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Tips from a Tutor: Top 5 Benefits of Working with Learner

Looking for an online tutor that works with your student’s learning style? Here are the top five reasons to work with Learner.
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Tips from a Tutor: Top 5 Benefits of Working with Learner
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The gig economy is growing for both workers and consumers. Uber and Lyft, Grubhub and DoorDash, Airbnb and Vrbo - the list goes on. An almost endless array of personalized services are available, and the distinctions between competitors can be challenging to determine. Online tutoring is no exception, where parents and students alike will have plenty of platforms from which to choose. So why pick Learner over the other alternatives? Well, if any of the following qualities sound like what you are looking for in an online tutoring service, then we are the educators for you!

What Learner Does Differently 

  1. Pedagogical Expertise

    Our tutors are experts! Learning a new subject can be quite challenging, but teaching it well can be even more difficult. Luckily, we have educators who are up to the task. Some organizations might employ tutors who are in the business of education only temporarily. If your student is just looking for some homework help, then these organizations can be great resources. But often, students seek a deeper understanding of concepts or tutoring that lasts more than just a single marking period. Those are the kind of students that our tutors can accommodate best. Top pedagogical practices take time to master, and we ensure all of our educators have a proven track record of long-term student success before they join our team. 

    All of our tutors are in the business of education for the long haul, and your student will be able to tell the difference. Our educators know how to help out a struggling student with more than answering homework questions correctly. 
  1. Easily Approachable Infrastructure

    One of the best parts of working with Learner is the infrastructure. We have multiple academic support coaches and tutors for any and every subject. Whether you need math tutoringlanguage arts tutoring, or test prep, we have you covered. Your current tutor may be exactly what your student needs for algebra, but maybe they are not a good fit for physics. 

    Here at Learner, that is not a problem. We can easily pair up your student with a different tutor who can help your student grasp the basics of Newtonian mechanics, conquer kinematics, master momentum and help you become an expert in energy! All tutors use the same teaching platform, so your student will not have to download a new one or waste time figuring out how to set up a new session. Lessons get arranged the same way, no matter which tutor works with your student. We know your needs may not be satisfied with just one tutor, but we have the infrastructure to help you try out someone else as painlessly as possible. And, of course, all credits are transferable across tutors. 
  1. Customized Lesson Plans & Experiences

    Learning is not a one-size-fits-all journey, and Learner is not a one-size-fits-all organization. Student needs vary even when students are within the same subject. Our tutors can provide customized lesson plans and learning experiences for each student they take on. Some students may have a weak conceptual foundation, some may be far behind with current material, and some may be looking to get ahead and progress their education far beyond what the classroom has in store for them. 

    If you have a student who fits into one of these categories, then some extra homework help probably will not be sufficient to improve their grades or understanding. But we have tutors that can make a plan for your student, with realistic goals and checkpoints for them to reach. We ensure each student receives the attention and support needed to excel. All educational journeys are unique, and at Learner, we make sure to tailor your student’s journey.
  1. Excellent, Extensive Selection of Tutors

    Suppose you put five algebra students in a classroom. In that case, you might need five different ways to explain a concept, five different teaching methods, five different teaching styles, and of course, five different personalities, which would be a total of 625 combinations for those keeping track! 

    Every student will have different needs and expectations, but we have such a large, diverse staff of tutors that you can choose from. We believe that we have one for your student (even if you doubt the inherent validity of the axiom of choice, we have a finite number of tutors, so we think our belief is justified. You can read more about the axiom of choice here). We can have more than enough options to choose from, and our academic success managers will get you set up with someone right for your student's needs. Our staff is continually growing, so I will refrain from making a concrete number of tutors available now, but you can view some of our Learner Tutors here. After just a few minutes of scrolling, you can see that we have someone for every type of student!
  1. The Speed you Need

    Some tutoring platforms can take over a week to get new students matched and finally meet with a qualified tutor. For many students, this is totally fine; an extra few days is not that big a deal. For other students, this can vary from frustrating to an outright dealbreaker. 

    From the initial welcome email, when you sign up for more information, a matching specialist gets in contact with you immediately. Depending on the responsiveness of the interested parent or student, first tutoring sessions can be set up as early as within the week of your inquiry. 

    I have spoken to quite a few tutors, and we are all in agreement: Learner moves fast. Tutors here are always monitoring our emails, and when we hear about a new potential student, we typically can send our availability over within two hours. Some of the quickest tutors on here have arranged first sessions in the morning for sessions later that were held later that afternoon! Getting your student the help they need promptly can be challenging, but here at Learner, we are up to the challenge. If your student needs academic assistance quickly, chances are, we can accommodate them. 

My Experience with Learner:

During my time at Learner, I have found that the biggest difference between here and other platforms is the matching system. Learner matches students with tutors personally, and it shows. Nearly all the students who I have met with really were a great match for me. The academic support team does a great job of getting to know the tutors that we have on staff. They know our personalities, teaching styles, schedules, and capabilities, which means that when a student comes their way, they know exactly which tutor (or tutors) would be an optimal fit for them.


How much does it cost to work with Learner? 

Costs vary based on the subject, level, and number of hours purchased. But before purchasing any package, you'll get a discounted first session with your tutor!

What is your process when working with a new student? 

When I meet a new student, I like to get to know them first. I take the first 10-15 minutes of the first session connecting with them, chatting, and getting a feel for who they are and how to best interact with them going forward. 

What kind of pain points do many students have? 

Two of the most common problems students face, include a lack of foundational math knowledge. Too many students have had a weak math teacher in the past, which can wreak havoc on their ability to progress with their education.

What are your subject specialties? 

I mainly tutor mathematics, and I specialize in data science. I also quite like mathematical logic, which I find to be endlessly fascinating despite having very few rules.

How can we connect?

If you want to connect, feel free to reach out to our academic support team and tell them that you would like for us to have a session together!

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About the author:

I have been tutoring since 2013. I received my bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Rutgers University. I continued onto a PhD program at Rutgers in Economics and have already completed my master’s along the way.

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