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This was the first time I tried an online tutor due to taking calculus over the summer and I went from failing a 16 week course to making over a hundred in a five week course. He also helped me maintain an A in physics and engineering the next semester and was genuinely a life saver. (...) With his help I was able to accomplish a lot more than I thought possible.
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CHELSEA B, 2/19/2024

What is the "summer slide"?

Summer learning loss, or the "summer slide," is a well-documented phenomenon where students experience a decline in academic skills during the summer break.

1 month
Students lose the equivalent of one month of overall learning during summer vacation1
In the summer between fifth and sixth grade, 84% of students experience summer slide in math2
51% of families not participating in a summer program say they would if one was available to them.3
3 weeks
Teachers spend an average of 3 weeks re-teaching materials forgotten over the summer3

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Our summer tutoring programs are designed with a clear focus on addressing the summer slide in a supportive and enriching environment. With a team of dedicated tutors, we aim to provide personalized learning experiences that cater to the unique needs and interests of each student. Whether it's catching up or getting ahead, our tutors are committed to making summer learning engaging and effective. Meet the educators who are excited to work with your child this summer, helping them to navigate the challenges of the summer slide.

Summer learning resources

The best way to avoid the summer academic slide is to encourage year-round learning – not just during the school year! Our insights will help you craft an unforgettable summer learning journey. Here are three must-read articles to get you started:

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