I am passionate about English literature, writing, teaching, and learning. I have a master’s degree in English literature from SUNY Brockport and I tutor grades 7-College.

My tutoring style:

I believe it is important to recognize that students learn in their own unique, individual ways. I am passionate about the subjects that I teach, and believe it is important to be able to adapt topics to best suit a student’s individual strengths, while also targeting important areas for improvement. I aim to make new material relatable, approachable, and fun!

Success story:

One of my favorite stories is when I helped to improve a college student’s confidence in his writing ability. For my English Composition class, I assigned a short essay asking students to tell me about their writing history: what areas they enjoy, their experience with writing in school, and some areas they hope to improve. One student wrote about how he had always found writing to be very challenging, and how he feared failing the class. Despite getting off to a rocky start, we were able to work together during office hours, and by the end of the semester he had achieved a B. Not only that, but he told me he had enjoyed the final essay, a research project, and learned a lot about his topic! I was very happy to be able to improve a student’s writing ability, and even more excited that he enjoyed the overall process!

Hobbies and interests:

Animals, Camping, Nature, Hiking, Kayaking, History, Science, Harry Potter, TV shows and movies, Reading, Coin collecting, Myths & legends, Fantasy, Sci-fi

ELA (Language Arts):

Reading, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, English I, English II, English III, English IV, Honors English, AP English Language & Comp, AP English Lit & Comp, Literature, Composition, Creative Writing, Essay Writing, College Essay Writing, ESL, Writing, Middle School ELA

Social Studies:

Psychology, AP Psychology



Tutoring subjects:

Reading Comprehension
College Essay Writing

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