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How Can I Help My Child in Math?

The best ways to help your child with math are to pinpoint where any problems start, talk to the child's math teacher, and try to...
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How Can I Help My Child in Math?
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There are two scenarios we usually see: 

  1. Your child seems to understand the assignment, and things are going well when you’re helping them at home. Then comes that pop-up Math quiz and there go all your collective hopes of cruising through Math class this year. Is it time management? Are they not understanding you? Is there something more you’re not seeing?
  2. Your child is acing math as per usual, but one day comes to you with a question on limits and their properties for the AP Calculus exam. Yeah, I’m sure I used to know that… Sorry, you can try and remember the last time you figured it out (if you ever did), but you can’t really help them understand it.

Many children have problems with math from the very beginning and others develop them along the way for multiple reasons. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to helping them out -- it is crucial to identify the root of their problem and find a personalized solution for them.

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Potential Reasons Kids Struggle 

  • Different Learning Style
    Not every child responds well to every teaching style. Maybe your child learns best by listening or by writing notes. They’re both legitimate learning methods, but not every teacher can personalize their attention to each student’s needs.
  • Different Reactions to Academic Stress
    Sometimes a struggling student will shut down, get moody, or simply get angry. Not every teacher or parent will understand how to deal with these reactions. It is important to be well informed and prepared to deal with them.
  • Needs More Practice
    How is your child spending after school hours? Setting aside a couple hours per week to practice math can make a huge difference.
  • Time Management Problems/Test Taking Anxiety
    Your child gets it, but their grades sing a different tune. Many kids struggle with taking the actual test, and if this is the problem, it is important to get an expert involved.
  • Learning Disorder
    From ADHD to Dyscalculia, these diagnoses affect how a child absorbs and understands information. If you suspect that this is the problem, taking a child to a qualified professional will help diagnose these issues.

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How You Can Help

Get familiar with their curriculum. To begin understanding the cause of your child’s problems, it is important to try and stay on top of the curriculum from the very beginning. Understanding where their struggle began, can help identify the root cause and find ways to help them.

Talk to their teacher. Many parents who try to help their children with math homework only confuse them further with different teaching methods or sometimes because they don’t fully understand it themselves. Working with the teacher first will help you see how you could be more effective in helping them.

External Help. Kids often respond better to assistance from someone other than their parents. Hiring a professional tutor was sometimes seen as a luxury or unnecessary, but today, with busy parents, and more complex school curriculums, they have become part of the norm.

We’ve seen positive results thanks to math tutors, and fully recommend them when they are an option for you and your family. We understand the complexities of in-person tutoring for parents and their busy schedules, which is why we’ve devoted ourselves to helping parents and students through online math tutoring

Learner has gathered the best professional educators that are custom-matched to understand the needs of each struggling student and to personalize their teaching methods. We have seen overwhelmingly positive results and have countless success stories that make us proud.

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About the author:

Mike developed his passion for education as a math instructor at Penn State University. He expanded his educational experience launching and running an Executive Education business - training over 100,000 students per year. As the CEO of Learner, Mike focuses on accelerating learning and unleashing the potential of students. 

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