I am an experienced mathematics tutor specializing in test preparation. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Applied Math from The City University of New York, and my Master's degree in Math Education from Columbia University. I tutor grades 6 ‒ College.

My tutoring style:

I am passionate about helping my students truly understand mathematical concepts, however basic these may seem. I am patient, caring, yet demanding. My lessons tend to have a peer discourse format, with plenty of examples and real-life applications, and with explanations being solicited from the students as a check. In addition to the content, I teach my students efficient test-taking strategies and good study habits. I also enjoy working on non-standard, competition-type problems.

Success story:

When I taught a geometry class as a high-school teacher, a student of mine — initially indifferent about math and as a high-performer often worrying about the grades — started to really like the subject. During the school year, as she changed her attitude towards math and her abilities, she transformed into one of the strongest students in the class. She then cared more about the deep conceptual understanding of math than the procedural part of it. She certainly stopped worrying about just getting straight As; the excellent grades followed as a byproduct of her knowledge of the subject matter. To my greatest delight, the following year she went on to enroll in an honors Pre-Calculus class. She began to enjoy doing math. This is the best praise I can get, as ultimately it is not all about grades, but about understanding math.

Hobbies and interests:

I like reading books, listening to music, watching movies, going out with friends, and visiting my relatives. I enjoy both outdoor sports like soccer, tennis, and swimming, as well as indoor activities like playing chess and board or video games. I love to travel whenever I have the time and opportunity.


Middle School Math, Common Core Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Honors Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, IB Mathematics SL, IB Mathematics HL, Competition Math, College Algebra, College Geometry, College Trigonometry, College Calculus I, College Calculus II, College Calculus III, AP Pre Calculus

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