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A Complete Guide on How To Find the Right Calculus Tutor For You

Are you looking for a qualified math tutor specializing in calculus for your son or daughter? Then this is the perfect guide for you.
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A Complete Guide on How To Find the Right Calculus Tutor For You
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  • What to Know - and Ask - Before You Start Your Search
    All of the information from your child and teachers you should have before you begin searching for a calculus tutor
  • How Can I Find the Right Calculus Tutor?
    The top five sources to search for the best-experienced calculus tutors
  • What Are the Types of Calculus Tutors Available?
    The types of in-person and online calculus tutoring sessions available for students struggling with calculus
  • Online vs. In-Person Tutoring - Which Is Better For My Student?
    Pros and cons of in-person and online calculus tutoring

While math can be one of the most anxiety-inducing subjects for students, Integral Calculus to AP Calculus can significantly cause stress and headaches among high school and college students. Since calculus is the basis of many future math courses, students must understand the basic concepts taught in the class. However, if math isn't your child's best subject, they don't have to struggle alone. This complete guide will offer all the information you need to find the right experienced calculus tutor for your child and your wallet.

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What To Know - And Ask - Before You Start Your Search For A Calculus Tutor

Before you begin searching for and investing money into a calculus tutor, it's essential to determine if your child is actually in need of extra help. When deciding if your child needs online calculus tutoring services, look out for these key signs:

  • Their grades and test scores are significantly dropping
  • They have difficulty starting their homework
  • Their schoolwork isn't organized
  • Low self-esteem
  • A loss of interest in their studies in general

If your son or daughter matches any or all of the descriptions above, it may be time to talk with your child and their teacher. A conversation with your child's teacher can help determine the specific areas your student is struggling in, what concepts they started to find challenging, what techniques seem to be working, or what methods are ineffective. This data can help you narrow down which in-person or online calculus tutoring options would be most beneficial to your child. 

You will need to discuss these options with your son or daughter. Don't be afraid to be open-minded and honest with them, but more importantly, listen to how they feel about everything and involve them in the decision-making process. It's essential to discuss the benefits of tutoring with your child and why you believe extra help might be necessary so they can actively participate in building the plan of improving their grades. Hearing your child's opinion and point of view can help you determine which type of personal calculus tutoring style would best match their needs and make them feel most comfortable.

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How Can I Find the Right Calculus Tutor?

The effects of COVID-19 on learning still have students struggling to catch up academically. The affected students during this time, could use a little boost to help them catch up and get college-ready. So it’s important that your student knows - it’s not their fault and that you’re all on the same team. 

Once you and your student are on the same page about finding a calculus tutor to assist with their performance in the classroom, it's now time to conduct some research to find the best calculus tutor for you and your child. Here are some top sources to find the best calculus tutor today.

In-Person Tutoring

If you're looking for a calculus tutor who can work in person with your child, you can check local job boards at your community college, talk to a school counselor, or post an ad on NextDoor. Searching for an in-person, private calculus tutor requires more time and effort with a longer vetting process than hiring an online calculus tutor. In-person tutors may also be more expensive, if they charge a fee for commuting to your home or your child's school.


Online calculus or math tutors are often easier to find and are more affordable compared to in-person options. They still provide an exceptional learning experience since most lessons are one-on-one and use proprietary learning tools to conduct sessions. You can choose to search for an online private calculus tutor yourself or sign up for a tutoring platform that will match you or your student with the perfect tutor.

There are several online platforms — including Learner — that consistently work with highly skilled calculus tutors. At Learner, you can ensure that you'll be matched with the best math tutor for you and your child. After answering questions on your child's background and unique needs, you will then schedule a call with their Academic Advisor to identify learning goals and objectives. From there, Learner will custom match the right tutor for your child, and your first session is 100% free.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors aim to help students busy with extracurriculars get the academic help they need in the brief windows of time when they are available. The platform is fully integrated with its mobile app, allowing students access to all of its resources even while riding the bus to practice.

Pricing varies based on subject, time, and the type of calculus tutoring desired. Students or parents must input important personal information (full name, ZIP code, and email address) to receive rates.


Chegg Study gives students access to millions of textbook solutions and offers expert help with an answer available in as little as 30 minutes. You simply take a photo of your question, and an available expert will help you solve any homework problem you may have, even with differential equations.

It should be noted, however, that to access expert help, you'll need to purchase Chegg's Study program, which costs $14.95 per month. In addition to expert help, Chegg Study also offers a mobile app that's perfect for quick homework help if you don't have access to a computer, alongside receiving an expert answer.


SpecialEdTutoring.com provides individualized, one-on-one tutoring for learners of all ages. From students in elementary and high school to adults who are taking classes or trying to understand tough subjects, there is assistance available. All instructors on this site have degrees in Special Education, which can be challenging to find on other tutoring platforms.

Families interested in connecting with a tutor sign up for a free initial consultation to determine the student's needs, level, and best tutoring fit. Pricing is determined individually and is therefore not advertised on the site but is discussed during the consultation. Since this site puts such an emphasis on catering to individual students, it is a good fit for people looking to form longer-term tutoring relationships rather than pose a one-time question.

If you're a parent who is homeschooling a child with special needs, SpecialEdTutoring.com also provides resources explicitly tailored to your situation. The company will even help you design a curriculum.

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What Are the Types of Calculus Tutors Available?

There are numerous types of calculus tutoring options out there for students of all ages. Some of them include:

  • One-on-One
    One-on-one tutoring can occur either in person or online. This is when a qualified tutor sits down with students individually to curate a personalized tutoring session tailored to each student's specific needs, learning style, and coursework.
  • Group Sessions
    Group sessions are available in in-person or online tutoring options. These sessions include a small group of students who require tutoring assistance in the same subject. It's less personalized than one-on-one sessions, but students can collaborate to solve problems with the guidance of a qualified tutor.
  • Learning Centers
    Tutoring sessions at learning centers are typically only available in-person. This system works like a secondary classroom where students complete work in a large group while a tutor supervises them. Learning centers tend to be more independent for students to learn the material.
  • Friends
    Many certified tutors began their tutoring careers by helping their peers with homework. If you or your child knows someone who is an expert in AP calculus AB knowledge, it can be beneficial to ask them for help. However, it's not guaranteed someone will be able to offer the same level of expertise and skill-building techniques as a qualified tutor would.
  • Online
    While all of the mentioned tutoring options can benefit most students, online tutoring can be the best option. Online tutoring tends to be the most convenient option for students and parents since tutoring sessions can take place anywhere with a stable internet connection. Parents don't have to worry about commuting their children to their tutoring sessions every week, or exposing them to strangers, and the student can attend as many sessions as they need. Additionally, online tutoring is the only option that offers an extensive range of sessions, such as one-on-one sessions, group sessions, etc.

    Online tutors also offer proof of expertise in their subject through degrees and reputable reviews. Sites, such as Learner, precisely match your child with the best tutor for them based on their learning style, subject help, and grade level. With such an extensive list of the best online tutors, Learner makes selecting the right calculus tutor for your child much simpler and easier to save you time and money.

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Online vs. In-Person Tutoring - Which Is Better For My Student?

When choosing between in-person and online tutoring, it ultimately depends on your child's needs and preferences. Some students work better remotely, while others can only focus in classroom-like settings. Conversing with your child about how they learn best is crucial.

In-person tutoring can be beneficial for many children. It offers in-person interactions that can help boost social skills and team-building, and it gives students the ability to respond to comforts like eye contact and positive body language. However, in-person tutoring can be a huge hindrance for many families since it requires the added cost and inconvenience of commuting for either the tutor or parent, and can end up being more expensive.

On the other hand, online tutoring tends to be the most preferred option for many students and families. While online tutoring may not be suitable for hands-on skills and can make students more susceptible to distractions, it offers lots of convenience and flexibility for students' different backgrounds and situations. It's a lot more cost-efficient for parents.

When deciding which tutoring option is best for your student, it ultimately depends on your child's needs and what you can afford. Online tutoring is typically the best option for most families due to its flexible pricing and convenience of attending sessions remotely. At Learner, there is a wide selection of tutors for calculus that you and your student can choose from. Here are just a few:

  • Cara
    believes most people know more math than they think they do. She focuses on helping her students discover their natural strengths and how those can help them learn and build on their current knowledge to learn new concepts.
  • John
    With a bachelor's in math and over a decade of tutoring and classroom teaching experience, John helps students of all ages learn to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of math. He believes in providing as many examples as necessary to help students master math.
  • Charly
    has years of experience tutoring math and focuses on helping her students prepare for the SAT and ACT prep. She believes in developing a partnership with her students and preparing them for lifelong academic success by teaching them how to learn.
  • Sanjay
    An MIT graduate, Sanjay works with students of all ages but spends most of his time with middle and high school students. He feels the key to helping his students is boosting their confidence so they believe they can succeed in math class.
  • Chelsea
    A passionate teacher who taught high school mathematics with a master's degree in math and over 15 years of tutoring experience, Chelsea helps students from elementary school through college. Using games, music, and other fun activities, Chelsea helps her students feel comfortable and ready to learn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're still looking for more information on tutors for calculus, below are some frequently asked questions from parents and students about math and calculus tutors.

How much should I charge to tutor calculus?

Many math tutors also tend to specialize in calculus, depending on the tutor's certifications and expertise. The average hourly rate for a math tutor is $40 per hour, typically between $25 to $80 per hour.

How do you tutor someone in math?

Math tutors help students with their math studies, either individually or in small groups. As a math tutor, responsibilities and duties include assessing what mathematics material students have mastered, where they need assistance, and how they learn best.

What makes a good math calculus tutor?

Tutors who showcase interpersonal solid skills are typically excellent math calculus tutors. Calculus tutors need to have lots of patience, empathy, and positivity to keep students engaged in the subject.

How can I improve my calculus grade?

Doing some calculus daily makes you more familiar with concepts, definitions, and theorems. This familiarity will make calculus easier and easier one day at a time. This can best be done with a certified math tutor to ensure you complete problems correctly and efficiently.

How can I get a free math tutor?

Many tutoring services, such as Learner, can offer qualified tutors at a reasonable price. If you want a tutor that will work well with your child and provide proven results, you must be willing to invest in a tutor for your child's education.

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