I am a college professor with 11 years of tutoring experience. My specialties are in the areas of essay writing, research writing, and so much more! I have a Masters from Southern New Hampshire University and tutor grades K - College.

My tutoring style:

As someone who grew up with an undiagnosed learning disability, I know what it's like to struggle in the classroom. I bring my compassion and understanding to every student to provide a safe and enriching environment that helps each student to become a confident, independent learner.

Success story:

One of my first students came to me in tears. She had failed her first test in ELA because she couldn't understand the terms that she had to study. After she calmed down, we sat for over an hour talking about the different terms and discussing how they are used in literature. Finally, at the end of the session, she had her "Aha" moment and was able to understand the literary terms because she was able to connect them with one of her favorite shows. She left feeling empowered and aced her next test!

Hobbies and interests:

Backpacking, horseback riding, reading, novel writing, martial arts, and boxing.


ELA (Language Arts):

Phonics, Reading, Handwriting, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Speech, Common Core English, English I, English II, English III, English IV, Literature, Composition, Creative Writing, Essay Writing, College Essay Writing, Spelling Bee Prep, Writing, Elementary ELA

Tutoring subjects:

Reading Comprehension
Common Core English
Essay Writing

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