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We are an education company that accelerates learning. 

We believe learning is unlocked when content mastery is combined with passion. Our goal is to be the inflection point in a student’s education, tapping into the natural, limitless potential within them.

Backed by Mechanism Ventures, we are building our founding team of elite educators who share our vision and are ready to build something significant and impactful with us.

Our founding team has a track record of building multiple $100M+ revenue companies and an extensive education background. We are looking for additional lifelong learners who are passionate about making a difference in students’ lives.

Interested? Send an email to hiring@learner.com with your qualifications and why you are interested in working with us.

Open Positions:

Online Math Tutor

Position Description

We are hiring great Online Math Tutors who will provide exceptional tutoring for our clients.


  • Examples of how you have accelerated the learning process for students
  • Expert level knowledge of Algebra, Geometry, and Precalculus. Expertise in Calculus and Statistics is a plus but is not required
  • Experience tutoring students on the Math SAT and ACT
  • Fast, stable internet connection
  • Have a 4-year university degree
  • Have a private space to hold sessions without disturbance
  • 3+ years of math tutoring experience
  • 1+ year of online math tutoring experience
  • Desire to help develop the initial tutoring processes

The right candidate will be:

  • Passionate about Helping - Great tutors are passionate about the subject they teach and about making a difference in a student’s academic life. They strive to be an inflection point in their education
  • Flexible - Our tutors will recognize when a student is struggling and can explain material in multiple ways
  • Tech-savvy - Our tutors will be expert on all of the critical technology needed to meet the needs of our students.
  • Engaging - Our tutors will have the ability to quickly and easily connect with students 
  • Enthusiastic - Energy is contagious and we expect our tutors to be passionate 
  • Motivating - Our tutors will encourages independence and ask good open-ended questions
  • Life-long learners - Our tutors will lead by example in their desire to be independent, lifelong learners. They believe in the Intrinsic vs. Instrumental value of education
  • Patient - Students will struggle and our tutors must be empathetic to their situation
  • Exceptional listeners - Students want to be seen and heard. Our tutors will seek to understand a student’s needs.

Time Commitment

  • This is a freelance role with the potential to ramp up or down, as needed.
  • Availability on nights and weekends is required
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