I am a school administrator with 7 years of experience teaching all levels of mathematics in the secondary school environment, and 14 years of tutoring mathematics. I have a B.S. in Secondary Math Education, an M.S. in Educational Technology, and a Ed.S. in Educational Leadership.

Tutoring Style:

I am very passionate about mathematics, and I believe understanding concepts and their relevance are essential to success. In one-on-one tutoring I can quickly identify where learning gaps exist, and adapt the instruction to bridge that gap. I subscribe to an "I do", "We do", "You do" gradual release of responsibility model. During "I do", I demonstrate solutions in numerous ways so that students can clearly understand HOW to solve that problem. After "You do", I present relevant connections so that students may establish WHY this topic is important. This serves as a powerful model for knowledge retention and application.

Success Story:

My most recent tutoring success was a student failing Algebra 2 and enrolled in my after school tutoring program with only a few weeks left in the term. He was highly discouraged that he had to take the class in general, and even more so that he had to attend tutoring. After hearing him out and aligning his goals with his obligations, he and I jumped into the content and his confidence and grades skyrocketed. I stopped hearing from him and his parents just before the final exam. I saw him over the Christmas holiday at a store and he greeted me with a large smile: "I passed!!!" He is also now considering going to college after high school, an option that was not on the table when we met a month earlier.

Hobbies & Interests:

I have a family of 4, and we like to go on adventures! Apart from traveling and playing with them, I enjoy: cycling, hiking, collectible cards, working with computers, and playing video games.


Honors Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Test Prep:

ACT Math, ACT Science, ACT Reading, ACT English

Tutoring subjects:

Honors Algebra
ACT Prep

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