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What Does a Pre-Algebra Tutor Do?

Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Does a Pre-Algebra Tutor Do? (with picture)
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What Does a Pre-Algebra Tutor Do?
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A pre-algebra tutor is typically responsible for providing assistance to students who are studying pre-algebra by helping them understand concepts and and giving them practice. In general, this typically includes performing a review of subjects that students have recently been learning in their classes and preparing practice problems to work on together. More specific duties often depend upon the particular needs of a student, though a pre-algebra tutor may prepare practice tests and evaluate them. Tutors often answer questions that students have and provide them with additional information that a standard teacher may not have time to cover in a classroom with dozens of students.

The work of a pre-algebra tutor usually focuses on varying aspects of pre-algebra and on any specific problems or concepts a student is having difficulty understanding. Pre-algebra typically includes mathematical information that students need to know before studying algebra itself, which can include performing various operations with decimals and fractions. Other aspects of pre-algebra include dealing with exponents in terms of square roots and the use of exponents with integers, as well as factoring. All of these subjects should be well understood by a pre-algebra tutor, who then provides students with additional information to assist them in their learning.

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A pre-algebra tutor can potentially perform a wide range of functions for a student, though specific duties often depend a great deal upon a particular student’s needs. The tutor might help a student with homework assignments, often talking him or her through a problem, explaining each step as they work together on it, and helping the student check his or her work. A pre-algebra tutor does not do a student’s homework for him or her, but instead helps and guides the student. Tutors can also prepare materials for use in a session, including practice problems that closely mimic the ones that a student may be struggling to complete.

Depending on the work of a pre-algebra tutor, he or she may also provide students with practice tests that can be completed during a session. Students do not actually earn grades for these tests, but instead complete them to demonstrate their mastery over a subject. A pre-algebra tutor can use this type of evaluation to gauge the progress of his or her students and then proceed with additional practice as necessary. The various responsibilities of tutors often come down to utilizing the benefits of one-on-one practice and learning with a student, which most teachers cannot enjoy due to potentially large class sizes.

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