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What is an Algebra Refresher?

An algebra refresher is a review of algebra for people who have not previously studied the subject for a period of time. During...
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What is an Algebra Refresher?
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An algebra refresher is a review of algebra for those who have not studied the subject for a period of time. These are people who may have forgotten some of what they have learned previously or need to regain some of their skills. Taking the time to meet with a tutor is a great way to get a quality algebra refresher. Learner tutors can help their students fill in gaps that are fuzzy in their algebra knowledge. A tutor is a great way for students to review algebra materials they remember well and tackle more difficult algebra topics. Use Learner to give your student an algebra refresher that can help them succeed in several ways. 

When to Take an Algebra Refresher 

Many people take refresher courses before taking a college placement test or large exam, such as the SAT®. A refresher course is not meant to be the sole method of learning algebra; it is expected that people taking a math refresher have learned the skills at some time in the past, either in a high school or college course.

An algebra refresher is an excellent way to review algebra concepts and sharpen one’s skills before taking an important exam, like the SAT. While it’s important that students prepare for all math portions of the SAT, concepts in algebra comprise a large portion of the math section of the exam. While there may be mathematical elements reminiscent of other math courses, there will likely be no questions related to advanced math, like calculus. So again, an algebra refresher course is an excellent option for someone familiar with algebraic concepts, not someone that needs to learn algebra for the SAT.

How an Algebra Refresher Works 

There are many different methods to take an algebra refresher. If one is still in school, either high school or college, there may be extra classes offered for those who need help. In addition, there may be algebra study groups or brief review sessions available, if it has not been too long since algebra was taken originally. Algebra tutoring can also serve as an excellent algebra refresher to quickly brush up on skills, and to get some one-on-one help. Any of these methods could be effective, depending on one's needs and individual learning style.

It’s also best to seek out a refresher from an expert in the field. Students may brush up on their algebra skills on their own with videos or online resources, but nothing can compare to instruction taught by a knowledgeable instructor. Tutoring is one way to get time with an Algebra instructor.. Tutoring can be a great resource for anyone who wants to improve their algebra skills. Tutors can explain algebraic topics in a one-on-one setting, depending on which tutoring company is used.

How Learner Tutors Can Help

Algebra has many different elements, and it’s hard to know exactly what algebra concepts will be on college entrance exams. A learner tutor can help students prepare for college entrance exams by reviewing and refreshing algebra materials. Tutors can also help students who are leaving high school and going to university, no matter the major they choose to study. Most colleges require students to take basic courses, including math, before diving into their major courses. A tutor can help students build confidence so they’re prepared to take on their math course without stress or worry.

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How Much is an Algebra Tutor

Because there are so many different avenues to find a tutor, prices for an algebra tutor can vary. There are some companies that offer group tutoring in-person and online. These options may come at a lower cost, but students won’t receive one-on-one instruction and they may not receive direct feedback after every session. Parents may also seek out a private tutor using various websites. 

This can prove to be difficult because there is no way of knowing the tutor’s background, unless the tutor has many references. Even then, most parents may not have time to invest in checking each reference diligently. These tutors may also want to meet in a public library or community center, so parents will need to consider a possible commute when choosing a private tutor as well.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find a one-on-one tutor is through a company that offers individual sessions online. That way students can receive tutoring online in the comfort of their homes. One-on-one tutoring sessions also offer students the opportunity to receive individualized instruction with feedback specific to each student after each session. Prices for these services can vary, but it is possible to find a high quality tutor this way. 

Many companies need to ensure they snag the best tutors for their students so that families will develop trust in their tutoring operations. When considering the possible cost for tutoring, it’s best for families to develop a list of pros and cons they have in mind for their child’s educational goals. Would their child benefit most from one-on-one instruction, or would their child not mind a small group setting? It’s also best for parents to consider what they need out of an algebra refresher for their child to succeed.

Types of Algebra Refresher Courses

Other popular types of algebra refresher courses are those taken independently. There are many courses offered online, most of which are only a few weeks in length. Some are free, though they may require a small fee if there is more in-depth instruction involved. These are more popular with adults who are out of school, but may be thinking of returning to some form of higher education, or perhaps who may need to refresh their skills for their jobs. In addition, most bookstores sell a variety of algebra refresher books designed to present the material in a manner that is easy to understand.

Format of An Algebra Refresher Course

In an algebra refresher, one can expect to be instructed on basic and more complex algebraic theories. There are algebra refreshers available for both Algebra I and Algebra II, as well as occasionally Pre-Algebra and College-Level Algebra, so the student can select the one most appropriate for his or her skill level. Each algebraic concept is typically then broken up into individual lessons. The lessons will then include a number of sample problems to complete, as well as extra problems to help the student practice and fully grasp the material. Keep in mind that there are other math refresher courses available, including geometry, trigonometry, and calculus, along with more basic math concepts to help any student brush up on his or her math skills.

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