I am a dedicated educator and tutor with experience in teaching and mentoring students. My background includes work as a private online tutor, overseeing educational programs, and developing curriculum. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, and I tutor grades Pre-K - 8th grade.

My tutoring style:

My tutoring style is tailored to the unique needs of each student. I am an enthusiastic teacher who is deeply passionate about the subjects I teach. I believe in taking a patient and adaptive approach, ensuring that my students are comfortable with the pace of learning. Whether it means going slower and repeating concepts or challenging them to meet their potential, I adjust my teaching style accordingly. I reinforce the topics we cover through regular reviews, ensuring that students grasp the material thoroughly and achieve success.

Success story:

During the pandemic, I embarked on a tutoring journey with a student who grappled with the challenges of remote learning, struggling to maintain focus and academic performance. I not only guided the student towards embracing and enjoying distance education but also significantly elevated their scholastic achievements. I am proud to share that our collaborative efforts persist to this day, and it brings me immense satisfaction to witness the student consistently earning "A" grades. Our approach to learning involved the establishment of a structured routine, dedicating one hour of daily tutoring at a consistent time. To engage the student's attention effectively, I employed educational games before delving into focused reading sessions. This method was pivotal in achieving the positive outcomes we observe today

Hobbies and interests:

When I'm not tutoring. I love to spend time with my children both indoors and outdoors. We love to explore nature and play games at home. I also enjoy home decor and organizing events because it helps foster the creative side of me.



Elementary Math, Common Core Math


Elementary Science, Middle School Science, General Science, Earth Science

ELA (Language Arts):

Phonics, Reading, Handwriting, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Speech, Common Core English, Spelling Bee Prep, Writing, Elementary ELA, Middle School ELA

Tutoring subjects:

Elementary Math
Common Core Math
Elementary Science
General Science
Earth Science

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