I have more than 12 years of experience tutoring all ages in both 1:1 and group settings. I have a master's degree in public health from Georgia State University and I tutor grades PK-College.

My tutoring style:

Teaching is my passion and I love seeing students succeed! My teaching philosophies include establishing meaningful and lasting relationships with students, tailoring instruction to accommodate their individual needs, and using sessions to improve students holistically through confidence building and checking in with their mental health. I believe education is important and all students can succeed given the correct support and motivation.

Success story:

One of my favorite stories is when I helped an international student from China go from barely knowing English and failing all her high school classes to successfully graduating from college. I started working with her in the middle of her first semester of 9th grade where her grades were below 50 in most classes. Through intense time and dedication to her learning together, as well as focusing on getting to the root of the issues, she was able to pull her grades up to a B by the end of that semester. After that, we worked together throughout high school on all her subjects, test prep for the SAT and ACT, and college applications, until she was accepted into college! After that, we worked together throughout college until she graduated with a B.B.A. in Marketing!

Hobbies and interests:

I am an avid reader! I usually am reading a physical book and listening to an audiobook. I also enjoy playing video games, knitting, ham radio, exploring new places, doing experiments, and learning new things. I have three cats and love animals.


Elementary Science, Middle School Science, General Science, Biology, Honors Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science, Physics, IB Biology, IB Chemistry, Astronomy, College Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Ecology, Geology, College Physics, Microbiology, College Chemistry, Biochemistry

Test Prep:

SSAT, PSAT, GRE, SAT - All Sections, ACT - All Sections

ELA (Language Arts):

Phonics, Reading, Handwriting, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Speech, Common Core English, English I, English II, English III, English IV, Honors English, AP English Language & Comp, AP English Lit & Comp, Literature, Composition, Creative Writing, Essay Writing, College Essay Writing, Spelling Bee Prep, ESL, Writing, Elementary ELA, Middle School ELA


Algebra I, Algebra II, AP Statistics

Tutoring subjects:

General Science
College Essay Writing
Common Core English
Test Prep

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