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12 Benefits of Working With Math Tutor

A math tutor can help students who need extra support or students who need more challenging practice in math. Read on for benefits of working with a math tutor.
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12 Benefits of Working With Math Tutor
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Math tutors help students on many academic levels reach their goals for the school year. Tutors can help students understand complex concepts, or tutors can give students who excel in math topics extra practice to challenge and encourage out-of-the-box thinking. Even if students have a good teacher who teaches excellent lessons in class, some students benefit from one-on-one support from a math tutor. Math tutors can help all grade levels, including elementary school students or students studying middle school or high school math. As students get older, math classes start to build on math concepts that students have learned in previous grade levels. Your child doesn't have to navigate mathematics alone. A math tutor can help your child grow in their math knowledge, whatever their age or academic level is.

The Bottom Line 

  • How Does Math Tutoring Help Students? Online math tutoring allows tutors to meet students where they are in their academics, helping them tackle math topics relevant to their specific academic journey.
  • 12 Benefits of Math Tutoring: There are many benefits of math tutoring, including direct instruction, personalized feedback, improved self-esteem, and more.
  • Why Go With Learner's One-on-One Online Tutoring? Learner's tutors are highly trained professionals with math expertise and teaching experience who can help your child by teaching specifically to their needs and by giving direct feedback.
  • Does My Child Need a Tutor? Whether your child is excelling or struggling with math, they could use a tutor's help because tutors encourage academic growth, no matter a child's situation.
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How Does Math Tutoring Help Students?

Mathematical topics can be complex. Math tutoring allows tutors to meet students at their specific academic levels. Math tutors help a variety of students, including elementary, middle school, high school, and even college students. If your child is preparing for the SAT or ACT, a math tutor can help them with test prep. This will help your child go into those tests confidently. A math tutor can give your student a better understanding of math concepts by tackling misconceptions and laying a mathematical foundation for deeper learning, especially if your child struggles to bridge concepts from last year's math class to this year's math class. 

A math tutor can also make learning fun for your child. Tutors do this by challenging students in their math knowledge with more complex concepts if their math assignments don't already challenge your child. Math tutoring is an excellent way to give your child the tools they need to reach their goals and be successful. An online math tutor can give your child the opportunity to receive personalized feedback and direct instruction in their mathematical needs. Math tutoring can also make math enjoyable for your child as tutoring will build your child's confidence and encourage a higher level of thinking. These are only a few of the many ways that tutoring can help. Students also experience many benefits when working with a math tutor.

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What are the Benefits of Math Tutoring?

Searching for the right tutor is an essential part of any child's academic career, and several benefits make math tutoring worth it.

Visual Aids with Innovative Platform

Some companies, like Learner, encourage student learning by incorporating visual aids, like interactive whiteboards. This allows students to work through their thought processes aloud as they work on solving problems in their math lessons. This allows their tutor to help correct or encourage the student's methods. This way, students take control of their learning while having a tutor guide them in the right direction. Some innovative platforms give tutors, and students access to collaborative tools, feedback tools, and recording features.

Personalized Feedback from a Knowledgeable Tutor

The personalized feedback tool is beneficial when it comes to helping students reach their goals. Math teachers might give students tips on handling incorrect math calculations or ways to double-check work, but a tutor gives personalized feedback specific to what your child needs help with. In tutoring, students won't receive unnecessary tips and tricks unrelated to their learning topics. Tutors should be laser-focused on giving your child specific information they can apply. This is true whether your child is learning basic math, linear algebra, ACT math, or college math.

World-class Tutors

You should be able to trust that the tutor you choose has the knowledge to help your child succeed, whether your child is an elementary student building their mathematical foundation or a high school student working on complex mathematics. Some online tutors may not have an extensive background in the subject they teach, which can be detrimental to student success. Other companies, like Learner, only hire experienced tutors with college degrees to work with students. These tutors have such a firm grasp on math concepts that they can explain concepts differently if it doesn't make sense to your child.

Build Confidence

Working with an online math tutor can build your child's confidence. While teachers do excellent work, every teacher can't give specific feedback and praise to each student individually every day despite the value of one-on-one feedback to a student. Working with a math tutor one-on-one gives your child the opportunity to receive praise for their hard work and fuel their dedication to succeed. Not only that, but simply learning and practicing math will build their confidence so that they feel ready to tackle any math test or assignment.

Direct Instruction

Depending on what type of tutoring you choose for your child, they could benefit from direct instruction and one-on-one attention from their tutor. If you use a tutoring center in your area, you may find that your child can be distracted by others around them or only receive tutoring in a small group setting. Some companies, like Learner, give students access to one-on-one sessions so students can receive direct instruction. Students will learn specific ways to improve their learning based on their needs.

Builds Good Study Habits

Working with an online math tutor can help students develop beneficial, healthy study habits that will help students in math and as well as other subjects. Tutors can help students improve their study habits by giving them the tools they need to understand the best ways to study for their learning styles. Most students may pick up study habits from peers or their teachers, but tutors can add another level of specific instruction on some of the best ways for your child to study. Maybe your child does best with highlighters in long-form notes, or perhaps your child works best with visuals and enjoys using flashcards.

Builds Time Management Skills

Because some tutors - like the math tutors at Learner - work with students in a one-on-one setting, they can help students build their time management skills. Tutors help build time management skills by setting goals, tackling smaller tasks first, and identifying time wasters. These are valuable skills that students can apply to other subjects and other aspects of life, too. Time management skills can also help children develop a sense of responsibility, especially if they have a lot going on that they must prioritize, like school work, choir practice, sports practice, or time with friends outside of school.

Improves Academic Performance

Your child's improved academic performance is one of the more obvious benefits of working with a tutor. It can be the basis of being granted scholarships for college and beyond. But even still, improved academic performance has many benefits, like improved confidence, a better foundation of math skills, and more. When your child grasps a concept well, their grades will improve. This signals that they have an improved understanding of academic topics that they did not understand well before. This understanding is essential for students, especially in a subject like math, because math builds upon itself as students advance in their academic careers. 

Supports What Your Child Is Learning In Class

Students may feel ashamed or embarrassed if they don't grasp math topics as quickly as their peers. It can be intimidating for students to feel like they're falling behind because they don't understand what their teacher has taught them. But a math tutor can help students feel equipped to tackle what they're learning in class because a math tutor can help support what your child is learning in class.

Helps Students Learn Processes

Tutors for math won't just give your child math facts to memorize, but they will help your child understand the process of what they're learning. There may be some memorization in certain aspects of math, but a tutor can help your child understand the process behind how and why they're solving problems in a certain way, which can help your child understand concepts they may not have understood before working with a tutor. Whether your child is working on word problems or probability distributions, their tutor will help them understand processes in a way that will add to their academic mathematical foundation.

Teaches Patience

Working with a tutor can also help students understand that progress doesn't usually happen overnight. Many concepts can be learned step-by-step and build upon previous knowledge, and success won't happen overnight. Students may not see progress in their math skills until they have worked with a tutor several times. The more that students can practice their math skills with a tutor, the stronger their mathematical foundation will be.

Students Learn Communication Skills

Students will also learn how to communicate better with those around them. Students may not know how to express their lack of understanding, and a tutor can help encourage students to reach out until a concept makes sense. Tutors may also help students learn new terms related to math or how to communicate about math.

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Why Go With Learner's One-on-One Online Tutoring? Hear From Students and Parents

  • "Learner has been great to work with. We have used two different tutors, and both have been exceptional to work with. Highly recommend!" Kristi 
  • "My daughter was having trouble keeping up with her math class, and while she was still getting good grades, she was having to dedicate all of her free time to math. We had a local tutor recommended to us, but he rubbed us the wrong way almost instantly. We then found Learner, I followed through and we met this great tutor Mike who helped my daughter get back on track and clear any hurdles she had left. Thank you!" Jose C.
  • "Learner helped me so much taking Calculus II. They had amazing tutors who were able to explain every problem I had. I will call them for help in the future as well." Kenza B.
  • "​​This service is exceptional. We have used private tutors for years and Learner is an excellent, convenient and reliable tutoring service. We received a call back from our inquiry for with 15min and within 2 hours we were matched with a perfect tutor who could support our student with two subjects. Confidence and test scores have risen steadily. Scheduling is easy, pricing is very affordable and most important the staff is knowledgeable, kind and responsive. I highly recommend Learner.com" Zena
  • "Tutoring with Learner has improved my grades from F's to A's. My tutor Austin has helped me so much with getting and grasping an understanding with Algebra two! I definitely recommend Learner to anyone who's struggling with learning!" Sophia
  • "My daughter is a junior in high school and currently taking College Algebra. At one point, she was failing the class. Within 3 weeks, she had her grade to a C. My daughter has enjoyed working with her tutor. I highly recommend tutoring with Learner." Kim
  • "Learner is a great service. It helps to give your child an edge. My son enjoys the fact that he can login from home and easily speak to Dylan, his tutor. He is learning many difficult math problems." Lucy
  • "My daughter has learned so much from her experience with Learner. She is not only excelling in advanced algebra, she now loves math and is eager to learn, Zach has been the perfect instructor, and I couldn't be happier with his knowledge, teaching skills, and attitude. He uses positive reinforcement and great techniques that my 12-year-old relates to and enjoys. At first, she fought me regarding getting help, but now she looks forward to it. Getting an A is a bonus and has given her the confidence to keep working hard. Thank you." Beth

Does My Child Need a Math Tutor? 

There are several indications that your child could use the help of a math tutor. If you notice that your child needs a lot of math homework help, they may be struggling to fully grasp certain math topics. Your child could also use a math tutor's help if they get a lot of anxiety before a big math test. This shows you that your child isn't feeling confident in what they've learned, and a tutor can help. You may also want to look into a tutoring service if your child seems bored with math homework because it's too easy. A tutor can help students accelerate their learning and exceed their potential. 

Your child's grades can be one of the biggest indicators that your child could use the help of a math tutor. If your child's grades are slipping or they're too embarrassed to show you their report card because of low math scores, it might be time to find some help. Tutors can help students on a variety of levels with math problem solving, test scores, studying math, and building on previous knowledge. An online tutor is a great way to help your child learn to enjoy math and feel confident in the concepts they're tackling in the classroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the advantage of tutoring?

Math tutoring gives your child exactly what they need to help supplement in-class learning. Tutoring also teaches students more than math. Tutoring teaches students problem-solving skills, communication skills, and how to use their learning style to help them learn, no matter the teacher's teaching style.

Is an online math tutor better than an in-person tutor?

This could depend on your child and their learning style, but in-person tutoring limits you to only tutors in your area. Online tutoring gives you access to world-class tutors from all over the country. Learner also records online tutoring sessions for your child. That way, your child can go back and study for math homework help, extra practice, or prepare for a math test outside of their tutoring sessions.

How do you find a good math tutor?

The best way to find a good math tutor is to use a company staffed with well-trained tutors and backed by customer reviews. If the tutoring site you use doesn't list any of their tutors' credentials, look elsewhere. You should only use a service that is transparent in the training and skills that each of their tutors has.

Does tutoring really help?

Tutoring meets students where they are, so it certainly can help each and every student, no matter their academic level or needs. 

How much do math tutors cost?

This depends on the service, company, and commitment you use. Some companies may charge per hour, and others may charge by session. Rates can depend on the tutor's experience level, too.

How do I hire a math tutor?

You can ask people you know for recommendations. Or you can use an online tutoring platform like Learner. Learner does all of the hard work by only hiring skilled tutors. You can trust that any tutor your child is matched with is knowledgeable and skilled in math.

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Mike developed his passion for education as a math instructor at Penn State University. He expanded his educational experience launching and running an Executive Education business - training over 100,000 students per year. As the CEO of Learner, Mike focuses on accelerating learning and unleashing the potential of students. 

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