Learner vs. Varsity Tutors: Which Tutoring Service Should You Choose?

July 26, 2022

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This article will explore the benefits of private tutoring and compare the online tutoring services offered by Learner vs. Varsity Tutors.

Online tutoring services have soared in popularity in recent years for reasons ranging from increased access to virtual learning to the rise in student admissions and a growing desire to help students excel academically. The high demand for private tutoring services continues to grow, as shown by a report from Global News Wire that forecasts the U.S. private tutoring market to reach $56.5 billion by 2026.

With this rapid growth, it can be difficult to decide which tutoring service is best for your needs. That’s why we’re looking at two of the best-known online tutoring services – Learner and Varsity Tutors - to help you choose. This comparison will closely examine each platform’s features, the tutors’ qualifications, and what customers say about their experiences.

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My son was struggling in algebra 1, after 1 session with his tutor, Bright, he started getting As and Bs in his tests and quizzes. He went from a D+ to an A- on his report card.
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Lisa A. 05-10-2022
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Austin Benton literally has allowed the stress of Honors Geometry to dissipate! As a family, we cannot thank him enough for the clear, detailed, and approachable methodology in teaching complex content to our high school sophomore.
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Kyra A. 02-01-2022
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Perfect compliment to in-school advanced Algebra class. My daughter and her instructor, Olenka do some reinforcing of the concepts covered in school and work out sample problems and review any homework problems of difficulty.
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Verified. 28-12-2021

Learner vs. Varsity Tutors at a Glance

Product Quality
Academic Results
Key Features
99% customer satisfaction
Improved grades within two weeks
  • Expert tutors for math, ELA, and test prep
  • Customized approach designed around each student’s motivation, learning style, and personality
  • Passionate, world-class tutors who are experts in their subject
  • Collaborative tools to boost engagement
  • 1-on-1 private tutoring
$60-$80 per hour, varying by location and the tutor’s credentials 
Phone, email, and online support from personal academic advisors
“So professional and result oriented. I highly recommend Learner. My son has soared to great heights with the help of his tutor at Learner.”
• Katherine A., ★★★★★

4.69/5.0 reviews on Better Business Bureau (source)

Students meet their learning goals and improve their grades
  • Expert tutors for 3,000+ subjects
  • Personalized approach for each student based on their goals and needs
  • Live online learning platform with tools to inspire student engagement
  • Instant tutoring connects you with a tutor anywhere at anytime
  • 1-on-1 private tutoring (source)

Online (source)

Appears to be $73 to $95, varying by location and the tutor’s background, but limited price transparency (source)

Education consultants available by phone (source)

“We so appreciate the customized approach our tutor has showed to help instruct and encourage our child!”

  • Joy A., ★★★★★ (source)

Learner's Proven Impact

students served
hours tutored  

Learner Overview

Not only does Learner guarantee better math grades for struggling students, but the online learning platform offers a customized tutoring approach to unlock each student’s potential.

What Is Learner?

Learner is an innovative online service providing the best math, International Baccalaureate, test prep, and ELA tutors for accelerated learning. The platform takes special care to match each student, no matter their level, with a highly vetted tutor with relevant experience and expertise. Plus, the Learner platform provides collaborative tools to boost student engagement.

What Learner Offers

Learner provides 1:1 personalized tutoring services. Based on each student’s personality and learning style, Learner matches students with the right tutor for their needs. All Learner tutors must pass the rigorous screening and selection process to find the best online tutors from across the country. 

Additionally, the learning platform offers one-of-a-kind collaboration tools to boost engagement and provide transparent feedback about where each student stands in their learning.

How Does Learner Work?

Visit Learner.com to complete a brief, one-minute assessment. This assessment matches your child to the best tutor for their learning needs. Next, schedule a five-minute call with a Learner representative to discuss your child’s learning goals and schedule your first session. Your first session with Learner is always free and scheduled within 72 hours of your onboarding call. All Learner tutors develop personalized learning plans that adapt to the child’s progress.

As soon as two weeks after starting with a Learner tutor, you will begin to see an improvement in your student’s grades!

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Varsity Tutors Overview

Varsity Tutors is a major name in the world of online tutoring. Between stellar reviews and a team of highly-skilled professional tutors, it’s no wonder that this tutoring service is one of the best available. Varsity Tutors offers services catering to learners of any age, area of study, or location. Whether you’re looking for someone to help you prep for the SAT, help your child through geometry, or practice your Spanish, Varsity Tutors can match you with one of their well-vetted tutors.

What Is Varsity Tutors?

Varsity Tutors is a tutoring platform that matches students with independent tutors around the country. The platform’s team of academic advisors pairs each student with a highly-qualified tutor based on their unique needs and educational goals. When you sign up for Varsity Tutors, complete the one-minute quiz about your needs and learning goals. Then, the service’s academic advisors do the work of matching you to the best tutor for your subject.

What Varsity Tutors Offers

Varsity Tutors offers an extensive selection of subjects for every grade level. With one of the largest selection of courses among all tutoring services, you can find a 1-on-1 private tutor for everything from calculus and science to foreign languages, test prep, and professional development courses. Tutoring sessions use the online Live Learning Platform, providing engaging tools to help improve the student’s learning. Plus, all sessions and learning plans are customized to the student’s needs to guarantee effective learning results.

How Does Varsity Tutors work?

Take a moment to fill out the online questionnaire. One of Varsity Tutors’ academic advisors will be in touch to discuss the student’s learning goals and needs. Then, the advisor will recommend you to a tutor. The tutor will reach out to schedule your sessions, which are held online via Varsity Tutors’ highly-rated Live Learning Platform.

Key Features

Choosing the right online tutoring platform can be challenging since everyone has different learning needs and goals. Here is a closer look at the hallmark features of Learner and Varsity Tutors.

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  • Learner initially focused on math tutors but has since expanded into other subjects, including reading and writing, IB math, and test prep tutoring. The platform uses a thorough vetting process and only hires world-class tutors who are passionate about their subject.
  • The team at Learner helps you and your student build a customized plan designed around each student’s personality, motivation, and learning style. This personalized approach sets the student up for success, as their one-on-one private tutoring sessions cater to the student’s unique needs. 
  • What’s more, the innovative online learning platform provides the best virtual setting for tutoring sessions. Compatible with most devices, Learner’s learning platform features collaborative tools to boost engagement and interaction during every tutoring session. Plus, Learner’s unique feedback system allows tutors to report on the student’s progress throughout their learning journey. 

Varsity Tutors

  • Varsity Tutors provides one-on-one tutoring in over 3,000 academic subjects, including K-12 courses, college help, and professional development classes. With more than 40,000 tutors in their network, Varsity Tutors offers convenient instant tutoring to get help whenever you need it.
  • All sessions are held on the company’s cutting-edge Live Learning Platform. The Live Learning Platform provides tools to engage students and prompt collaboration during virtual tutoring sessions. Each session’s recordings are available so the student can refer to the lesson later.
  • Plus, the company’s team of academic advisors is available to call and talk through your academic goals, tutoring concerns, and any questions. If the tutor you’re paired with does not meet your expectations, call Varsity Tutor’s advisors to get scheduled immediately with a different subject matter expert.

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Learner offers white glove service with  100% risk free satisfaction guarantee.

We work hard to match you with only the best vetted online math tutors. And we stand by that, offering a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee.
Your first session is always FREE – no strings attached.

The right match makes all the difference at Learner.

This means understanding the personality, motivation, and learning style of your student. When the match is right, students are more comfortable – developing the confidence to become a more successful and independent math student.

Tutoring Price Comparison

When it comes to tutoring, one of the most significant considerations for many families is the cost. Depending on factors such as location, qualifications, and subject matter, private tutoring prices can vary from as low as $10 per hour to well over $80.

How much does Learner tutoring cost?

Learner tutors cost $60 to $85 per hour, depending on the tutor’s qualifications and subject matter expertise. This price range applies to all Learner tutors, regardless of the subject taught or level of coursework. 

The service makes it easy for users to decide if Learner is a good match for their budget based on the pricing information available online.

How much does Varsity Tutors tutoring cost?

Quality of Tutors

There is a lot to consider when selecting a tutor for yourself or for your child. You’ll want to consider the tutor’s certifications, subject matter expertise, communication skills, and the results they typically help students achieve. Here’s a closer look at the caliber of tutors at Learner and Varsity Tutors.


Not only are Learner tutors hired through a rigorous application process, but they’re also incredibly committed educators. The Learner philosophy is that passionate tutors lead to engagement and interest, improved grades, and lifelong change.

All Learner tutors must have:

  • At least a four-year degree from an accredited university
  • Prior tutoring experience
  • Passion for their subject matter
  • Enthusiasm
  • The ability to motivate and engage others
  • Excellent listening skills

The tutor’s experience comes first when considering applicants. With that in mind, you will find educators, industry professionals, and academics on the Learner tutoring team. Learner’s 99% satisfaction rate and dozens of 5-star reviews show that Learner tutors are some of the best in the virtual tutoring world.  

Varsity Tutors

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Tutoring Platforms

Both Learner and Varsity Tutors provide virtual tutoring and unique tools to facilitate online learning. Here’s a closer look at their respective platforms.


Learner’s innovative online platform receives high ratings from students and tutors alike. It works seamlessly across all devices and provides collaborative tools that boost engagement during tutoring sessions. All sessions are recorded and easily accessible on the student’s Learner portal following the meeting. Learner’s feedback tools efficiently help students understand their progress and growth in their learning journey.

Varsity Tutors

What Parents & Students Are Saying

One of the best ways to find the perfect tutoring platform is to see what other users say.

Learner's satisfaction rating
Varsity Tutors
satisfaction rating


Learner has a 99% satisfaction rate. Across all reviews, users described their Learner tutor as:

  • Effective
  • Highly educated
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to work with
  • Very knowledgeable
  • Worth what you pay for

A recent customer said, “My son’s grades increased in every subject after just three sessions with his Learner tutor.” 

Another wrote, “Our tutor is outstanding because [...] Not only does he know math, he also knows how to teach it virtually. That latter skill is what distinguishes our tutor from the four other tutors we tried before arriving at Learner.”

You can find more reviews here.

Varsity Tutors

Why Trust Learner Tutors?

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on the best tutoring platform. Learner is the most trusted online tutoring platform for its proven results, custom matching, subject experts, and personalized lesson plans.

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A custom-matched math expert for everything you need to solve

When you sign up for Learner, you will answer a quick assessment detailing your student’s personality, learning style, and motivation. Learner uses this information to carefully select the math tutor, ELA tutor, or test prep tutor who best matches your student’s needs. Not only does this method ensure that the student achieves their goals, but Learner’s personality-based approach ensures that every student feels competent, comfortable, and empowered by their tutor.

World-class tutors who are pedagogy experts

Learner takes care to hire best-in-class tutors. Each instructor goes through a rigorous, in-depth screening and selection process to guarantee quality for Learner customers. 

Just as important as having the proper credentials and experience, Learner tutors must have the right technical and people skills to motivate the next generation of learners. Learner tutors are passionate subject matter experts whose infectious curiosity inspires their students to exceed their potential.  

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Tutors customize lesson plans at your own pace and deliver in your learning style

One-size-fits-all does not exist at Learner. From the start, each Learner tutor works to create a customized lesson plan that helps students to learn at their own pace and in their learning style. Learner tutors are excellent at adapting the lesson plans as they help students through their learning journey. 

Because of this personalized learning approach, Learner inspires students to keep learning and asking questions beyond the limits of the classroom.

Beyond the subject matter, Learner tutors help define trajectories after the passing grade

Most tutoring companies focus on addressing short-term goals. At Learner, tutors know that the content of each session has the power to inspire the student to pursue excellence long after they make the passing grade in school. Students work towards short and long-term goals with Learner tutors, equipping themselves with the motivation and skills for lifelong success.

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Get Started with Learner Today

No matter where you are in your education, starting with Learner is easy. Head to their website to complete the one-minute assessment regarding your student’s needs, personality, and goals. A Learner representative will reach out to you for a brief phone call to schedule the first session. Then, let your Learner tutor do what they do best. You’re guaranteed to see progress as soon as two weeks after signing up to work with a Learner tutor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since online tutoring platforms like Learner and Varsity Tutors are still relatively new to some students and families, here are some of the biggest questions regarding virtual tutoring.

What is a tutoring service? 

What is a tutoring marketplace?

What is the difference between a tutoring service vs. a tutoring marketplace?

Is a tutoring service better than a tutoring marketplace?

How is online tutoring different from in-person tutoring?

What are the qualifications of Learner tutors?

Do we get to choose our math tutors?

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