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Trusted by over 10,000 Families


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Absolutely changed my daughter’s anxiety around math. She now feels confident and capable and does not go into every week feeling lost or behind anymore. Her tutor explains things in a way that makes sense to her and is so patient and engaged. World of difference.
Tahnee B.
January 30, 2024
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Finding Learner and our tutors was the best thing! The people who worked with us to find a tutor appropriate for our kids were great, helpful, and thorough. Very very impressed and helpful. Thanks to Learner team and our tutor
Rose S.
January 26, 2024
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We’re seeing a definite shift in attitude not only towards school but his demeanor at home as well. Not only has his grade gone from 68 to 100, but he is doing significantly better in all of his classes. Thanks again Learner
Juanyta J.
January 9, 2024

How Can You Find the Right Online 7th Grade Math Tutor

When selecting a math tutor for your child, there are several factors to consider. Your tutor should be an expert in the material, but they should also be an engaging instructor. Finding a tutor that you and your child feel comfortable around is paramount. 

At Learner, we do the heavy lifting of matching your child with the most compatible tutor for them. Our sophisticated matching system takes your child’s learning style, strengths, weaknesses, and academic goals into account.


Choose The 7th Grade Math Tutoring That is Right For Your Child

As students get older, math concepts continue to get more and more challenging. Upon entering 7th grade, students will be faced with difficult concepts such as interpreting and computing rationale numbers, multiplying and dividing decimals and fractions, and representing percents. 

Whether your child is experiencing a lack of confidence in the classroom, or is simply struggling to grasp certain concepts, there is an easy remedy to your math woes: online tutoring. Learner can provide your child with the undivided, one-on-one attention that they need to succeed from the convenience of your own home. In this supportive environment, your child can work at their own pace, feel comfortable asking questions, and rely on the learning style that works best for them.

Benefits of working with Learner’s 7th grade math tutors

Virtual Classroom Features

From interactive whiteboards to video calls, many online tutoring services have found ways to replicate the experience of being in a classroom closely. To top that off, there are some things that virtual classrooms can do that a real classroom cannot. For instance, many online tutoring companies have a feature that allows students to record each session. This allows the student to go back and replay a lesson when they are preparing for a test.

Save Time and Money

Online tutoring is more cost and time-efficient than in-person tutoring. Between sports, after-school activities, homework, and studying, 7th grade students struggle to juggle their busy schedules. Rather than commuting to and from a tutoring center, it is much easier to squeeze a half-hour tutoring session from the comfort of your own home. 

In addition to saving money on commuting costs, online tutoring fees are usually more affordable than in-person tutoring fees.

More Options

When it comes to online tutoring, you are not limited by location. One of the biggest perks of online learning is eliminating any geographical constraints, allowing students to connect with expert tutors worldwide. This will enable you to be as picky and selective with tutors. If you want to work with a tutor who specializes in teaching math to 7th grade students, you can certainly find that expert somewhere on the web.

7th grade subjects we tutor

At Learner, we offer tutoring services that cover a wide range of math subjects for students of all ages and levels. Here are the topics we offer in our 7th grade tutoring program.

Why students love Learner.

Chelsea from Learner helped me to get a full ride to Duke University.

“Chelsea from Learner was the perfect match for me. She customized the training so that it would push me hard - but not too hard where I would get frustrated. I worked with Chelsea for years because she took a genuine interest in me and my future.”

"Stephanie taught me how to be more organized. I was getting Bs and Cs before I started working with her. I used to get overwhelmed before studying for a test. Stephanie taught me how to create “study guides” so I’d have all the big ideas in one place. I am now getting As and Bs and my parents are much happier."

"When I first started working with Alan, I told him I would never be good at math. I barely passed my first two years of high school math and I needed one more hard math class to graduate. Alan believed in me and worked with me on the basics. Little by little, he built up my confidence to the point where I realized I am good at math and I did well in the class."

Answer questions about your child's background and unique needs.

Schedule a call with our Academic Advisor to identify learning goals and objectives.

We will custom match the right tutor for your child. You initial session is commitment-free.

How 7th grade math students can benefit from working with Learner

There are many upsides to opting for Learner’s online tutoring services. Here are a few of the benefits.

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Sophisticated Matching System

One of Learner’s standout features is its top-notch matching system. Learner does not just factor in age and subject into the tutor matching process, but they will also factor in learning style and learning goals. This is especially helpful for a subject like math, where a student’s strengths and weaknesses may vastly differ across the board. While some students may need help with pre-calculus, others may be looking to brush up on their trigonometry. 

Virtual Learning Tools

Math can be a tricky subject to learn virtually, but rest assured, Learner has got you covered with its virtual learning tools. Learner utilizes an interactive whiteboard tool, allowing tutors and students to collaborate on math problems as if they were together in the same classroom. Learner also records every tutoring session. Students can use recorded sessions as study tools when prepping for an exam or completing homework assignments. 

An image of a student learning
An image of a student learning

Continuous feedback

After every tutoring session, the tutor, student, and parents will meet for a quick feedback session. These feedback sessions ensure that everyone is always on the same page and allow your child to better prepare for their next tutoring session.

Full Satisfaction Guarantee 

Customer satisfaction is Learner’s number one priority. Learner understands that finding the right tutor for your child is of the utmost importance, and sometimes it doesn’t happen the first time around. If your child is not meshing well with the tutor, they are matched with. Learner will ensure that your next tutoring session is free. 

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Accelerated learning

With private sessions and tailored lesson plans, most students can brush up on foundational math skills and be on par with the rest of their peer group within a few weeks.

Custom matching

Learner’s advanced matching system factors both teachers and students into the equation. The matching system will factor in a student’s current skills and learning style and a teacher’s specialty, personality, teaching style, and previous experience.

Innovative platform

Learner creates a state-of-the-art virtual classroom with advanced tools such as an interactive whiteboard and a feature that allows students to upload their homework assignments. Each session is also recorded for future use. 

World-class tutors

Learner only hires highly qualified tutors and has a set of high standards that each employee must meet to apply to this network, some of which include a four-year college degree and several years of previous tutoring experience.

What Should You Look For in a 7th-Grade Math Tutor?

As a parent, you want your child to have the best math education possible. That starts with choosing the best math tutor for you. Here at Learner, we believe all great tutors possess the following traits. We Guarantee Better Grades for Struggling Math Students!









Top Benefits of Working With a Private Online 7th-Grade Math Tutor

Private online math tutoring has become an increasingly popular choice for seventh-grade students looking to catch up on or get ahead of their progress at school. And with so many benefits, it's easy to see why.

Flexible Scheduling

Improved Grades

Increased Confidence

Greater Accountability

More Engaged Learning

How to Find a 7th-Grade Math Tutor Near Me

Although your child's school likely has its own support system in place, these resources are frequently overloaded and unable to offer the specialized care students require to succeed. If you want your child to do better in their second-grade math class, you should consider hiring a private math tutor rather than relying on the "only options" or the advice of a mutual friend. The best way to find an excellent seventh-grade math tutor isn't through referrals from friends-of-a-friend or a quick Google search. It's with a serious approach that prioritizes your child's needs. At Learner, we work to connect families with the right tutors for their students.

Online math tutors are a practical option for any family looking to benefit from one-on-one tutoring without the restrictions of a conventional learning center. Tutors will always be accessible, and with Learner, they have already been screened and chosen for you. Our team will consult with you to fully understand your preferences and objectives. Then, we'll handpick a selection of tutors for you to choose from. All of our tutors are experts in their field with years of experience and are committed to helping their students succeed.

We Guarantee Better Grades for Struggling Math Students! Connect with us today!

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