I am a certified teacher with more than 20 years of experience teaching and tutoring grades 1-12. I have a bachelor's degree in sociology from UC Santa Barbara. I love helping my students develop their reading and writing skills. I’m positive and patient and customize my approach for every student.

My tutoring style:

I get to know my students’ individual needs and goals and strive to meet them in every session. They can always feel comfortable to ask me questions or to stop and clarify something. They can also let me know that we can skip something that they’ve already mastered. I work at their pace. I use our time together very efficiently and have my students do the work with my coaching and guidance, not with direct instruction and passive listening/learning. They need to do it to truly master it. Someday, I won’t be there to help them, so they have to learn how to trust themselves and eventually do it without help.

Success story:

I have so many; it’s hard to choose just one. I’d say that my best sign of success is having students tell others about me, and then they can work with me, too! I also have families that have worked with me for years - their kids keep growing and learning, and soon I’ve worked with all of the kids in the family.

Hobbies and interests:

I love hiking with my two kids (15 and 12), friends, and/or my 10-pound chihuahua terrier (he’s tougher than he looks and can do 4+ mile hikes!). I also enjoy traveling and dining out.

English Language Arts
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Handwriting
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Speech
  • Common Core English
  • English I
  • English II
  • English III
  • English IV
  • Honors English
  • AP English Language & Composition
  • AP English Literature & Composition
  • Literature
  • Composition
  • Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • College Essay Writing
  • Spelling Bee Prep
  • ESL
  • Elementary Science
  • Middle School Science
  • General Science
Test Prep
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • SAT Math
  • SAT Writing
  • ACT Math
  • ACT Science
  • ACT Reading
  • ACT English
  • ACT Writing
  • ISEE
  • HSPT

Tutoring subjects:

Creating Writing
Common Core English
Reading Comprehension

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