I am an educational consultant and Montessori teacher with over seven years of experience in creating personalized learning environments and integrating information security into educational guidance. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Rider University and have pursued a Master Degree at The George Washington University. My expertise lies in fostering academic excellence and building strong relationships with students, parents, and educators to enhance student success.

My Tutoring Style:

My tutoring style is centered on building confidence by leveraging what students already know and then expanding on that foundation. I am dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment where each student feels valued and empowered. By adapting my teaching methods to meet the unique needs of each student, I ensure that learning is both effective and engaging. Through continuous encouragement and tailored instruction, I help students not only master new concepts but also enhance their overall academic confidence.

Success Story:

One of my proudest tutoring success stories involves a student who initially struggled significantly in English Language Arts, starting with an average of 54%. Since we began working together, his confidence has soared, and his performance has remarkably improved, with his average climbing to 90%. His newfound confidence is evident in his comprehension skills and writing prompts. His mother expressed immense satisfaction, noting that this has been his best academic performance to date. This success underscores the impact of personalized and supportive tutoring on student achievement.

Hobbies & Interests:

When I'm not tutoring, I enjoy reading a wide range of literature, which not only relaxes me but also enriches my teaching content with diverse perspectives. Additionally, I cherish spending quality time with my sons, engaging in various activities that strengthen our bond and create lasting memories. These hobbies help me bring a warm, personable approach to tutoring, allowing me to connect with students on a more personal level.


  • Elementary Math 
  • Middle School Math 
  • Common Core Math


  • Elementary Science

ELA (Language Arts):

  • Phonics
  • Reading 
  • Handwriting 
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Spelling 
  • Grammar 
  • Common Core English

Tutoring subjects:

Elementary Math
Middle School Math
Elementary Science
Common Core English
Common Core Math

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