I have over twenty years of experience helping students achieve their academic goals. I have dual master’s degrees in education and counseling from Cambridge College and Assumption College and I tutor grades 2-12. I am also an artist and offer a creative tutoring experience for my students.

My tutoring style:

My approach to tutoring begins with developing a connection with my student. This ongoing process allows me to help students learn how they learn. By tuning into their unique learning style and knowing how to use it, my students build a strong foundation of confidence, a quality blossoming both in and outside of the classroom. Another key aspect in my tutoring sessions is teaching my students to relax (the antidote for anxiety). This allows for greater focus, efficiency, and the ability to attain academic goals in all subject areas. I love celebrating each student’s uniqueness and achievements!

Success story:

My sixth grade student re-located to another state just before the pandemic began. Transitions were a challenge for her so the physical move along with a new school were overwhelming. We consistently worked together online twice a week, creating a routine of setting priorities and determining the most efficient way to meet daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Utilizing her unique learning style, she became more confident, relaxed, and able to better transition to changes both in and out of school. By grade eight, this middle-schooler became a straight A student with strong leadership skills!

Hobbies and interests:

Artist, clothing designer, author

English Language Arts
  • Reading
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Common Core English
  • Literature
  • Composition
  • Creative Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • College Essay Writing
  • Spelling Bee Prep
K-12 Mathematics
  • Elementary Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Elementary Science
  • General Science
Test Prep
  • ACT Writing

Tutoring subjects:

Creative Writing
Reading Comprehension
SAT Writing
SAT Reading
ACT Reading

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