Passionate math and physics teacher with a bachelors degree in physics from Temple University and 10 years of experience teaching both online and offline. Having worked with a diverse range of students, whether you are struggling and fearful of math and physics or want to challenge yourself in these subjects, I am happy to work with you. I tutor grades 6 - College.

My Tutoring Style:

With my experience in curriculum design and ability to connect and form strong relationships with my students, I am able to curate tutoring lessons tailored to their unique needs. I teach concepts in math and physics by breaking them down into the basic fundamentals, so students can form connections between the different interconnected topics. As I often like to tell my students, if you know addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, you can learn physics!

Success Story:

Each student is unique and deserves a unique definition for success. In an Intro to Physics class, I worked with a student who had failed physics in their previous academic year and had to repeat the class. His math level was at about 3rd or 4th grade level and he found physics to be difficult and boring. Working with him for the entire academic year we began from the very basics of math and learn physics through stories and real life examples with minimal reliance on math. In the end he was able to pass the class with a B+ and in the process become more confident in math as well. But most importantly this journey of mastering a subject he had previously struggled in gave him immense confidence which he took with him to the rest of his high school and college journey. My proudest moment was when he had later on told one of my colleagues that his favorite subject is physics. This is one of my favorite success stories because it reinforces my strong belief that anyone can learn math and physics.

Hobbies & Interests:

I love playing both indoor and outdoor sports, like Badminton, cricket, chess, racquetball. I also love singing, so music is a huge part of my life. I also love using Nunchuks to center myself, and I have to thank my high school physics teacher who taught me how to use them.


  • Middle School Math  
  • Common Core Math  
  • Pre-Algebra  
  • Algebra I  
  • Algebra II  
  • Honors Algebra  
  • Geometry  
  • Trigonometry  
  • Pre-Calculus  
  • Calculus  
  • AP Calculus AB  
  • AP Calculus BC  
  • College Algebra  
  • College Calculus I  
  • College Calculus II  
  • AP Pre Calculus


  • Physics  
  • Honors Physics  
  • AP Physics I  
  • AP Physics II  
  • AP Physics: Electricity & Magnetism  
  • AP Physics: Mechanics  
  • IB Physics 
  • College Physics

Test Prep:

  • SAT Math  
  • ACT Math  
  • NYS Regents

Tutoring subjects:

Middle School Math
Test Prep

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