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Navigating College and Career Paths: My Experience with JobTest.org

Discover the JobTest.org career test through my lens. Explore its impact on my career decisions as a first-year college student and if it made a difference.
Navigating College and Career Paths: My Experience with JobTest.org
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Stepping onto my university’s campus for the first time was incredible. A whole new world of possibilities awaited me, yet I felt lost and unsure of what to do. Which major should I choose? What career do I want to pursue once I get out? With countless options available, I felt the pressure and turned to JobTest.org for help. 

Over the course of this review, I will share my experience with their career test, explain how it works, and reflect on the career paths it suggested for me. I’ll provide my honest thoughts on the career test and whether it was a valuable tool for me, so you can decide if it’s something to try for your search.

My Overview of the Career Test

JobTest.org’s career test for college students was a major help in my first year of school. My report did as advertised and gave me suitable careers I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Here are the highlights: 

The Positives:

  • Career matches that took into account my abilities and preferences
  • Current career data and information
  • Reasonable price for the comprehensive report 
  • Personalized feedback suggestions

The Negatives:

  • No degree or major recommendations
  • Some questions didn’t apply to my situation or the average college student

My Final Verdict:

My experience with JobTest.org helped me get on the right track for the next four years. I now have exciting career paths in mind and will continue building the skills JobTest.org suggested. While I wish it included more relevant information, such as what degree/educational path I should pursue, I’m satisfied with what I got for the money. 

What Is JobTest.org? 

JobTest.org is an online career test that takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. After answering questions and completing the test, JobTest.org provides a report with career matches, personality insights, and a few other resources. JobTest.org claims to use the latest information and real-time career data to customize its reports, which cost anywhere from $25 to $100. 

Why Did I Choose JobTest.org? 

Before I heard of JobTest.org, my first-year counselor recommended I take a Holland Codes personality quiz provided by the school. I enjoyed the experience and learned a few things about myself, but it didn’t recommend specific career paths and felt generic, as if the report could apply to anyone else. 

So, I started researching on my own and tried to find the best career aptitude tests. I didn’t want to pay a ton of money, and JobTest.org seemed like the best overall value. It promised accurate results, career matches, and personalization, which made me decide to take it. 

What Was the Career Test Like? 

I took the JobTest.org career test for teens on my phone and had a positive experience. Here are my detailed thoughts on the process. 

User Experience

JobTest.org’s career test was easy to use, and I liked how everything was structured. I only answered one question at a time and had chances to write my own answers. Other career tests look outdated and aren’t mobile-friendly, so I appreciated how JobTest.org made its user interface for younger audiences. I could understand what the career test is supposed to do and how to progress through the assessment. 

My only complaint is that I wish it kept track of my progress as I answered questions and let me save my answers for later. But otherwise, I was happy with the user experience and had no issues. 

Question Types

I liked how the beginning of the test asked me what I wanted to gain, and in my case, I said I wanted help picking a major. JobTest.org asked other personal questions, including if I want to work from home, prioritize satisfaction or income, and pursue certifications to advance my skills. 

I also answered standard multiple-choice questions, picked between a group of images, and typed out a few. None of the questions were long or required thought-out answers, but some weren’t as relevant to my situation and experience, like if I’m skilled at thinking and planning for the long term.

Report Packages

I needed about fifteen minutes to complete the test. Immediately after I finished, the test asked for some personal details, like my email, and showed me the available reports. The basic was the cheapest at $24.90, followed by the comprehensive report for an extra $10. The premium report costs the most at $99.90, which includes a personal career coach and exclusive industry insights. I only wanted to see my career matches and personality analysis, so I bought the comprehensive option. 

What Did I Learn from the Results?

After I paid, JobTest.org redirected me to my report within seconds. While I can view it on my phone, I prefer the larger format on my laptop screen. Nonetheless, I was impressed with what was included, especially my career matches. 

Career Options

I received five career suggestions from JobTest.org, which were: 

  • Art Director
  • Research Scientist
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Career and Technical Education 
  • Social and Human Service Assistant

I could see myself doing most of these roles, and I liked how JobTest.org showed me how satisfied I would be with each one. This gave me a good idea of what to expect and why I actually make a good fit. However, I was especially intrigued by becoming a guidance counselor or a social/human service assistant. I’ve never been the best at math or science and would rather not take the necessary courses to become a research scientist, but to some extent, I would like to get better during college and see if that’s a better option. 

Each career description also had a list of skills and qualifications I needed to succeed, which helped me think about which direction to take in school. However, I wish it gave me more concrete suggestions, such as degree recommendations or entry jobs that will provide me with the skills I need. 

Still, I got enough of an idea of what I needed to get started. And after sharing my new career ideas with my college counselor, we’ve begun to map out my degree guide and what majors will give me the best chance for the future, whether for science, counseling, or social services. 

Personality Traits

According to JobTest.org, I’m primarily “Communal” and find satisfaction in places that allow me to collaborate and positively impact others. On the other hand, I’m not the best at technical or analytical tasks, which I find accurate (for the time being). If I end up committing to the research scientist route, I now know the areas I especially need to prioritize. My 4-letter personality type also describes me well, although I consider myself more extroverted than introverted. 

All things considered, my personality analysis was intriguing and helped me identify areas for opportunity. It reminded me that I need to expand my class selection to learn skills I’m unfamiliar with, especially statistical analysis and general math topics. 

Next Steps

JobTest.org gave me several resources to explore after the results, including grant funding opportunities and a scholarship program. I’ve started to explore these tools and plan on using them throughout college, but I don’t see myself using the other tools just yet, such as the digital skills courses or resume builder. These seem helpful for adults, so I may end up trying them down the road when I start looking for jobs. 

Is JobTest.org the Right Career Test for You? 

Whether you’re a high school student or in the middle of college, try JobTest.org if you want help figuring out your career options. It helped me get a better sense of what options fit my personality, and without taking it, I don’t know how long I would’ve gone without a plan. I feel less pressure about choosing a major and settling on a direction. Instead, I have a lot more confidence in myself. And if you’re concerned about the price, consider asking your school about financial help or if they can get a license to use the career test

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Embarking on her college journey, Nicole Moritz captures the essence of student life and its challenges. Her writings, filled with fresh perspectives, can be found on Learner.com.

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