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Cara's been an absolute game changer for my 8th grade daughter in her Algebra class. It is so easy to access high quality tutoring and what a difference it's made in my child's life!
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Cyndy, 12-23-2021

Your child deserves the best online algebra tutors

Within our vast tutoring network, many of our math tutors specialize in algebra. Here are some of the many top math tutors you could be working with.

Algebra Alan
Certified Algebra Tutor
Anyone can learn algebra. Many people seem to think math skills are something people are born with, but that's not true. Nobody was born and drafted into the NBA, and no one was born solving for x. Given this philosophy, I like to ensure that when I meet new students, they are sure of their skills. If you don't believe that you can solve a problem, the chances are that you won't find a solution any time soon.

4,276 hours tutoring

Award-winning tutor

Algebra Gerard
Certified Algebra Tutor
I started tutoring my peers in high school. I received my BS in civil engineering and MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. I believe that anybody can learn anything with enough patient support. I provide tutoring with my heart. Every brain develops uniquely. You may need help with algebra even though other math subjects come easily to you. As you move through middle and high school, I can help you overcome those rough patches. I've seen algebra come in handy in art, music, business, politics, big data science, giant robotics, and everyday life. I am here to help you keep all those future doors open.

1,600 hours tutoring

Started tutoring in 1986

Algebra Jim
Certified Algebra Tutor
I am a high school math teacher who has tutored students from middle school to college for over 20 years. With my years of experience, I bring not only a wealth of algebraic knowledge but also a strong ability to be patient with each student. I understand that only some enjoy algebra as much as I do. Helping the students see that algebra is not as scary as they think is the first step in helping them. I work hard to make sure that every student feels confident and wants to do their best to succeed. I use a lot of different ways to teach so that sequences and series, polynomials, and radical expressions are easier and more fun for the student to learn.

2,124 hours tutoring

Certified Teacher

Algebra Joseph W
Joseph W
Certified Algebra Tutor
I have been tutoring since 2010. I received my bachelor's degree in engineering physics from the University of California, Berkeley. It's important to me to bridge the gap between what students already know about algebra and what they need to know to solve the problem. I listen carefully to their thought process to tailor the tutoring session to their needs. I try to help the student look at the problem from different angles by giving parallel examples, drawing visual aids, and breaking the problem down into smaller parts. I stress the “why” of algebra and the more general ideas behind the steps so that students can learn the material and apply it to new problems.

5,000 hours tutoring

Tutoring since 2010

Algebra Melissa
Certified Algebra Tutor
I have over a decade of experience tutoring mathematics for students in grades 5 through college. I have extensive experience tutoring neuro-diverse students. I am a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am particularly adept at teaching algebra in different ways to reach the student where they are and to bridge knowledge gaps. I once helped a high school senior pass her end-of-year algebra exam. She had already failed it twice and only had one attempt left. After working together for a couple of months and brushing up on linear equations, graphs, and quadratic equations, she passed the exam and became the first person in her family to graduate high school!

Tutoring since 2008

Sylvan Learning Center

Algebra Olenka
Certified Algebra Tutor
I earned a Bachelor of Science in Math Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Boston University in May 2020. During my time at BU, I developed a deep understanding of grade school math subjects and how they are connected to higher-level math. Algebra is one of my favorite subjects to teach because I know it is the key to success in our school system. Students who want to do well in physics and chemistry must also be good at algebra. Every student has the potential to meet these demands if we do our best to support them. I've seen firsthand how math affects a student's overall academic self-esteem, and as a tutor and teacher, I know it's my job to make them feel good about learning.

960 hours tutoring

Boston University

Algebra Philip
Certified Algebra Tutor
After working as an engineer for 20 years, I returned to school to become a high school math teacher. I work with parents and students to understand their goals and develop a tutoring plan. I get each student interested in math with tried-and-true methods and work to build their confidence and math skills step by step. During the early fall of 2020, I began tutoring a high school student who was failing his honors algebra 2 class, which had recently moved to an online format. Since the student typically earned straight A grades, the parents were very concerned. After several months of tutoring, the student now looks back at three consecutive terms with A grades in math and overall performance at, or very near, the top of his class at one of the top private schools in his city.

845 hours tutoring

High School Teacher

Algebra Sanjay
Certified Algebra Tutor
My father was a math professor, and my mother was an adjunct math professor, so teaching and math are in my blood. I have a degree in economics from MIT, and I tutor grades K–12. Most of my students didn't think they were good at algebra because they didn't believe in themselves. Perhaps this was due to teachers, home life, or other reasons. Whatever the reason, they had lost interest in algebra. Little by little, focusing on items they had trouble with in their past experiences, I made students more comfortable with their algebra abilities, bringing them up to the level they needed to be. To me, the most gratifying experience is making students excited to do algebra. Connecting algebraic problems to real-life situations, like shopping, budgeting, and cooking, goes a long way toward helping students understand this subject.

Tutoring since 2001

MIT Graduate

Algebra Timothy T
Timothy T
Certified Algebra Tutor
I am a patient and adaptable math tutor. My experience allows me to quickly identify weaknesses and bad habits in my students. I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics from California State University at Long Beach, and I tutor grades 6 through college. I am a big-picture tutor. My goal is not to teach a student how to solve a single algebra problem but to help them clearly understand the process for this type of problem so they can solve any problem of the same kind. I am very comfortable adapting to a student's learning style. If the student does not fully understand something I am trying to teach them, I will immediately try different approaches.

20,000 hours tutoring

Tutoring Mathematics since 2007

Algebra William J
William J
Certified Algebra Tutor
I got my bachelor's degree in pure mathematics in 2021, and right now, I'm applying for math master's programs. I started tutoring in 2017 and have helped students succeed in a wide range of academic settings. I think that “studying” algebra and “practicing” algebra are two different things, and I believe that most students neglect one of the two. I supplement studying by helping students fix misunderstandings and fill foundational gaps. I supplement practice by asking my students to solve problems that turn their studies into mathematical insights.

1,200 hours tutoring

Bachelor's in Pure Mathematics

Tutoring for every age group and level

At Learner, we believe that anyone can improve their algebra skills. Learner teaches all age groups and grade levels, whether you or your child are in elementary, high school, or in college.

Top locations

It's becoming harder for students to find qualified private online math tutors who live in their area. Learner's primary goal is to solve this problem by connecting students with online algebra tutors who are a good fit for them. This way, students can work with qualified teachers worldwide without ever needing to leave their homes. Here are a handful of the locations with the highest demand for online tutoring.

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Unlock the mysteries of Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 with Learner’s team of expert online tutors. With advanced education and proven success, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Why online algebra tutoring?

Online algebra tutoring services are for students or self-learners who need extra help with factoring and the quadratic formula. Algebra is an important subject because it is often a building block for math-based sciences such as chemistry, biology, engineering, and physics. In addition, countless careers also require an understanding of algebra, including those of computer programmers, doctors, and scientists. 

This online service can connect students to real tutors who have the expertise needed to answer questions and explain concepts in a one-on-one virtual setting. Online algebra tutoring is beneficial if you learn best by working through examples with someone else instead of reading a book.

How students can benefit from working with Learner

More comprehension

If a student needs a solid understanding of algebra, it will impact more than just their test scores; it will also prevent them from enjoying math and understanding how it relates to their everyday life. Most students who have issues with algebra see the subject as a series of numbers and letters and begin to adopt a “when am I ever going to use this?” attitude.A tutor can help students understand why algebra is important and why they need to learn it. For instance, the kitchen is one place where algebra is used when you are doubling or halving the recipe. Algebra is also integral to landscape design, business and finance management, and sports.

Improved parent-child relationships

Students who don't have a private tutor rely on their parents as their teachers outside the classroom. Even if you are a parent with a solid understanding of math, being your child's unofficial tutor might not be the best thing for your relationship. Parent-child relationships are complicated enough as they are, especially when a student is going through their teenage years, and the last thing you need is to throw complex math, pressure, and stress into the mix. Most children will have better results with a non-parent tutor. By outsourcing this tricky task, you can avoid the fights and emotional challenges that come with trying to teach your child math and instead focus more on your regular parenting responsibilities.

Positive reinforcement

Apart from receiving bad grades, students who don't understand algebra can face many other problems. Peer pressure, shameful attention from the teacher, and the humiliation of answering a question wrong in front of everybody can cause even more negative feelings about math. One of the best things about a one-on-one algebra tutor is the positive and healthy learning environment this relationship creates for students. When a student's tutor is positive and encourages them, it can make them more likely to try and focus. This can help a student who doesn't like algebra become someone who can handle (and maybe even enjoy) the lessons.

What to look for in an algebra tutor

There are specific criteria that everyone should pay attention to during their search for an algebra tutor. Everyone you think about for the job should have a lot of math experience and, if possible, at least a bachelor's degree from a four-year college. Every candidate should have worked as a tutor or teacher for at least a few years, preferably teaching algebra to the age group you want. And lastly, every candidate should have extensive knowledge of algebra. This "extensive knowledge" could have been gained by the tutor by majoring in applied math in college or by teaching Algebra 2 to high school students. If any of your candidates do not meet the following criteria, ask them about this resume gap in your interview.


Why students love Learner.

Chelsea from Learner helped me to get a full ride to Duke University.

“Chelsea from Learner was the perfect match for me. She customized the training so that it would push me hard - but not too hard where I would get frustrated. I worked with Chelsea for years because she took a genuine interest in me and my future.”

"Stephanie taught me how to be more organized. I was getting Bs and Cs before I started working with her. I used to get overwhelmed before studying for a test. Stephanie taught me how to create “study guides” so I’d have all the big ideas in one place. I am now getting As and Bs and my parents are much happier."

"When I first started working with Alan, I told him I would never be good at math. I barely passed my first two years of high school math and I needed one more hard math class to graduate. Alan believed in me and worked with me on the basics. Little by little, he built up my confidence to the point where I realized I am good at math and I did well in the class."

How does Learner algebra tutoring work?

Answer questions about your child's background and unique needs.

Schedule a call with our Academic Advisor to identify learning goals and objectives.

We will custom match the right tutor for your child. Your initial session is commitment-free.

Why Learner online algebra tutoring?

An image of a student learning

Accelerated learning

When there are a lot of students in an algebra class and only one teacher, the environment is not ideal for helping each student succeed. On the other hand, students will undoubtedly learn more quickly and effectively in a Learner classroom, where they receive undivided attention and lesson plans tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

An image of a student studying

Innovative platform

Learner is known for its standout virtual tools. Every online classroom has an interactive whiteboard, a feature that records each lesson, video, audio, and a chatroom for tutors and students to communicate. These virtual tools make a Learner classroom just as beneficial, if not better, than the one you would find at your local tutoring center.

An image of a student learning
An image of a teacher tutoring

Custom matching

We at Learner think that the best way for a student to do well is to work with a complementary algebra tutor. When matching a student who needs help with algebra with a tutor in our network, we take into account the student's age, subject, personality, learning style, and schedule.

An image of a tutoring session

World-class tutors

Only 5% of algebra tutors are accepted into our elite tutoring network. Every tutor goes through a detailed background check and has to meet a long list of strict requirements. For instance, every tutor must have a degree from a four-year university and already have several years of tutoring or teaching experience. 

An image of a student learning

Why Learner online algebra tutoring?

Accelerated learning

When there are a lot of students in an algebra class and only one teacher, the environment is not ideal for helping each student succeed. On the other hand, students will undoubtedly learn more quickly and effectively in a Learner classroom, where they receive undivided attention and lesson plans tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

Innovative platform

Learner is known for its standout virtual tools. Every online classroom has an interactive whiteboard, a feature that records each lesson, video, audio, and a chatroom for tutors and students to communicate. These virtual tools make a Learner classroom just as beneficial, if not better, than the one you would find at your local tutoring center.

Custom matching

We at Learner think that the best way for a student to do well is to work with a complementary algebra tutor. When matching a student who needs help with algebra with a tutor in our network, we take into account the student's age, subject, personality, learning style, and schedule.

World-class tutors

Only 5% of algebra tutors are accepted into our elite tutoring network. Every tutor goes through a detailed background check and has to meet a long list of strict requirements. For instance, every tutor must have a degree from a four-year university and already have several years of tutoring or teaching experience.

How to find the right algebra tutor online

While searching for an algebra tutor online, remember to find the best one for you, which may be different for everyone. There are certain universal factors that everyone should pay attention to during their search. A math tutor needs the right qualifications and credentials to be worth your time and money. Every algebra tutor you consider should have at least a bachelor's degree from a four-year university (preferably in math or in a math-based science like physics) and several years of teaching experience (preferably in math or a math-based science). 

If the tutor you are considering meets the above criteria, you can move on and ensure that the tutor is a good fit for you. When it comes to finding the “right fit,” there are three main factors: teaching style, personality, and budget. Unfortunately, it can be hard to figure out a tutor's teaching style and personality just by looking at their resume or profile. If the tutor does not have any informative customer reviews, ask if they would be willing to talk to you on the phone for 15 to 30 minutes before your first session. 

Finally, make sure the math tutor you're working with meets your budget. Consider how long you expect to need a tutor and how often you will meet with your tutor. Once you have those two pieces of information, think about how much you can budget for this expense.

Top benefits of working with a private algebra tutor

Better test scores

If your algebra student is gearing up for college, lousy test scores may mean a decreased chance of getting into the college or university of their dreams. When it comes to mastering algebra, memorization and repetition are simply not going to cut it. A private algebra tutor will explain the reasoning behind how to solve problems. Their expertise will help students use logic and critical thinking to solve word problems in higher-level math. This individualized teaching will help students feel more confident on tests, which will stop them from making silly mistakes or mistakes caused by stress.

Increased confidence

Students need more positive feedback and affirmation to succeed in algebra and beyond. Most of the time, they only receive feedback from a teacher after completing an assignment or taking a test. A private tutor can help a student overcome poor self-esteem and self-doubt. Having someone reinforce them when they grasp the concepts will go a long way in boosting a student's confidence. Self-esteem can help students make better personal decisions and reduce the risk of mental health issues, but it also correlates with greater academic success.

Improved study habits

Students struggle with algebra for all sorts of reasons. While some students may need to brush up on the basics, others may need extra practice because they are juggling too many extracurriculars. Meanwhile, some students could sharpen their test-prep skills. A private algebra tutor can help students learn more about study skills, organizing, meeting deadlines, and prioritization. While these skills are essential in high school and college algebra, they will also be important later in life in a job, a household, and in making well-informed life decisions.

Learning at their own pace

In a classroom environment, an algebra teacher has to get through an entire curriculum in a set amount of time. This fast-paced environment means they can't afford to cater to every student or slow down when one student lags behind the rest. Conversely, in a one-on-one tutoring environment, the student can work as quickly or slowly as needed to grasp a concept fully. These sessions will allow students to catch up to the rest of their peers or work ahead of the curriculum if they need an extra challenge.

It's Not Like School

For many algebra students, online tutoring may be an immediate turnoff. You might be thinking, “Why would I want to spend an extra hour in school every week?” The good news is that tutoring doesn't feel like school. An online algebra tutor is more interactive and less formal. Students can hone the skills they need, whether practicing test questions or learning how to apply algebraic concepts to real-life situations. Students will learn, but the process won't feel like the dull lectures they endure at school. If anything, private tutoring is more comparable to doing homework with a friend.

What should you look for in an algebra tutor?


If an algebra student hires a tutor, there's a strong chance they will struggle to grasp even the most basic concepts. An algebra tutor should be ready to explain ideas repeatedly and in different ways until the student masters the concept.


A tutor needs to be in it for the right reasons. If a tutor treats their job like a side hustle, they are unlikely to make a true impact on their students. A tutor must invest time in their students' futures if they want to help their students improve their grades.


Every tutor should recognize that teaching is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. An excellent tutor will know how to adapt a lesson plan for all learners. No matter if a student learns best by seeing, hearing, touching, or reading and writing, a tutor should know how to adapt their lesson plans to meet their needs.


When students are struggling in school and simply not getting it, they often stop trying. A tutor for algebra will need to get the student excited and motivated about learning again. A good tutor will come to every lesson full of energy and excitement.


It's not enough for a tutor to have extensive knowledge of algebra. A strong tutor must know how to break down complex algebra concepts for students at the most basic level. To explain complex ideas clearly and comprehensively, a tutor must be an excellent communicator.


If a student is meeting with a math tutor, they might be having a rough go at it. Struggling in school is difficult for many reasons. Students may worry about not getting into college or have low self-esteem about lagging behind their peers. Tutors must be able to put themselves in their students' shoes and understand their concerns.


If a student thinks a tutor is too insincere, they won't feel comfortable going to them with questions or concerns. One of the most significant benefits of private tutoring is that it's supposed to create a safe space for students to learn without judgment.


Once a student and tutor get to know each other, the tutor becomes a mentor and an unofficial role model for the student. Students will care less about their studies if a tutor lacks the energy to help them succeed. Tutors need to be goal-oriented and take their sessions seriously because their students will pick up on a lack of investment.

How to find an algebra tutor near me

There are many different avenues to finding a high-quality algebra tutor near you. It might seem easiest to type a few phrases into your favorite search engine, but combing through the thousands of results that crop up will take time and effort. Instead, start your search by checking in with your child's algebra teacher. They can provide information on what your child should focus on outside the classroom and what type of tutor your child will work best with. In fact, they might even have some specific tutors to recommend. 

To broaden your search, check out postings at local libraries, community colleges, or universities. Even if your town does not have a local tutoring center, college students majoring in math may be looking for tutoring options, or math teachers may be looking to tutor on the side. Also, check in with your various communities, including your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Someone you know may have a child who has worked with a good algebra tutor. 

If none of these avenues yields fruitful results, don't lose hope. When in doubt, you can always consult an online tutoring service, like Learner. Online tutoring is more convenient and often cheaper than tutoring in person. These services also have extensive networks of highly qualified online tutors. You are sure to find a tutor specializing in algebra who is a good fit for how your student learns and thinks.

Frequently Asked Algebra Tutoring Questions

How is online algebra tutoring different from in-person tutoring?

An in-person algebra tutoring session occurs face-to-face in the student's or tutor's home or a tutoring center. An online math tutoring session takes place in a virtual classroom with an interactive whiteboard, video and audio features, and recordable lessons.

What are the qualifications of your algebra tutors?

Every tutor in our network at Learner has to meet specific requirements and pass a background check. At the bare minimum, every tutor has a bachelor's degree from a four-year university and several years of tutoring experience.

Do we select an algebra tutor to work with from your network?

After a student and their family tell us what type of tutor they are looking for, we will do the legwork of matching you with a compatible tutor in our network. We know our tutors better than anyone else; therefore, we can match you with a tutor that fits your needs.

What does an algebra tutor do?

An algebra tutor makes lessons that meet the needs of their students. In most cases, an algebra tutor will help with the student's coursework, whether that involves test preparation or homework help. But an algebra tutor also works 1-on-1 with students to help them study better and feel more confident in the classroom.

What if the tutor you match me with isn't a good fit?

If students are unhappy with their tutor pairing, they can report their concerns to Learner. Detail what you didn't like about your initial match, which will allow Learner to match you with another, better-suited tutor in their network.

How soon can I book my first appointment with Learner?

Learner will find a tutor for you within 72 hours after you fill out a short questionnaire about your goals and interests. Once paired with a tutor, you can book your first appointment at your convenience.

How does online algebra tutoring work?

In-person algebra tutoring involves a lot of problem-solving, whether on a whiteboard or in a notebook. Online algebra tutoring involves the same kind of problem-solving, but instead of working on a whiteboard, both students and tutors can use a virtual interactive whiteboard.

Will my child get better grades in algebra after working with Learner?

Yes. Most students start to get better grades within a few weeks when they have the full attention of a tutor and lessons that are based on their curriculum and how they learn.

How much does an algebra tutor cost?

Most of our tutors charge between $60 and $80 for one hour of algebra tutoring. However, this rate may vary depending on the package you book with Learner.

How to become an online algebra tutor?

There are different ways to become an online algebra tutor because each online tutoring platform has its own requirements. At Learner, every tutor must already have several years of teaching experience and a bachelor's degree from a four-year university.

Is algebra tutoring tax deductible?

Most of the time, algebra tutoring is a personal expense that is not tax deductible. If your child is having trouble in school, you could count private tutoring as a medical expense.

What is your refund policy?

If one of our students is dissatisfied with their first lesson, we will match them with another tutor in our network. The first session will be completely free of charge to ensure a compatible fit.