I am a certified teacher with more than 10 years of experience in the classroom. I have a bachelor's degree in creative writing from Hunter College and a master's degree in mathematical education from CCNY and I tutor grades 6-College.

My tutoring style:

Throughout my experience I have found innovative ways to approach mathematics by showing my students multiple ways to problem solve. My goal is to provide support and guidance to my students as they gain a conceptual understanding of mathematics and continue to build their self-esteem.

Success story:

Years ago, I began tutoring a 4th grade girl who seemed to struggle with mathematics and writing. She initially had a tutor for a year, but couldn’t seem to get grades higher than in the 30-40% range. Frustrated, her mother explained to me that they wanted to find a way to build her daughter’s confidence and build her skills in these subjects. After meeting with her, we worked together to strive for her educational success. It was important to me that she felt comfortable asking questions, thinking “outside the box”, and exploring multiple methods to approach problems. Within two months, there was a dramatic increase in her overall grades, going from 40’s to 90’s. With this, self-confidence was built and she was able to help her classmates understand topics. She was so happy and proud of herself, and I was equally as proud!

Hobbies and interests:

Interior design, organization, building legos, solving puzzles (1000-2000 pieces), hiking, swimming, spending time with family and my dog

K-12 Mathematics
  • Elementary Math
  • Middle School Math
  • Common Core Math
  • Singapore Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Honors Algebra
College Mathematics
  • College Algebra
English Language Arts
  • Creative Writing
  • Essay Writing
Test Prep
  • SAT Math
  • ACT Math
  • GRE

Tutoring subjects:

Elementary Math
Middle School Math
Common Core Math
Singapore Math
Algebra I
Honors Algebra
College Algebra
Creative Writing
Essay Writing

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