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13 Benefits of Working with a High School Tutor

High school is challenging for many students, especially as they prepare for college. Hire a private online tutor to help your student thrive in high school.
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13 Benefits of Working with a High School Tutor
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Would your child benefit from working with a high school tutor? Private tutoring with Learner offers many benefits to students in high school, and it can be an excellent choice for students at all levels. If your child has fallen behind in math or English class, working with a private tutor can help them catch up and improve their grades.

However, academic performance tutoring isn’t just for students struggling with poor grades and test scores. A tutor can help students who aren’t enjoying school or engaging with the material. A positive, one-on-one learning environment allows students to ask questions and dig deeper into the course material, setting the stage for lifelong success.

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The Bottom Line

  • How Does High School Tutoring Help Students? A high school tutor can give students an individualized learning experience where they can ask questions and work at their own pace to master course material.
  • Benefits of High School Tutoring: With a private online tutor, students can improve standardized test scores, have more control over their education, boost confidence, and much more!
  • Why Go With Learner’s One-on-One Online Tutoring? Learner connects each student with an expert tutor who has a compatible personality and teaching style.
  • Does My Child Need a Tutor? A private online tutor is a good choice for students who have poor grades, feel anxious about tests, or cannot engage in a typical classroom environment.

How Does High School Tutoring Help Students?

There are many ways high school tutoring services can help students and their parents. A private tutor allows your child to work at their own learning pace and ask follow-on questions about the material, which isn’t always an option in a traditional classroom. Additionally, Learner’s virtual classroom setting provides an optimal learning environment free of distractions, peer pressure, and other school struggles.

Learner’s high school tutors are experienced educators who know the ins and outs of working with students dealing with strong emotions and the need for independence. They provide a safe, encouraging environment that allows students to start taking control of their education and feel more confident in their abilities.

When you hire a tutor for your high school student, you can feel confident you are giving them an exceptional education. Private tutoring sessions include customized lessons designed to target whatever specific areas the student needs to improve. Students get the chance to take extra time on challenging subjects. They strengthen subject comprehension yet avoid wasting time on skills and topics they have already mastered.

Math isn’t the only option for online high school tutoring. Learner also offers English Language Arts (ELA) tutoring, and several of our instructors have experience helping students with high school science and foreign languages. You can also consider test prep tutoring to help students prepare to do their best on the SAT and ACT.

What Are the Benefits of High School Tutoring?

The best-known benefit of high school tutoring is a better GPA. But that’s not the only improvement you can expect when you hire a private tutor for your student. One-on-one tutoring offers many additional advantages.

World-class education

At Learner, your student gets the chance to work with industry-leading education experts. All of our ELA and math tutors for high school are highly educated and have many years of teaching experience. We only hire instructors who can prove their methods are effective. As part of the hiring process, we ensure they can show that prior students made significant academic progress.

When you hire a Learner tutor for your high school student, you’re not just giving them homework help or standardized test practice. You’re investing in their education and providing them with top-quality lessons tailored to their needs and goals.

Detailed feedback

It can be hard to gauge whether your student is benefiting from high school tutoring if you have to wait for their next report card. At Learner, you can see your child’s progress after each session. Our tutors provide in-depth feedback after each lesson, indicating which areas have improved and which topics still need work. These post-session reports can help your student celebrate their successes and understand what they need to focus on next in their studies.

Learning from the comfort of home

With traditional in-person tutoring services, you would need to take your child to a learning center or library so they could meet with their instructor face-to-face. This is a challenging prospect in a post-COVID world, and it’s even more difficult if your student has a busy schedule full of extracurricular activities.

At Learner, we provide customized tutoring programs via our online platform, which is compatible with most devices. Your student can log in and meet with their tutor in an online classroom equipped with cutting-edge features like a virtual whiteboard and video chat. Many students feel more comfortable attending sessions from home. They can fully concentrate on their lessons without feeling self-conscious or distracted by the sights and sounds of an unfamiliar place.

Personalized lessons

Traditional classroom lectures and textbooks are designed for the average student and often focus on “teaching to the test.” With Learner, your student won’t just get a rehash of their math book or English lecture. They’ll get customized lessons each week. 

Our tutors take the time to learn each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and which topics are causing trouble. Then, they tailor their lessons and examples to address those areas. Students get the precise help they need without wasting time on material they already know.

Engaging material

A private high school tutor can provide more in-depth activities and explanations than a textbook. Math students aren’t limited to word problems about speeding trains, and English students don’t have to sit through another uninspired Shakespeare reading. 

Our tutors discuss real-world applications of the topics they teach, so students can see how probability theory applies to data analysis or the use of calculus in physics. These intriguing lessons and examples help students better appreciate what they’re learning and may even spark a new passion or potential career path.

Effective test prep

Standardized tests matter a lot in high school. PSAT, ACT, and SAT scores can affect college eligibility, and even regular in-school tests can significantly impact GPA. If your student understands the course material but has trouble testing well, a tutor can help. Our test prep tutors review the material and provide practical tips for studying and test-taking. 

Optimal learning environment

High school classrooms can present a challenging learning environment. Due to high sensory stimulation and peer pressure, many students have difficulty concentrating on lectures and sample problems. 

Private tutoring allows students to engage one-on-one with their instructor with individualized attention. Learner students meet their tutors in a virtual classroom that is free from distractions and designed to make lessons engaging and effective.

Mastery-based approach

A tutor can help students improve their test-taking skills, but they don’t only focus on testing. They help students understand and appreciate what they’re learning. Our tutors use varied teaching methods and tools to encourage in-depth understanding and help students master the material, not just learn how to regurgitate facts for a test.

Ownership of education

Students are expected to take responsibility for their education and academic success in college. Many high school students have trouble with this transition. Tutoring can help prepare students for the university environment by giving them the chance to develop superior time-management skills and track their academic progress.

Better problem-solving skills

A math tutor can help students learn essential skills and improve their problem-solving methods. Applying available information to figure out unknown concepts is a skill with countless applications in work and daily life. Math tutoring allows students to flex their problem-solving muscles in a safe environment where they can learn from their mistakes without worrying about their grades. 

Preparation for college

College courses generally move faster than high school classes, even accelerated courses such as AP Math. A high school tutor helps students gain a firm grasp of foundational topics, so they are ready for the faster pace of college courses.

Students who work with tutors develop robust study habits and build important learning skills. They better understand their strengths and learning style and know what they need to do to succeed academically. This self-awareness is crucial for college success. 

Advanced critical thinking

It can be challenging to hone critical thinking skills in high school when the primary goal of many classes is to memorize facts and formulas for a test. With a tutor, students can think outside the box and engage with the material in new ways, building critical thinking and analysis skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Improved confidence

Tutors for high school are effective teachers, giving their students the support they need to overcome academic challenges. When students truly understand their school subjects and develop advanced study skills, they regain their confidence. This improved self-esteem also encourages independence and personal growth, helping them have a better school experience and feel ready to succeed in college.

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  • “I had a great experience with Learner. I had Alan as my tutor, and he really helped me with Differential Equations. It was a hard class, and I really needed help. My teacher for the class wasn’t great at thoroughly explaining the material, but Alan helped me along and explained anything that I had trouble understanding.” - Leyna
  • “My daughter was having trouble keeping up with her math class, and while she was still getting good grades, she was having to dedicate all her free time to math. We had a local tutor recommended to us, but he rubbed us the wrong way almost instantly. We then found Learner, I followed through, and we met this great tutor, Mike, who helped my daughter get back on track and clear any hurdles she had left. Thank you!” - Jose C.
  • “Learner did a great job pairing my son with a tutor with whom he loved working. My son was struggling in Algebra and with Austin’s help, he is now getting A’s and B’s. We will continue to use Learner whenever my son needs additional help.” - Joan
  • “Learner tutors were incredible, staff very accommodating, excellent professional service” - Maria
  • “Our family has been so pleased with Learner. The initial call was informative, and the process for help was simple and accurate. Our son’s tutor, Gerard, has made geometry understandable and enjoyable. Gerard, you are the best!” - William S.
  • “Learner is helping out my daughter a lot in understanding the material and preparing for her exams” - Ryan
  • “Learner really helped my daughter when she was struggling in calculus. She went from an F to a B by the end of the semester. Thank you, Learner.” - Carmen
  • “I’ve been using Learner for a year now for my kids. I have a 10, 14, and 15-year-old getting math tutoring. It’s been amazing! Some of them were behind and struggling a lot, but now they’re getting A’s and B’s in math! My other kid was an advanced student, and the tutor helped him do some fun higher-level math the school couldn’t provide. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” Jeff
  • “My grandson was struggling with his advanced math class during COVID and fell far behind. He was about to take a final and we were concerned he wouldn’t pass. With only two days to prepare, I contacted Learner after seeing an advertisement online. Learner immediately found a wonderful teacher who contacted me the same day. He worked with my grandson, and within 2 hours, my grandson’s confidence was raised. He passed the final and was able to pass the class for the year. He continued to work with the instructor, Sanjay, and is thriving and excelling in his classes! I will continue to use Learner for all of my children and grandchildren and strongly recommend Learner to all!” - Deborrah

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Does My Child Need a High School Tutor?

How do you know if your high school student needs a tutor? Here are some questions that can help you make the right decision:

  • Is your child feeling frustrated or discouraged in their high school classes?
  • Does your child need to spend hours on homework assignments that don’t take their classmates as long?
  • Is your student struggling with high school math even though they had no trouble in elementary or middle school?
  • Are your child’s grades falling? 
  • Are they missing out on sports or extracurricular activities due to a low GPA?
  • Does your child have low self-esteem and feel like they can’t ask questions in class?
  • Is your child studying for the ACT and SAT and having problems taking the practice exams?
  • Do you feel like your child’s classroom education focuses on rote memorization instead of knowledge of the material?
  • Have you tried helping your student with their math or ELA assignments yet ended up fighting or feeling frustrated?

You know your child best and can determine their ideal educational setup. With Learner, we also take the time to get to know your child and their needs so we can match them with the right instructor. Our goal is to help every student progress toward their unique educational goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many things to consider before hiring a high school tutor. If you’re unsure what you need, check out these answers to common questions.

What is high school tutoring?

A tutor generally works one-on-one to help students overcome challenges with their high school courses. Some of the most popular tutoring subjects for high school students are algebra, calculus, ELA, science, and SAT/ACT test prep.

What qualifications are needed to be a high school tutor?

There aren’t any standardized requirements for high school tutors. At Learner, however, we have strict hiring requirements for our tutors. We only accept instructors with four-year degrees and a minimum of several years of tutoring experience.

Why is tutoring important for high school students?

High school classes and GPAs can have a far-reaching impact on a student’s college and career prospects. If a child is falling behind in high school, a tutor can step in and help them improve their grades.

How does tutoring impact overall student success?

A tutor can help students gain in-depth knowledge of critical topics, develop essential study and learning skills, and improve their test-taking abilities. These skills are necessary for long-term academic success. With a tutor, students can feel more confident about their academic abilities.

How effective are tutors?

Every student’s experience is different, but many studies show that private tutoring is highly effective. A student who actively engages in their sessions and collaborates with their tutor has the highest likelihood of success.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

Both in-person and online tutoring can help students improve their grades, but virtual tutoring offers unique benefits. With an online service, students can attend virtual tutoring appointments from home and connect with top experts regardless of their geographic location.

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About the author:

Mike developed his passion for education as a math instructor at Penn State University. He expanded his educational experience launching and running an Executive Education business - training over 100,000 students per year. As the CEO of Learner, Mike focuses on accelerating learning and unleashing the potential of students. 

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