I am a university lecturer with eight years of experience teaching business math and statistics. I have two bachelor's degrees, a master's, and one year or coursework towards a PhD. I tutor grades 8 - College.

My tutoring style:

One of my main goals in teaching is to break down complex topics with simple, unpretentious explanations. I use real-world examples, memorable phrases, and humor to get students to take interest and understand the material. I am a lifelong learner and try to impart my natural curiosity in my students.

Success story:

I once had a non-traditional student from a foreign country in my business math class. She made a 25 on her first exam, covering algebra, and she was ready to drop the class and give up. She came by my office to get help, and I encouraged her to stick with it. By the end of the class, I helped her get a 90 on the last exam, covering calculus.

Hobbies and interests:

Music, sports (especially football), exercise, travel, video games, reading.


German, Russian, Latin

Business Math:

Economics, AP Economics, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Business Calculus

Social Studies:

History, US History, World History, AP History, AP Comparative Government and Politics, AP European History, AP US Government and Politics, AP US History

Tutoring subjects:


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