I am a British certified teacher with seven years of experience teaching math in classrooms in England and Singapore. My teaching experience spans diverse student profiles, including those with special educational requirements and those pursuing the International Baccalaureate curriculum. I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education specialized in mathematics from the University of the West of England. I tutor grades 6 - 10.

My Tutoring Style:

I focus on adapting to students' needs to build confidence and understanding in mathematical concepts. I achieve this through patience and using worked examples to explain ideas. I work to eliminate barriers to learning through positive reinforcement and engaging tutor sessions. I prefer collaborative exploration of concepts with my students, encouraging active participation and mutual understanding.

Success Story:

I worked with a student who initially lacked confidence and was disengaged from her learning process. Through weekly meetings, we revisited fundamental concepts, solidified her understanding, and progressively advanced from there. Our sessions maintained a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere, fostering a positive learning environment. As a result, she experienced a significant boost in confidence and made good progress. By the end of the school year, she not only found joy in math but also expressed eagerness to continue her learning in the upcoming semester.

Hobbies & Interests:

I enjoy staying active, whether it's engaging in team sports like netball and field hockey, going for runs or leisurely walks, and exploring my surroundings. I love cooking and indulging in delicious meals, with Asian cuisine being my favorite due to its bold flavors. I also enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures across the world.


  • Middle School Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • IB Mathematics SL

Tutoring subjects:

6th Grade Math
7th Grade Math
8th Grade Math
IB Mathematics SL

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