Teaching is my family's traditional profession. I have been tutoring and teaching for 12 years. Both my bachelor's degree and master's degree are in Applied Mathematics. I am also a certified teacher of high school mathematics.

Tutoring Style:

My notion of being a successful teacher is not only about the number of good grades; it is also about the way of learning, and particular beliefs about curiosities, endeavors, and rewards. Therefore, my teaching style is to put as much effort as I possibly can in order to help students delve deep into the underlying reasons behind each concept or mathematical step so that they can memorize it internally. I explain each mathematical step and initiate critical thinking questions to students. I always acknowledge students’ strengths to emphasize their needs and also reteach the lesson in different ways whenever students are having difficulty understanding the lesson. I find ways to explain math easily and realistically to make math more accessible.

Success Story:

In my tutoring and teaching career, I have encountered many stories of students who have improved significantly in their scores and comprehension. One of my favorite success stories is when there was a student in Algebra II class who had a huge gap from Algebra I, she could not perform some simple arithmetic. Her current grade was a D and she was at risk of failing. I noticed her frustration during the lesson. Through a little conversation, I realized her belief that she couldn't do math and her belief that she would fail math. My strategy was to start with the basics to rebuild her foundation and confidence. I constantly remind her that she had the potential and ability to do the math. She started having faith in herself. Eventually, she was able to keep up with the class and finished the semester strong with a B+.

Hobbies & Interests:

In my free time, I enjoy playing piano with my band on weekends for private gigs. I have played piano since I was 9. To me, music is the language of the soul, a tool for man to discover himself; while math is the language of the universe, a tool for man to discover what is beyond themselves. I also enjoy nature, camping, backpacking, and yoga.


Algebra I, Algebra II, Honors Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus AB, College Algebra, College Calculus I, College Calculus II

Tutoring subjects:

Algebra I
Algebra II
Honors Algebra
College Algebra
College Calculus

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