I am a certified teacher with more than twenty years of experience in classroom teacher. I have a bachelors degree from the University of North Texas, and Masters Degree from Sam Houston State University. I have tutored grades PreK-6th Grade.

My tutoring style:

I am passionate about all subject areas that I teach as well as guiding students to feeling confident in what they are able to do and pushing them to become more than they think they can be. I am confident in my ability to see where a student is and begin at their level and build them up to the level that they need to be. I enforce the topics we learn together by reviewing them until the student is confident and successful in those areas.

Success story:

One of my most memorable tutoring stories was that of a second grader that was struggling to read and was becoming a behavior problem in class. Her mom reached out to me to work with her. I began by screening her ability in phonemic awareness and phonics. I found what were areas of struggles, and we began from their. By the end of the year, she no longer hated to read, and was more confident in what she was able to accomplish. She is now a successful biologist.

Hobbies and interests:

I love to read, and can read a book in a day if I have time. My favorite type of books are mysteries. My family and I love to go fishing when the weather allows. Cooking is also a passion of mine, and I love to create and try new recipes.



Elementary Math


Elementary Science

ELA (Language Arts):

Phonics, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar

Tutoring subjects:

Elementary Math
Elementary Science

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