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What is the Distance Formula in Geometry?

The distance between two points on a plane is calculated using the geometric distance formula.

What is a Perimeter in Math?

Discover what the perimeter is in math and how to calculate it. Learn different ways to measure the perimeter of shapes and find out when they're useful in real-life applications.

What is Dilation in Math?

Dilation is a mathematical term used to describe a transformation that scales or zooms an image. This means that the size of the image is changed while the shapes and proportions remain the same.

What is a Vertex in Math?

This article will take a closer look at what a vertex is in math, why it is used, and how to identify one when you see it.

How do I Become a Geometry Tutor?

There are different paths a person may take to become a geometry tutor. One person may decide to become an independent tutor, helping people with their geometry homework and to prepare for tests. Another person may apply to tutor at a school or work for a tutoring business.

What is a Geometry Tutor?

A geometry tutor is someone skilled in math who works privately or in small groups with students to help them understand the challenges of this subject matter. The field of geometry tutoring can encompass a wide range of different skill levels.