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12 Benefits of Working with a Calculus Tutor

Expert calculus tutors go a long way in helping students understand calculus, but why should you get one? See why your child can benefit from a calculus tutor!
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12 Benefits of Working with a Calculus Tutor
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High school juniors or seniors usually take calculus or AP calculus before graduating. Calculus is far more advanced than lower-level math subjects, and many students struggle with the new material even if they excelled in math before. With college applications on the horizon, succeeding in calculus can impact their acceptance and academic future. 

Experienced calculus tutors can bridge students' knowledge gaps and build their understanding and confidence. For the best support, Learner tutors only provide one-on-one services that directly focus on the student's needs. Working with Learner tutors can help improve students' grades and calculus proficiency but, more importantly, prepare them for the rigors of college-level math. 

The Bottom Line

  • How Does Calculus Tutoring Help Students?: Calculus tutoring can help build students' understanding of the subject through direct support and feedback–which can significantly improve their confidence, calculus grades, and GPA. 
  • Benefits of Calculus Tutoring: Calculus tutoring has several benefits, including improved grades, better understanding, stronger confidence, and college preparation. 
  • Why Go With Learner's One-on-One Online Tutoring?: Learner custom matches a math tutor based on your child's needs, and you can count on the best expertise for calculus support from wherever's most convenient. 
  • Does My Child Need a Tutor?: Your child may need a math tutor if they struggle with calculus, but even if their grades are fine, they may still benefit from the extra support and guidance. 

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How Does Calculus Tutoring Help Students?

High school juniors or seniors undergo several new challenges. For the first time in high school, they face college applications, standardized testing, and scholarship requirements, not to mention regular school work. In addition, calculus is often the most challenging math subject they've encountered. Many students who succeeded in algebra, geometry, or even pre-calculus may find themselves lost when taking calculus, and often they just need direct support. 

Even if your student has never struggled in math class, they may feel overwhelmed or constricted by all the new factors related to their grade level. They may not have the option to get quality outside help from their teachers, and calculus tutoring can work with them to overcome any barriers. Moreover, students with a more robust understanding of calculus will likely feel more prepared for standardized tests.

Learner tutors work with students individually over frequent consultations, specifically focusing on the student's areas of opportunity rather than teaching a generalized lesson plan. Students can count on math tutors' direct support and feedback to guide them as the material progresses, and in most cases, they improve their calculus grades and GPA. Calculus tutoring may be the push your student needs to reach their potential. 

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What are the Benefits of Calculus Tutoring? 

Calculus tutoring has several benefits, and every student may have different experiences with tutoring. Some students may need to improve their calculus grades and understanding of the material, while others may need it to sharpen their math skills for the SAT or ACT. Regardless of the student or family's need, calculus tutoring with an expert math tutor can help students in multiple ways. 

Compatible Teaching Style

Before students meet with their math tutor, families consult with a Learner Academic Advisor to discuss learning goals and objectives. The Academic Advisor will use this feedback to match students with the compatible math tutor for their calculus needs. This preliminary process allows Learner to find the best tutor, so you can rest assured that your child gets the best support possible. If you're unhappy with the tutor, Learner will work with you to find the right expert to match your child's needs. 

Individual Support and Feedback

Because all Learner private calculus tutoring consultations occur one-on-one, students receive direct support from their math tutor. Other math tutoring services may conduct group sessions that won't give your student the attention they deserve, and it's more or less the same as going to math class. With Learner, your child's experienced calculus tutor will attentively monitor their progress and give specific feedback to help them improve. We believe this allows students to feel more comfortable and open to connecting with their tutors, and in turn, they get personally tailored support. 

Convenient Scheduling for Busy Students

Many high school students have far more than just school on their plate. Between athletics, clubs, study prep, and more, finding time for tutoring sessions may not be as simple as it seems. Thanks to Learner's innovative learning platform, students can access their tutor from any device. Our virtual classroom facilitates engaging discussions and practical examples of the material without hassle. Tutors work with students' existing schedules and commitments to schedule the most convenient times for both parties. 

Accelerated Calculus Mastery

Learner tutors help students understand the fundamentals of differential calculus, integral calculus, and other types of advanced math lessons. Students shouldn't expect lectures or fundamental math homework problems; our tutors facilitate learning using engaging techniques. We focus on fostering students' critical thinking, discussing practical applications of calculus, and helping them apply theoretical concepts to homework and test questions. Because learning plans are tailored to the student's needs, they can quickly progress through the material and avoid redundant information they've already learned. 

Advanced College Preparation

Although most high schools teach calculus by senior year, multiple degree programs in college also require students to complete a college-level calculus course. High school students who excel in calculus will probably feel more comfortable taking more advanced and fast-paced college math classes. They will already have a confident understanding of the material and may not require as much assistance to acclimate to the class' difficulties. 

Improved Grades and Test Scores

Most students who meet with experienced calculus tutors are more likely to increase their math grades and perform better on tests and quizzes. Calculus tutors can also assist students with math homework and lesson clarification, and through regular consultations, students typically see improvements in their performance. Calculus tutoring can also prep students for standardized tests like the SAT or ACT math sections. If your child has additional areas of opportunity in math, Learner also offers specific tutors for the SAT or ACT. 

Accountability and Discipline

While calculus tutoring can certainly help students understand the subject, they still need to put in the effort to see improvement. Tutors can't help if students don't try, and Learner tutors will provide them with constructive feedback to help them progress in their understanding. Students will learn the best methods to prepare for the material and regularly check in with their tutor to ensure success. 

Boost Confidence and Morale 

Students have a lot more on their plate than just school and a study carried out by NYU claims that nearly half (49%) of all students reported feeling a great deal of stress on a daily basis. It's a great feeling to finally understand a confusing subject and can alleviate a lot of stress. Students who see improvements because of calculus tutoring won't just understand the material but will feel confident about their abilities in the future. They may become more interested in the topic or want to engage more in class, which can make them better overall students. Learner calculus tutors strive to build students' confidence, not just show them the material. 

Knock Out College Credits 

Students who take AP classes in high school can put themselves in a better position for college. Some colleges or universities accept AP math credits, which can accelerate how fast college students graduate since they finish some of these in high school. Although not everyone may qualify for AP courses, math tutors can help them early in high school to enroll them in AP later on. AP Calculus isn't the most straightforward course to understand, but math tutors can help students work their way to that level. 

Get Ahead of the Class 

A recent study found that the COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating impacts on learning. Students who start calculus tutoring early enough can work on the material faster than the rest of the class. Students who decide to prepare before the courses or math lessons start can anticipate what's ahead and how to prepare. Advanced preparation can give students time in other areas since they've preemptively started learning, which can help them improve in other classes. 

Earn Better Scholarships

Higher GPAs and better grades typically earn more college scholarships, and calculus tutoring can help students get in the position to succeed. Students who master the material and prepare for college through regular tutoring can apply for more demanding scholarships or financial aid awards. Although high school students need good grades across all subjects, calculus is one of the hardest to master for juniors or seniors. Expert calculus tutors can help. 

Learn How to Self-Improve

Expert tutors can teach students study and preparation strategies that apply to other academic subjects, including college math courses. Although students seeking help for calculus may only need a few pointers, tutors can help students with organization, study habits, routines, and other relevant tips beyond the course material. These strategies can help students succeed in other subjects or responsibilities, and they may learn how to tackle new topics with a better approach. 

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Why Go With Learner's One-on-One Online Tutoring? Hear From Students and Parents

If you're still deciding, don't just take our word for why you should go with Learner. Check out some of the verified reviews left by actual parents and students. 

  • "Chris has been a phenomenal tutor for my daughter, who is a junior in high school, and has been struggling with calculus. We tried three other tutoring services prior to coming across Learner.com. The people at Learner.com asked multiple questions about my daughter's learning style, personality, and outside interests prior to pairing her with a tutor. They clicked immediately, and he has proved to be life-changing for her with her class. She has had a full grade and a half improvement in just one month of tutoring. I can't thank Chris and Learner.com enough!" - Susan. 
  • "Learner matched my son with the perfect tutor. Considering that my son is an extremely motivated and strong student challenging himself with an exceptionally difficult Calculus class, a more advanced tutor was a must. Tutoring with Learner was a fantastic decision because the tutor, Felipe P, is flexible and conscientious and able to distill concepts quickly. Tutoring with Learner benefits the strongest students as well as those who need shoring up because the methods can streamline and improve long-term knowledge acquisition. I recommend this group and my son's tutor highly!" - Brigid.
  • "They have been very flexible with my son's academic needs. My son began tutoring sessions to prepare for the ACT. His score went up 4 points. He then switched to focus on calculus and ended the semester with an A." - Carrie.
  • "Learner excels in customer service and professionalism. My son found it easy to communicate with his tutor. He also found it easy to understand his tutor's teaching methods. I believe that Learner has been a great investment in my son's education and have already recommended them to my friends." - Sandra.
  • "This service is exceptional. We have used private tutors for years, and Learner is an excellent, convenient and reliable tutoring service. We received a call back from our inquiry form in 15min, and within 2 hours, we were matched with a perfect tutor who could support our student with two subjects. Confidence and test scores have risen steadily. Scheduling is easy, pricing is very affordable, and most importantly, the staff is knowledgeable, kind and responsive. I highly recommend Learner.com" - Zena.
  • "Learner is a great service. It helps to give your child an edge. My son enjoys the fact that he can login from home and easily speak to Dylan, his tutor. He is learning many difficult math problems." - Lucy. 
  • "My son was matched with a tutor who really understood his challenges with math. She communicated with him so well. His grades soared. He now feels confident that he understands the fundamentals and can continue to make progress. The flexibility of the program is great. He can request a session whenever he needs it and has been able to find time to meet with his tutor without having to miss other activities. I highly recommend Learner." - Constance. 
  • "My daughter was having trouble keeping up with her math class, and while she was still getting good grades, she was having to dedicate all of her free time to math. We had a local tutor recommended to us but he rubbed us the wrong way almost instantly. We then found Learner, I followed through and we met this great tutor Mike who helped my daughter get back on track and clear any hurdles she had left. Thank you!" - Jose. 

Does My Child Need a Calculus Tutor?

If you have a junior or senior in high school, they may benefit from some extra calculus help. Even if your child seems to understand the material, you should consider how much time they spend outside class going over it. It's always best to check in with them to know how they feel about calculus and if they need a math tutor. Some students may feel more confident and prepared with the help of a tutor, even if their grades are fine, and they may learn how to accelerate their studying or prep time. 

If your child previously excelled in math but struggles with calculus, it may be time to find an experienced math tutor to walk them through the topics at their own pace. You may notice their grades drop, or they start performing poorly on tests or quizzes; in these cases, calculus tutoring may help them improve. Calculus progresses relatively quickly compared to other math subjects, and students who fall behind will have a hard time making up the material without extra support. Students will likely see calculus again in college, so tutoring in high school will pay off down the road.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do calculus tutors charge?

The total cost for calculus tutoring will vary depending on the tutor's qualifications, subject, number of consultations, and location. As a rough estimate, expect to pay somewhere between $60 and $80 for a well-qualified private math tutor, but your tutor will explain their rate before you commit. 

How do I get help with calculus?

You can get help with calculus in a few different ways. As a parent, it's sometimes a good idea to speak with your child's teacher to review their progress. Calculus tutors can also help students understand their specific areas of opportunity if they can't seem to grasp the material or commit too much time. 

What are the benefits of online math tutoring?

Online math tutoring through Learner is effective and convenient for parents and students. After completing an assessment, Learner custom matches the math tutor who suits the student's needs. Students should expect to get immediate support from any device for any concern or difficulty with the math concepts. 

Does tutoring help in calculus? 

In most cases, tutoring helps students improve their skills in calculus. Learner tutors are qualified to provide quality calculus instruction for students, and 99% of customers had positive results. Students can see improvements in grades but also feel more confident about the material and subject. 

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Mike developed his passion for education as a math instructor at Penn State University. He expanded his educational experience launching and running an Executive Education business - training over 100,000 students per year. As the CEO of Learner, Mike focuses on accelerating learning and unleashing the potential of students. 

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