A passionate mathematician and an alum of Plymouth State University with a Bachelor's in Mathematics. With years of online tutoring under my belt, I focus on AP Calculus preparation, channeling Richard Feynman's belief that teaching is the best way to master a subject. My YouTube channel, "The Feynman Technique," complements my personalized tutoring sessions, where I use tools like Zoom and Desmos.com to make learning calculus both accessible and engaging for my students.

Tutoring Style:

My tutoring style is student-centered, focusing on the unique learning pace and style of each individual. I believe in the power of the Feynman Technique, simplifying complex concepts into understandable segments, and reinforcing them through interactive tools such as Zoom and the Desmos graphing calculator. My aim is to build confidence and mastery in mathematics, ensuring that each session brings my students one step closer to excelling in Calculus and developing a lasting passion for math.

Success Story:

A standout moment in my tutoring career was when I assisted a student who was grappling with calculus and getting D's on tests. By switching to intuitive visual representations of formulas and concepts, I increased the students understanding and approach to problem-solving. This shift in strategy led to a significant improvement, culminating in the student consistently achieving A's.

Hobbies & Interests:

Outside of tutoring, I love diving into a good math problem or enjoying the great outdoors. You might find me deep in a book, lost in classical music, strategizing over a chessboard, or practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. However, most of my free time goes into my YouTube channels. On "The Feynman Technique," I tackle challenging integrals, while "Playing Blind" is all about discovering video games without a roadmap.


  • Algebra II
  • Calculus
  • AP Calculus AB
  • College Algebra
  • College Calculus I

Tutoring subjects:

Algebra II
AP Calculus AB
College Algebra
College Calculus I

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