I am an experienced tutor with years of experience in classroom and remote learning, tutoring various math subjects. I have a bachelor's degree from Ohio University, and I tutor grades 6-college.

My tutoring style:

I am a passionate tutor, focusing on amplifying student brilliance. With math, there can be several different methods to solving problems. I prefer to adapt my teaching methods around what works best for each individual student. It is generally easy for a student to feel as if they have mastered a topic during a session, only to leave a session and feel confused. By taking a student led approach during sessions, it allows the student to show what they know on a certain topic and build onto the knowledge they already possess.

Success story:

My favorite success story was when I was a Supplemental Instructor for an introductory statistics course, and I had a student that was contemplating dropping the course. As we started working together, twice a week, I watched her confidence grow, and this confidence flowed into her coursework. By the end of the semester, she was able to bring a failing grade to an A-.

Hobbies and interests:

When I am not tutoring, I enjoy hiking and hammocking in local state parks with my dog, Bixby. When weather isn't permitting, I play video games such as Fortnite or Overwatch.


Middle School Math, Common Core Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, College Algebra, Statistics I, Algebra II

Business Math:


Tutoring subjects:

Middle School Math

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