Here, you'll find articles that tackle a wide array of topics including AI, online tutoring, careers, and tutoring. By covering such a broad spectrum, this section aims to equip parents with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the modern educational landscape and make informed decisions that contribute to their child's academic success.

Behind the Slide: Key Stats on Summer Learning Loss

The arrival of summer often paints a picture of relaxation and freedom from academic responsibilities. Yet, lurking beneath the surface is a phenomenon known as the summer slide. Summer slide is the regression in learning students experience during the summer months, a topic that has garnered significant attention from educators, policymakers, and parents alike. 

In Person vs. Online Tutoring: What Option is the Best for Your Student? You Might Be Surprised

In the debate of online vs in person tutoring, it’s crucial to consider which approach aligns with your student’s learning style and your logistical needs. This article helps you decide which tutoring path will most effectively support your student’s educational goals.

Beyond the Paycheck: How Teacher Salaries Influence Graduation Outcomes

Analysis performed by Learner with data from the last 10 years shows positive correlation between teacher salaries and graduation rates across the US

“Hey Siri, Will AI Change My Kid's Future?” What Parents Really Think

Welcome to the modern landscape of education where Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn't just a topic in a computer science class.

Unlocking Your Child's Potential: The Proven Power of 1:1 Tutoring

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, parents are constantly seeking the best ways to empower their children for success. A compelling solution is 1:1 tutoring, a concept highlighted in the renowned study known as Bloom's 2 sigma problem.

The 2023 Quality of Education Index

Discover how each state’s education quality ranks, as determined by education spending per pupil, teacher-student ratio, graduation rates, and test scores.

ACT vs. SAT Score Comparison

Learn the key differences between the ACT and SAT to help you decide which test is best for you with our comprehensive guide.

How to Avoid Winter Academic Slide

Losing academic skills and knowledge during winter break means headaches for going back to school. Read on to learn how to avoid this without sacrificing any fun.

Student to Teacher Ratio in High Schools

Research has revealed that the ‘student to teacher’ ratio impacts students’ performance, social skills, and academic achievement.

Student to Teacher Ratio in Middle Schools

The student-teacher ratio in middle schools can have far-reaching impacts on a student’s achievement and learning.

Student to Teacher Ratio in Elementary Schools

The student-teacher ratio in elementary schools can have far-reaching impacts on a student’s achievement and learning.

What Are the Best Tips for Teaching Elementary Mathematics?

The best tips for teaching elementary mathematics are to have specific methods of teaching in addition to backup methods when the original methods fail to work on some students, which is bound to happen eventually.

How can I Help my Child Learn Multiplication Facts?

Learning multiplication facts can be very difficult for many children, and can pose a problem for parents trying to help them learn, who may have forgotten how they themselves learned. Nonetheless, a firm understanding of multiplication facts is crucial to a child’s ability to easily pick up later math skills which will build on these foundations.

How Does Summer Vacation Affect a Child's Math Skills?

Some studies suggest that children who get a three-month summer vacation, as is traditional in the United States, lose as much as a month of progress in math skills over their summer vacation. This loss of learning is particularly noticeable among lower-income students, even though they perform equally to their peers during the school year.

Does my Child Need a Tutor?

Deciding whether or not your child needs a private tutor depends on more than just grades and test scores. It also depends on what you hope for him or her to achieve and the level of understanding you want him or her to have of his schoolwork. Today’s parents often want their children to do more than score high on tests.

What Factors Contribute to Academic Success in Children?

There are a host of factors that contribute to academic success for children, and there are many theories as to what will help increase the academic success of your child. Some issues may be out of the parent’s purview or control. Others can be modified to give your child a great start in school and continued success.