About me

I thrive when I'm designing products that are intuitive, simple and a little bit magical. I come from a background working in branding and advertising. I've worked in Australia, UK and Germany at some leading agencies such as DDB. I cofounded 2 startups, one of which (in the EdTech space) being featured on the BBC, Guardian and FastCompany where it was named one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Africa 2014.

I became a mentor at Startupbootcamp, and a UX Design mentor at CareerFoundry. I enjoy mentoring designers at early stages of their careers, as well as helping excellent designers find jobs. I am also part of InVision's Design Leadership Forum. I'm very excited to be with Learner and to help provide an excellent experience for both tutors and students.

Hobbies and interests

Photography, travel, and food!