By day, I work as a Scientist in a laboratory; by night, I love to tutor and continue to learn. I have a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from SUNY Oneonta and I tutor grades 7-College.

My tutoring style:

I really enjoy solving problems, there's just something about analyzing all the information you have available and piecing it together to find a solution that I find satisfying. Sometimes the most important part of solving a problem or answering a question is figuring out what information you don't have and knowing where to find it. I strive to adapt my tutoring style to how an individual student learns best. I love helping students develop the skills and confidence to handle the problems that they encounter and know when to ask for help if they need it.

Success story:

I had a great relationship with a university student over the course of multiple semesters. She shared with me that she wanted to complete a Pre-Med program so that she could apply for PA school but was worried about being able to do well enough in her Chemistry classes to meet the requirements. We started working together while she was taking her 100-level Chemistry courses, and we were able to fine-tune her algebra skills and build her confidence to solve the questions asked by her professors systematically. We continued to work together throughout her 200-level Chemistry courses, including Organic Chemistry and focused on adapting her studying methods to better complement the concepts explored in the coursework.  She has since gone on to graduate with her preferred degree and is working in the healthcare field.

Hobbies and interests:

I often find that I don't have enough time to do everything I enjoy doing just for fun. I make a point of taking dance classes, mainly ballet, tap, and jazz, and finding time to go swimming at the gym and hiking in the state parks near where I live. I love doing creative projects such as painting, coloring, and crafting gifts for friends and family. I also have tried to learn how to be a better baker in recent years and hope to master making bread from scratch soon enough.

K-12 Mathematics
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Biology
  • Honors Biology
  • AP Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Honors Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • General Chemistry

Tutoring subjects:

College Chemistry

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