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How Can I Find a Good Tutor for My Child?

There are a few different ways to find a good tutor for your child, including asking family members and friends for advice and...
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How Can I Find a Good Tutor for My Child?
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There are many ways to find a qualified private tutor for your child. One of the most common ways to find a tutor is through recommendations and referrals. Many individuals ask family members and friends for recommendations of tutors they’ve used or considered using. You might even consider asking your child’s teacher or guidance counselor for a referral. Chances are good that he or she can recommend a tutor for your child.

Newspaper and phone directory advertisements can be helpful for finding a good tutor. Keep in mind, however, that phone directory ads may be more likely to belong to larger tutoring or educational organizations than solo tutors. Many parents find good tutors for their children through such organizations. If you are looking for a one man or one-woman operation however, you are more likely to find help in the newspaper-classified section than through display ads.

Pay attention to flyers when you are in the market for a tutor. Tutors often place flyers at places like the supermarket and library. You might even find a tutoring flyer near a bus stop or train station. If there is a recreational center nearby, check there for flyers as well. Tutors typically place flyers in locations frequented by children and their parents.

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Don’t overlook the Internet as a place to look for a tutor. Just type “tutor” in your favorite search engine, along with the name of your city, and sift through the results that appear. You can find tutors willing to provide help entirely over the Internet or telephone, as well as those interested in tutoring in-person. Feeling overwhelmed with all the online tutoring services available? Be sure to check out their reviews to make sure they’re a good fit for you and your family. For example, if you’re looking for online math tutoring, you would want to find detailed reviews like this Learner.com review. As with dealing with anyone you meet on the Internet, exercise caution and check references before you decide to meet in-person.

No matter where you look for a good tutor, be sure to choose someone who is a smart match for your child. If your child is very cheerful and upbeat, a very somber tutor may intimidate him, making it harder for him to learn. Additionally, it is wise to consider your child’s unique learning style when looking for a tutor. If your child responds best to a creative teaching approach or continuous repetition, look for an individual willing to accommodate his needs. In short, look for a tutor willing to tailor his or her methods to meet the needs of your child.

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