I am a certified teacher, and I have taught in both the classroom environment and online. I have both my bachelor's degree, from Holy Family University, and my master's degree, from Delaware Valley University. I tutor grades 1st - 9th.

My tutoring style:

I am very passionate about assisting students to understand and be able to apply academic content. I utilize real life situations in my lessons to help students connect to the content. My teaching style is student centered. I enjoy sharing my students' successes and will often celebrate with them by chair dancing!

Success story:

I once had a set of twins, who were home school students, for a math course. Twin A struggled with ADHD while twin B did not. We had the first three sessions all together. I noticed strengths and areas of struggle for both students. I spoke with their parents and suggested that we split the students into 1 to 1 sessions with me. Twin B was then able to proceed at her own fast paced rate and was ahead of her grade level by the end of the year. Twin A was able to proceed at his own rate and was better able to understand and apply the content, as well as, complete the school year at grade level.

Hobbies and interests:

I have a beautiful granddaughter who is in second grade. I love spending time with her and my daughter. I crochet and often give my finished projects away as gifts to family and friends. Finally, I keep my mind active by playing online games such as hidden object and word games.



Elementary Math, Middle School Math, Common Core Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I

Social Studies:

Elementary Social Studies, Middle School Social Studies

ELA (Language Arts):

Phonics, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Literature, Elementary ELA, Middle School ELA

Tutoring subjects:

Common Core Math
Social Studies

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