About Me

I am a chemist with a master's degree and two years of experience teaching university-level chemistry where I taught everything from general chemistry to advanced analytical and physical chemistry courses! I have eight years of experience tutoring both high school and college-level chemistry, and I am passionate about providing students with the academic empowerment they need to achieve their goals.

Tutoring Style

I am a committed instructor and tutor who is very passionate about the topics I teach. My style of teaching varies based on the needs of my students, while always taking the time to make sure they are confident in their learning and getting the most out of the process as possible. No matter what level of skill, I strive to help students understand and apply the material they are being taught, and to the best of my ability, I am eager to build confidence and abilities to their utmost potential. I believe that practice makes perfect, and will not shy away from discussing the same topic until there is success.

Success Story

One of my favorite success stories is when I met an older woman who was going back to school to become a nurse. She lacked confidence in herself due to her age and medical issues and came to me with worry about whether she could memorize things or test well enough to pass her chemistry classes. She started with the goal of simply passing her courses, but instead, we got her not only passing but obtaining B and A grades from what were previously F and Ds! She got her nursing degree after years of tutoring, and I will never forget the feeling of helping her fulfill her dream of helping people. She hired me to tutor her for four years, all through general chemistry and organic chemistry.

Hobbies & Interests

I have a kitten who loves to play, and when I'm not entertaining him I can usually be found taking care of my *many* houseplants! When I'm not at home, I can be found hiking, kayaking, or just enjoying the outdoors wherever I can. I love spending time with family as well, and I'll drive hours to see them when I can!


  • Honors Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • IB Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • College Chemistry

Tutoring subjects:

Honors Chemistry
AP Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
College Chemistry

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