I am a college professor of economics, finance, and data science. I am truly invested in helping my students reach their goals and generate a long-lasting impact in their professional growth. I am native in Portuguese and know several other Latin languages (Spanish, French and Italian). I tutor undergraduate and graduate level college.

My tutoring style:

I am a very enthusiastic, energetic classroom leader with a good sense of humor, and I bring these qualities with me to work every day. I do truly believe and follow my 40/60 rule for meaningful teaching/tutoring: 40% of the time is to inspire and motivating the students and the remaining 60% is about teaching – covering the material in a fun and innovative way. My style is focused on student-centered learning by connecting with the student and providing the most appropriate method and strategies to guide him to success. One of my usual methods is the use of media in the classroom - broad and specific applications such as YouTube videos, “Applied Economics Teaching Resources,” and videos from “MyLab Econ.” In the end, I combine the quasi-standard teaching with the “multimedia approach.” This makes the material presented come across less dismal, which, anecdotally, is the first impression most students have about economics.

Success story:

In 2018 when I was teaching Macroeconomics (first year college level), I noticed a very quiet and  brilliant student in my class that was struggling with the basics of macroeconomic theory. So how did I know she was brilliant? She was very effective at applying and solving any problem that required some calculus with such clarity. However, she had a hard time connecting the solutions with the theory behind the solutions. One day I suggested stopping by my office hours so I could help her. It turns out, the day she went to my office she shared with me that she was thinking of withdrawing from my class because of her struggle  with the theory. My reaction was for her not to withdraw and designed a study plan that would work for her. I realized that she had a very strong background in math and that she only needed some guidance in how to connect economics with a set of behavioral equations. I first worked on her confidence by using day-to-day examples such as a hypothetical a typical consumption function for milk and bread in her household. Secondly, I encouraged her to read the news, and every time that we worked on a topic, I asked her to relate it to that. More than anything, I worked more in her confidence by changing her mindset that economics is a difficult subject. In the end of the semester, she finished in the top five of the class. Moreover, the most joyful news witnessed happened 3 years later. I received an email from her saying that she was admitted to a grad program at Boston University. She not only overcome her fear about economics, but inspired her to advance and pursue a career in the field.

Hobbies and interests:

Triathlon (Ironman) in the US and abroad; swimming, rower-sculling (single, doubles, and quads), running, crossfit (instructor), dance (former salsa instructor), chess, pickleball, hike, ice fishing, alpine ski, and playing classic acoustic guitar.

Business Math:

Finance, Economics, AP Economics, Micro Economics, Macro Economics

Computer Programming:

Python, Machine Learning



Tutoring subjects:

Machine Learning

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