I am a tenure track chemistry professor at a primarily undergraduate university. My Ph.D. in chemistry was earned from the University of Alabama, and I have been working as a professor since graduation. I tutor grades 9th - College.

My tutoring style:

I believe that every student is a capable learner, but that effort often determines the grade. As such, when dealing with students in need of tutoring, I approach it as a means to motivate the additional work and further the development of the whole student. In particular, I find that reviewing past material while attacking new problems head on is often the way to elucidate a students own drive to success. That said, not all students connect to the material in the same fashion, so learning about the student and pulling examples from their own interests is critical to making the deeper connections motivate the student to perform at the highest levels.

Success story:

One of my favorite stories was from this past year. I had a student that really wanted an A in General Chemistry I but had struggled mightily in their high school chemistry courses. The student and I began meeting shortly before their first test, on which they received a C. We met regularly for the remainder of the semester and saw each of their test grades rise a full letter grade. At the end of the semester, they not only earned an A in the course, but had managed to get the highest score on the final exam.

Hobbies and interests:

I enjoy board games, miniature wargames, painting miniatures, learning about a variety of subjects, watching science fiction and fantasy movies/tv shows, watching college football games and spending time with my wife and son.



Algebra I, Algebra II, Honors Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra


Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, IB Chemistry, College Physics, Organic Chemistry, College Chemistry

Tutoring subjects:

Organic Chemistry

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