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Texas SAT Scores Report 2022

This year's Texas SAT scores were released, and we've broken them down by city and high school. Check out our findings, along with some SAT study tips!
Texas SAT Scores Report 2022
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School's out for the summer, but it's time for many high school students to start preparing for the SAT. Some students may find study prep challenging, or there may be some areas that need reinforcement. SAT tutors can help prepare students to feel confident for the SAT, and Texas high school students have plenty of available support. 

We've compiled this year's SAT scores for cities in Texas, along with some interesting facts about test prep and strategies. Although some colleges and universities no longer require SAT scores for admission, it's still a common rite of passage for many prospective college students to take one of the extensive standardized tests. Check out how your area ranks against the rest of the state and some effective SAT prep strategies! 

Facts & Findings

  • On average, Texas high school students scored 1013 on the SAT. 
  • Students from the Texas Academy of Mathematics & Science had an average score of 1504–the highest out of any high school in the state. 
  • In comparison, students from Frank Tejeda Academy had an average score of 643–the lowest out of any high school in Texas. 
  • Students in Amarillo scored the highest out of any Texas city, with an average score of 1067. 
  • High school students in El Paso scored 929 on average–the lowest out of any city in Texas. 

How to Prepare for the SAT in Texas

A student's SAT score can determine which colleges they can apply to. Higher SAT scores typically lead to better school choices, scholarships, and opportunities. It's crucial to prepare for the SAT to maximize college admissions and extra money, and simple methods like tutoring, SAT study guides, and daily practice can go a long way to prepare your student for the big exam. 

Work with a Tutor

Research shows that working with a private tutor can increase academic performance compared to students who study independently. SAT tutors can target specific areas that need attention and have more experience teaching students how to prepare than they would have otherwise. Tutors also know specific test-taking strategies for the SAT that may differ from other standardized tests–like question time allotment, weighting, and more. In a way, effective SAT tutors serve as a guide to emotionally and mentally prepare for the SAT. If lessons begin early enough, they can substantially help students prepare and feel confident for the test. 

Get an SAT Study Guide

In most bookstores and online, you can find SAT study guides and workbooks that help prepare for the current version of the SAT. Study guides typically include written lessons, examples, practice questions, and more information that pertains to the SAT. Multiple publishers offer SAT study guides; some may focus on more specific areas, like math or reading, or cover the entire test. Students can work through study guides at their own pace, and daily practice can help build a comfortable understanding of the material. SAT study guides may be enough for disciplined students, or they can also supplement tutoring lesson plans in between meetings. 

Daily Practice and Repetition 

No matter how students decide to prepare for the test, daily practice and repetition serve as the most crucial parts of reaching their potential. Students can visit an SAT tutor, make flashcards, get an SAT study guide, or create their own study strategy. Regardless of the study method, students should strive to get in as much daily practice (ideally months ahead of the test) to find their weakest areas and progressively improve each day. Even methods as simple as reading a book for 30-45 minutes a day can boost reading speed, which comes in handy during the test. If students know what to expect through repetition, they can set up to do well and reach their potential on the SAT. 


We analyzed SAT scores from more than 1,600 high schools throughout Texas, as reported by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for the graduating class of 2020. We grouped the high school data by city (and closely surrounding areas to each main city), then analyzed the scores in each city group to find the averages.

You can view and download the full data here, including average SAT scores for individual high schools and by city.

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