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Give your child the ACT math test prep experience they deserve

The best ACT math tutor is someone who can take complicated topics and explain them in an understandable way. At Learner, we know that every student is unique, so we match each one with a tutor who has a compatible teaching style to create a customized test prep program.

Is your child frustrated studying for the ACT math test?

The ACT exam is challenging for most students, but many find the math section particularly difficult. The format of the test, 60 questions in 60 minutes, makes many students feel pressed for time and insecure about their answers.

Fortunately, there are proven ways to study for the ACT math section. At Learner, we have ACT tutors who are experts in math and in test prep. We give each student a completely customized educational experience tailored to their needs. A private ACT math tutor from Learner can help you student overcome their frustration and study effectively for standardized tests.

Top benefits Learner offers to students

Better test-taking skills

The strict time limit of the ACT math portion requires students to be able to solve problems quickly and accurately. Our tutors give students reliable tips to prepare for multiple-choice tests and teach them how to quickly eliminate wrong answers. They also help students hone essential skills by working through problems on practice tests.

Thorough math instruction

The ACT math section covers topics from several high school math courses, from pre-algebra to coordinate geometry and trigonometry. Our expert instructors are highly educated math tutors who take the time to explain all the math concepts on the exam, such as differential equations, applied mathematics, and even relevant topics from college calculus.

Effective college preparation

Students need a good ACT math score to get into the best universities and STEM programs like computer science. Our ACT tutors give students the tools to score well on the ACT math section and prepare for challenging college math classes. A patient math tutor can make all the difference when it comes to ACT math prep.

Proven Impact

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How to find the right ACT math tutor

Private tutoring can be the key to a good ACT or SAT math score for many students. There are many online tutoring options for ACT math prep, but not all of them are effective. You need to find a tutor who offers comprehensive ACT math lessons and practical test-taking strategies.

Getting the right ACT math tutor for your child is easy with Learner. We only hire the best instructions with years of experience tutoring math and offering ACT test prep. Your child’s tutor will explain foundational middle school and high school math concepts in a clear way and at the right pace.


Why students love Learner.

Chelsea from Learner helped me to get a full ride to Duke University.

“Chelsea from Learner was the perfect match for me. She customized the training so that it would push me hard - but not too hard where I would get frustrated. I worked with Chelsea for years because she took a genuine interest in me and my future.”

"Stephanie taught me how to be more organized. I was getting Bs and Cs before I started working with her. I used to get overwhelmed before studying for a test. Stephanie taught me how to create “study guides” so I’d have all the big ideas in one place. I am now getting As and Bs and my parents are much happier."

"When I first started working with Alan, I told him I would never be good at math. I barely passed my first two years of high school math and I needed one more hard math class to graduate. Alan believed in me and worked with me on the basics. Little by little, he built up my confidence to the point where I realized I am good at math and I did well in the class."

How does Learner ACT math tutoring work?

Answer questions about your child's background and unique needs.

Schedule a call with our Academic Advisor to identify learning goals and objectives.

We will custom match the right tutor for your child. Your initial session is commitment-free.

What can you expect from working with Learner for ACT math tutoring?

With Learner, you can expect your child to get effective test prep strategies and top-notch math tutoring. Our instructors have years of tutoring experience and are experts in cutting-edge study methods for standardized tests like the ACT. They cover essential topics to help students hone their mathematical skills.

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Customized, one-on-one instruction

At Learner, we believe that students understand math better when it’s explained in a way that matches their learning style. That’s why we match each student with the best ACT math tutor for them and ensure each session is completely tailored to the student’s level and pace.

Innovative online classroom

Our tutoring sessions happen in our virtual classroom, which is accessible from anywhere. Tutors can demonstrate practice test problems on the interactive whiteboard, and students can upload their own questions for extra help. The lessons are recorded and available for review during later study sessions.

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Actionable feedback

At the end of each session, your child’s ACT math tutor will provide feedback on their progress. You’ll get to see which subjects they’ve mastered and which ones still need work, so you know exactly that your child should focus on next.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Our team is made up of the best tutors online, and we stand by that with our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. The first session with us is always FREE – no commitments or obligations.

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Why should you choose Learner for ACT math tutoring?

Fast results

Our one-on-one tutoring model gets your child ready for the ACT math section fast, so there is plenty of time to choose a good test day.

Hands-on practice

Our online platform allows students to work through math problems together with their tutors to improve their speed and accuracy.

Customized lessons

We pair your child with a patient ACT math tutor who has a compatible teaching style and a history of excellent results.

World-class teachers

Our ACT math tutors have advanced degrees and are experts in test preparation strategies along with high school math.

How to find ACT math test prep tutors near me

Unfortunately, not all cities have test prep centers or in-person tutors. Tutoring for the ACT math section is a very specialized skill, and it requires instructors to stay up-to-date on all aspects of the exam. Even if you do have some math tutors in your local area, you can’t be sure they have the qualifications to give your child the best education. Online tutoring gives you access to world-class experts regardless of your location.

With Learner, your child can connect with a highly qualified ACT math tutor. We won’t just pair your child with someone who likes math or who scored well on the test themself. Our test prep tutors are math experts who are also well-versed in modern test-taking strategies and have gone to some of your student’s most coveted instututions. They will help your child hone the key skills they need to score well on the challenging math section of the exam.

Your child will meet with their tutor in a one-on-one session in our virtual classroom. You don’t have to worry about all the distractions and inefficiencies of a traditional ACT prep course with a classroom full of students. Our instructors customize sessions based on each student’s learning style, math level, and academic goals. See the difference Learner tutoring can make – sign your child up for a risk-free session!

What Should You Look for in an SAT Math Tutor?

During your search for the perfect SAT math tutor, there are specific criteria you should keep in mind. It's important to find someone with the right background and experience teaching, but it's also important to find someone with the qualities of a good tutor.









Top Benefits of Working with an Online SAT Math Tutor

There are many advantages to working with a private SAT math tutor. Here is how your personal tutor can take your SAT score to new heights on test day:

Personalized lessons

Boosted confidence

Test-taking skills

Match Pace

Fewer Distractions

Frequently Asked ACT Math Tutoring Questions

How is online tutoring different from in-person tutoring?

If you want to hire an in-person ACT tutor for your child, you are limited to someone who lives in your area. With online tutoring, however, you can find an expert in ACT math tutoring from anywhere in the country. Scheduling is generally easier with online tutoring because students can access the online platform from anywhere on most devices.

What are the qualifications of your ACT math tutors?

We only hire the best available ACT math tutors with advanced degrees from prestigious universities. Our tutors also have to have years of online tutoring experience and proof that their test prep strategies are effective.

Can I decide which ACT math tutor works with my child?

We have a proprietary matching system that chooses a compatible tutor for each student. However, you can always make the final decisions about your child’s education and request a new tutor if necessary.

What does an ACT math tutor do?

Our private ACT tutor will customize their instruction to your child’s unique needs. They’ll work through complicated algebra or trigonometry concepts and discuss the best strategies for taking multiple-choice tests.

What are my options if the ACT math tutor isn’t a good fit?

We allow your child to take their first tutoring session for free so you can gauge compatibility between them and their tutor. If you aren’t sure they’re a good fit, just talk to us and we’ll switch your child to a new tutor.

Can my child start working with an ACT math tutor right away?

The first step to getting a perfect ACT math tutor for your student is filling out our online questionnaire. Then, you’ll talk with our Academic Advisor about your child so we can match the right tutor to them. Once your child’s tutor is assigned, you can schedule the first session within as little as 48 hours.

How does online ACT math tutoring work?

Our ACT test prep tutors focus on two areas: foundational math concepts and test-taking skills. They explain challenging concepts and help students learn how to answer problems quickly and accurately. With Learner, these sessions take place in our innovative online platform that eliminates typical classroom distractions and allows students to rewatch recorded sessions for extra review.

Will an ACT math tutor help my child’s grades improve?

Our ACT test prep tutors focus on helping your child improve their score on the ACT math section, but all of those skills can easily transfer over to math classes. Most of our students significantly improve their math grades as well as their standardized test scores.

How much does an ACT math tutor cost?

Tutors can set their own rates, and most charge between $90 and $120 per hour. You might be able to save some money by purchasing a “bundle” of hours up front.

How do you become an online ACT math tutor?

If you want to be a test prep tutor for the ACT math section, you need excellent math skills and a strong understanding of standardized tests. You need to be able to help your students solve high school algebra and pre-calculus problems fast enough to meet the ACT’s strict time limit. To work with Learner, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree and several years of online tutoring experience.

Is ACT math tutoring tax deductible?

No. The IRS considers the cost of a private ACT math tutor a personal expense. These types of costs aren’t generally allowed to be deducted.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee with our service along with a risk-free first session. If you aren’t sure your child’s tutor is the right fit, you can request a new one at no additional cost.


The 20 ACT Math Questions That Hurt Scores The Most

Your students can boost their ACT scores by 5 points by solving the 20 most challenging ACT Math questions below. Expertly curated by Learner's ACT Math test prep tutors. Empower them to join the top tier of scorers and achieve their college dreams.

Number & Quantity

1. Comparing Percents (decimals):

4.2% of 4.2 is the same as 0.84% of which number?

Reveal Answer:

2. Number Factorization:

A rectangular mat is made of 45 square tiles, 9 lengthwise and 5 widthwise.

If a bug walks in a perfectly straight line from the bottom left corner of a tile mat to the top right corner, how many tiles does it step on?

Reveal Answer:


3. Percent Change (increase after decrease):

Steven bought a single share of a stock at $57. When the stock dropped 20%, he purchased another share at the decreased price. This reduced his “unit price” to the average value of the purchase price of two stocks. If Steven wants to make at least 10% profit on his money invested (excluding any dividends and brokerage fees), by what whole number percent must the unit price of his shares increase in order for Steven to sell his two shares?

Reveal Answer:

4. Rational Exponents (simplify expression):

Simplify this expression so that there are no radicals in the denominator and all exponents are positive:

Reveal Answer:

5. Absolute Value Inequalities:

What is the solution set to the inequality |x|+|x-2| < 5 ?

Reveal Answer:

6) Complex Numbers Operations (square root):

Complex numbers are an extension of real numbers, and the operation of square root of a complex number produces a complex number. If a complex number 𝑧 = 55 + 48𝑖, then √𝑧 is also a complex number that can be written in standard form as 𝑎 + 𝑏𝑖, where 𝑎 and 𝑏 are real numbers and 𝑖2 = −1 .

What are 𝑎 and 𝑏 equal to?

Reveal Answer:


7. Zeros of Polynomials (undetermined coefficients):

A quadratic polynomial has the vertex form:

If one of its roots is 2 + √2𝑖, what is the value of p(0) ?

Reveal Answer:

8. Translating Polynomials (matching coefficients):

A quadratic polynomial 𝑞(𝑥) = 𝑎𝑥2 + 𝑏𝑥 + 𝑐 is shifted 5 units to the right in the xy-plane and becomes another polynomial 𝑝(𝑥) = 𝑎(𝑥 − 5)2 + 𝑏(𝑥 − 5) + 𝑐

In standard form this polynomial can be written as 𝑝(𝑥) = 2𝑥2 + 4𝑥 + 5

What are the coefficients a, b, and c?

Reveal Answer:

9. Composition and Inverse of Functions:

Function 𝑓-1(𝑥) is the inverse of function

What is the value of

Reveal Answer:

10. Trigonometric Equations (complementary angles):

If sin(2x2+11x) = cos(x2+10x) and both are positive, what is the value of x ?

Reveal Answer:

11. Arithmetic Sequence Sum:

A small battery-operated car moved in a straight line along a smooth surface. During the first second, it traveled 5 inches. During each subsequent second, it traveled 7 inches more than the previous second. The car traveled for 12 seconds. How far, in inches, did the car travel in total?

Reveal Answer:


12. Circle Geometry (coordinates / PT / system) :

Two circles are graphed in the xy-plane. Their equations are below:

(𝑥 − 3)2 + (𝑦 − 4)2 = 9

(x − 3)2 + 𝑦2 = 4

They intersect at two points, M and N. What is the length of the segment MN that joins the two points? Round your answer to the nearest 10th of a unit.

Reveal Answer:

13. Isometric Transformations (reflection about y = -x and y = x):

A point in the xy-plane has coordinates (-9, 2). It is reflected about the 𝑦 = −𝑥 line and then about the 𝑦 = 𝑥 line. What are the coordinates of its image under these two reflections?

Reveal Answer:

14. Coordinate Geometry (similar right triangles):

A line in xy-plane has the equation 𝑥 + 3𝑦 = 16.

Three squares are drawn so that their bases lie on the x-axis and their top right vertices on the boundary line. What is the area of the third (rightmost) square?

Reveal Answer:

15. Similar Right Triangles (length of crease):

A piece of paper is cut out in the shape of a right triangle below:

It is then folded over once so that point A meets point C. How long is the length of the folding crease? (Hint: one endpoint of the crease is on the midpoint of the hypotenuse.)

Reveal Answer:

16. Volume of Cube (percent error):

Specs for a cubical thin-walled box call for a side length of 10 cm with a 3% allowable tolerance on the volume in each direction. Marcia makes a box that is a perfect cube, but measures its main diagonal to be 2% smaller than the diagonal of a perfect 10 cm side length cube. Marcia would like to know if her cube is still acceptable by the standards. By what percent is the volume of Marcia’s cube smaller than that of the perfect 10 cm side length cube?

Reveal Answer:

Statistics & Probability

17. Conditional Probability (false positive):

A certain virus infects one in 250 people. A test is developed to determine if an individual has been infected. The test is positive 90% of the time if the person has the virus, and 10% of the time if the person does not have the virus. To the nearest tenth of a percent, what is the probability that the person who tested positive does not have the virus?

Reveal Answer:

18. Binomial Coefficient (combinations):

A jar has 50 marbles of which 20 are red and 30 are blue. If Mikah wants to draw 10 marbles (at once, without replacement) from the jar, what is the probability that he will draw exactly 7 red marbles and 3 blue marbles? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.

Reveal Answer:

19. Weighted Average (mean of remainder):

A class has N students where N is greater than 12. All students took a quiz and the class average was 11 (out of 20) points. A sample of 12 students from the class had an average of 15 points. What was the average score, in terms of N, of the other students from the class?

Reveal Answer:

20. Statistical Distribution (Bell Curve):

Many quantitative variables can be modeled by a normal (“bell”) curve when it comes to their probabilistic distribution. The mean of the standard normal curve is located at zero, and the symbol “σ” denotes a standard deviation.

The percentages in the regions bounded by standard deviation intervals indicate what percent of a population or a data set falls between the two interval bounds. For example, 13.6% of the data points of a normally distributed variable fall between 1 and 2 standard deviations from the mean (each direction). If X represents a random variable that is normally distributed, what is the likelihood (percentage) that X will be either within one standard deviation (in each direction) from the mean or more than 2 standard deviations from the mean?

Reveal Answer: