I’ve been teaching for 13 years now. I’m licensed to teach Math (grades 4-9), LA (grades 4-9), Reading (K-12), and EL (K-12). I’m a caring and empathetic teacher who truly believes that every child can learn. My experience as a mother of three children helps me understand children even better. I have a kind heart and a kind approach when working with children.

Ages I've worked with: 

K-8th grade

My tutoring style: 

I believe in touching a child’s heart, then teaching them.

Success story: 

I started my teaching career teaching math to low achieving 4th grade math students. As time went by, I changed building and switched over to teaching EL. During my tenth year of teaching, I received a voicemail from a previous student I had taught 8 years ago. She was graduating from high school and wanted me to attend her high school graduation party. I was blown away by this invitation! She said she had tracked me down and invited me to her graduation because I was the reason she loved math so much. I also found out that she had received a full ride to college!

Hobbies and interests: 

Biking, yoga, and my 3 children!

Math subjects:

Elementary Math

Middle School Math

ELA Subjects: 


Tutoring subjects:

Elementary Math
Middle School Math
LA (grades 4-9)
Reading (K-12)
EL (K-12)

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