I am a certified teacher with a passion for education. I have a bachelor's degree in materials science engineering from the University of Michigan and I tutor grades 3-College.

My tutoring style:

My teaching style is characterized by an engaging and interactive approach that fosters active participation and interest among students. Through hands-on activities, group problem-solving tasks, interactive technology tools, and class discussions, I create an interactive learning experience that aligns with my teaching objectives in mathematics. One memorable teaching moment involved organizing a "Mathematics Discovery Lab" where students worked in small groups to explore and solve real-world mathematical problems. They collaborated, applied critical thinking skills, and engaged in meaningful discussions to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and their practical applications. To accommodate diverse learning styles and abilities, I adapt my methods by incorporating visual aids, manipulatives, and differentiated instruction. I also prioritize creating a positive and inclusive learning environment by promoting collaboration, respect, and empathy among students, fostering a supportive atmosphere for mathematical exploration and learning.

Success story:

When Mary approached me for SAT tutoring, she was a high school junior with a clear goal of getting into her dream college. However, she was struggling with time management during the test and had difficulty with the Reading and Writing sections. Her initial SAT practice test scores were in the mid-1200s. To address her challenges, I designed a personalized study plan that focused on building her test-taking strategies, improving reading comprehension, and honing her writing skills. Maryam thought that her low scores had to do with her reading/writing abilities, but I was able to shift this mental block in focusing on learning "how to take tests." We practiced various SAT reading passages and worked on techniques to quickly identify key information. For the Writing section, I provided feedback on her essays to enhance her grammar, organization, and argumentation. Through consistent effort and dedication, Maryam made great progress! Her scores improved gradually, and after several weeks of tutoring, she achieved an impressive score in the mid-1500s. This significant milestone boosted her confidence and motivated her to strive for even higher scores. In the end, Maryam's hard work paid off, and she secured admission to her dream school and landed a partial scholarship. Beyond academic achievements, Maryam showed a change in her time management skills, critical thinking abilities, and self-confidence.

Alex, a high school senior, sought my help to improve his ACT Math score. He was aiming for a competitive scholarship and needed to raise his Math score significantly. Despite the low math score, he loved robotics and wanted to pursue a career in tech. However, he had a lot of test anxiety, particularly in timed Math sections, and had an initial ACT Math score in the low 20s. To address his test anxiety, I started with relaxation techniques and encouraged him to take timed practice tests in a simulated exam environment. We identified his weak areas in Math and focused on tackling specific question types. I provided him with various problem-solving approaches and shortcuts to save time during the exam. Working through the problems together we were able to use shortcuts to avoid "reinventing the wheel" to solve a challenging problem. One memorable anecdote from our sessions was when Alex initially solved a complex problem using the techniques I taught him. His confidence and excitement reminded me of why I love tutoring. Over time, Alex's hard work and determination led to remarkable improvements in his ACT Math score. He eventually scored in the mid-30s, which secured his admission into the University of Michigan College of Engineering to study what he loves.

Hobbies and interests:

When I am not tutoring, you can find me in the garden experimenting with new sustainable and agroecological methods, going on a motorcycle ride, and playing my many instruments- such as dobro, guitar, tanpura, and harmonica.


Elementary Math, Middle School Math, Common Core Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Honors Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, College Calculus I


Elementary Science, Middle School Science, General Science, Biology, Honors Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science, Physics, Honors Physics, AP Physics I, AP Physics II, AP Physics: Electricity & Magnetism, AP Physics: Mechanics, Ecology

Test Prep:

SAT Math, SAT Writing, ACT Math, ACT Science, ACT Reading, ACT English, ACT Writing, PSAT, SAT Reading, SAT - All Sections, ACT - All Sections

Tutoring subjects:

SAT Math
ACT Science

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