, and more.

With this drastic boom in tech, innovators in math are needed now more than ever to solve complex problems surrounding tech in order to continue driving the information era forward toward the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

Gender diversity introduces new perspectives

We can all benefit from having more women entering the math field. Gender diversity introduces new perspectives, enabling us to better solve the complex problems of the future and provide those who have often been overlooked the opportunity to succeed in these fields.

To contribute to a better future for women in math, the Learner Women in Mathematics Scholarship will be awarded to one woman who is pursuing a career in a math-related field and is extremely ambitious about the feats she will accomplish in her career.

Gender diversity

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Meet our first winner:

Shelley Suazo

"I am an incoming junior at the University of California, Merced, majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Applied Mathematics. After college, I plan to use the skills I acquire in my classes to pursue a career in tech.

I am very passionate about learning and determined to succeed, especially in academics. In my first two years of college, I made the Chancellor’s Honor List, which recognizes students who maintain a high GPA throughout the school year."

An image of Shelly