I have been an elementary classroom teacher since 2007.  I received a bachelor’s of arts degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in math and science.  I have been working for the last seven years employed with Hawaii’s Department of Education as a math/science specialist, teaching the 5th grade.  I also have a bachelor’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from California State University, Northridge.


Tutoring subjects:

I have formally taught and tutored kindergarten through 8th grade for many years. Elementary Mathematics.

Ages I’ve worked with:

My specialty is kindergarten to 6th grade. I have managed small targeted support groups of a few students, to maintaining classrooms of up to 26 students.

My tutoring style:

Anyone can learn to love math! Math is essential in our everyday lives, it is our money! I like to instill the purpose for math within my students as I have found that when students understand why we learn math, it fuels the motivation to master it even more! I implement fun methods of learning math concepts for all students through engaging computation practice, and online interactives and games.

I believe building personal and meaningful relationships with my students is key to rapid progression.  I truly enjoy watching my students learn and advance not just in math, but in their lives as a whole.

Success story:

One year, at the start of a new school year here in Hawaii, I had several of the school personnel come to tell me about a student that was to be in my class. He was a large and strong boy of significant size. (I found out later he had a size 14 foot (in the 5th grade!) …and his nephew was drafted by the NFL!) This student not only had anger issues and could clear out a classroom throwing desks and large objects; but was also adept at getting out of class.  

From the beginning, I showed this student kindness and understanding and as we got to know each other, I realized he was a sweet and sensitive boy.  After building a genuine relationship with this student, I discovered he was also an incredibly bright and capable student!  I worked with him daily to fill in the deficits from the years of improper classroom behavior, building his confidence and happiness along the way. Fellow students were no longer pertrified of him and I watched him form lifelong friendships with classmates for the first time in his life. That student not only passed the 5th grade, but also passed his standardized math exam (SBAC) at the end of the year.  I saw him off to middle school through elated and proud tears.  We still keep in contact to this day.

Hobbies and interests:

  • Astronomy (I live at the base of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii-awesome!)
  • Tennis
  • Travel

Tutoring subjects:

I have formally taught and tutored kindergarten through 8th grade for many years. Elementary Mathematics.

Tutoring subjects:

Kindergarten Math
First Grade Math
Second Grade Math
Third Grade Math
Fourth Grade Math
Fifth Grade Math
Sixth Grade Math
Seventh Grade Math
Eight Grade Math

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