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What does a Calculus Tutor do?

Brief and Straightforward Guide: What does a Calculus Tutor do? (with pictures)
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What does a Calculus Tutor do?
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A calculus tutor helps students understand calculus concepts, prepare for tests, and complete homework assignments. These tutors provide the extra help many students need to excel in this advanced topic. Some people think calculus tutoring is only reserved for individuals who are struggling with math. A calculus tutor can also provide help to an individual who is doing well in the subject, however, and simply wants to maintain his grade or increase his knowledge.

When a calculus tutor first meets with a student, he may spend some time evaluating the student's learning style. This can be an important step, as some people grasp concepts better when they are taught in a specific way. For example, some people are visual learners and others learn better by listening to information. While the classroom setting makes it hard to focus on individual students, a one-one-one tutor can teach in a manner that caters to the student’s unique needs.

A calculus tutor may spend time figuring out whether the student needs to review any previously learned math topics. This can be important because poorly understood math concepts can hold a student back when it comes to advanced math topics. This is true even if the concepts seem unrelated to calculus or are very basic. If the calculus tutor notes any poorly understood concepts or educational gaps, he may work to help the student grasp those concepts before moving on to calculus tutoring.

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Often, calculus tutors obtain a copy of the textbook and other materials their students are using. They may review the material the student is currently working on in order to be prepared in advance of each tutoring session. Obtaining the book is also useful for ensuring the symbols, standards, and processes the tutor uses are consistent with what the student is learning in school. Sometimes there are slight variations from textbook to textbook.

Calculus tutors work, often one-on-one, with their students, helping them review calculus topics and learn new concepts. They often provide easier ways for their students to approach math problems or use real-life examples to explain how calculus works. For example, a calculus tutor may create calculus problems that involve football, dance, or even hair perming.

Many calculus tutors meet with their students face to face in private homes, at libraries, and in schools while others tutor their students online. Both in-person and online tutoring can be effective. Each student’s needs are unique, however, and some may prefer one tutoring method over the other.

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